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Our story begins one warm October night in Konoha. Unfortunately for one boy that night happened to be October, 10, the night the village celebrated the defeat of the Kyubbi by the fourth hokage. What all the younger generations don't know is that the kyubbi wasn't defeated and killed; it was sealed into a young boy by the name of Uzumaki Naruto. And so we join our young jinchuuriki on his evening. "Come back here demon, I'll kill you for the family you murdered" shouts of the same thing was being shouted by a mob chasing an orange and yellow blur. That blur happened to be Uzumaki Naruto, as he ran as fast as his six year old legs would take him only barely staying ahead of the crowd. Naruto was crying and it felt like his lungs were on fire. Yet he continued to run because he had learned after numerous times that if the crowd caught him he was in for a world of pain. But luck wasn't with him that night because as he rounded a corner into an all he realized that it was a dead end. He turned around trying to find a way out but the mob had already got in front of his only way out, the way he came. "We've got you now you demon" someone in the crowd shouted as they closed in on him. The ninja in the crowd started to throw kunai knives at the young boy. Naruto screamed in pain as the knives pierced his skin. As the ninja dropped back and the villagers took turns stabbing the boy with all types of weapons they could find and burning him with torches.

Eventually they ran out of things to do to the poor boy, so they started to leave when they felt an evil feeling in the air that was easily taking their breath away. The crowd turned towards naruto and saw blood red chakra seeping out of the boy. He stood up all of his wounds healed and faced the crowd with crimson eyes with slits for the pupil. Without saying a word he seemed to shimmer out of existence for a second then reappearing. He seemed to have done nothing but then everyone's throat split open consecutively and blood sprayed all across the alley and there was a river of blood running out into the street. With that done everything went black for naruto. After naruto had passed out an anbu in a weasel mask appeared in the alley and he was breathing hard and cursing the fact that he didn't get here sooner. The anbu walked over to naruto and picked him up and brought him outside the alley. After the anbu gently set naruto down he turned to the blood bath inside the ally with some handsigns he brought out a bottle of water and it took the shape of a dragon. The water dragon went roaring into the ally way washing away all of the blood in the alley. After he did that he made a few more handsigns and shot a giant fire ball into the ally effectively disposing of all evidence that anything happened inside that alley tonight. After he did that the anbu turned back to the child lying on the ground where the anbu left him. The masked person went over to naruto, picked him up, and jumped up to the roofs where he jumped from roof top to roof top towards the hospital.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto woke up to the sound of dripping water .he sat up and looked around; somehow he ended up in a sewer. He looked up and saw a network of blue pipes running in all different directions he got up and started to walk towards the only light source. After walking for what seemed for hours he came upon a gigantic room with bars running from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Naruto walked up to the bars and looked at the seal that seemed to be the only thing that kept the bars closed. He was so fascinated with the intricacy of the seal that he didn't even notice the crimson eyes with slits for pupils looking at him from above and inside the bars. Naruto heard something breathing and looked up just in time to see a giant red paw come flying out from between the bars. Naruto jumped back and tripped and rolled until he came to a stop a few feet a ways from the paw.

"Hey what was that for you jerk?" naruto heard a deep chuckle that sounded full of malice as well as amusement.

"That was to test your reaction time kit" why did I give u a boo-boo the voice said with a mixture of sarcasm and amusement at the boy in front of him.

"N-n-no" naruto managed to stutter out under the extreme killer intent that Kyubbi was focusing at him. But he managed to strike up enough courage to ask "who are you sir".

"I'm glad you asked kit, and to answer your question I am the great kyubbi no Kitsune."

Naruto looked horrified. It all made sense now the cold stares, the beatings, parents telling their children not to be around him. Naruto started to tear up. He looked at the giant fox in front of him "so you're the reason everyone hates me and beats me constantly because I'm a demon."

"NO!" the kyubbi roared its voice booming in the enclosed space "you are not the demon if anyone's an evil demon it's the villagers that beat a child not even us demons are cruel to our children. Kyubbi's voice was thick with killing intent as he said that.

The sheer killer intent kyubbi was letting loose knocked naruto on his ass. Naruto looked up eyes wide with fear from the gigantic fox. After a few minutes kyubbi calmed down enough to talk without putting out killing intent.

"I'm sorry kit it just pisses me off that those ignorant villagers would beat a child for something he had no control over in the first place. This also brings me to the reason I brought you here, how would you like to be stronger than the fourth hokage who sealed me and how would you like to have your own doujutsu"

Naruto was wary of the fox, why would it want to him a mortal. These thoughts raced in Naruto's head until he finally decided to just ask what was on his mind. "Excuse me kyubbi but why do you want to help me, a mortal, out in life?"

"I'm glad you asked that kit, because my reasons are very simple. You see the way the seal that the fourth hokage used to seal me into you is that if you die then I die. Also I've seen you life since you were very young, and I've seen the hardship you've been and to say the least you've earned my respect kit for going through all of that and not going crazy. So do you want to be the strongest shinobi ever and your own doujutsu or do you want to keep living as you are?"

Naruto thought about it for awhile but he still had some questions for the fox. "What doujutsu are you going to give me and how are you going to make me the strongest shinobi ever?"

the kyubbi chuckled his amusement was of course the kid in front of him that everyone called stupid proving the wrong. "I will be giving you the sharingan because I was the one to create that doujutsu I can alter your DNA to where you have it but you'll have to awaken it and train with someone that has a sharingan already. I suggest the anbu that is with you in the hospital room with you because he seems too genuinely care about you kit. And as for how I will make you the strongest shinobi ever is I will train you one to control my chakra and I will teach you ninjutsu, taijutsu, and some genjutsu ,fuiinjutsu, and last but not least I will fuse myself with you to make you into a hanyo or half demon and train you in the demonic arts."

Naruto seriously thought about it and came to a decision. "Ok kyubbi you got yourself a deal."

"ok then kit heres what you will do when you wake up ask the man in the mask if he could train you in the ways of the sharingan, and tell the old man that after a year of training with the masked man you want to be able to leave the village for five year. And don't tell him where you're going."

"Ummm kyubbi where are we going to train for five years that we need to leave the village for five years and what is fuiinjutsu?"

"we are going to go to maki or hell to train and get you all set up with what you need and that way I can teach you the demonic arts without worrying about someone finding us, and fuiinjutsu is the art of seals since you seemed so fascinated by the one on my cage."

"Ok that all seems fine so is there anything else you need cause I would like to wake up now?"

"No kit I will be around if you ever need help with something or you need to talk to someone."

And with that kyubbi threw naruto out of his mindscape.

Outside in the hospital

Naruto slowly started to open his eyes and take in his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the anbu kyubbi said he should ask to train him. 'So this is the uchia kyubbi wants me to train with in the ways of the sharingan. The anbu looked up as he noticed naruto was awake "naruto are you alright I'm sorry I wasn't in time to stop the attack" the anbu managed to choke out signifying that he had been crying. "It's quite alright uchia-sama I know you didn't mean any harm by it; it was just a simple mistake." "Thank you naruto, but if I mayask how you did know I was an uchia" the anbu asked. Naruto smiled at him and said "you'll find out when the hokage gets here." And as soon as the words left his mouth naruto saw the hokage walk through the door. "Hello naruto I see you woke up" stated the sandamie hokage. "Hey oji-san and yep I just woke up and was talking to uchia-sama here about my evening" naruto stated brightly. At the mention of the attack the sandamie hokage looked down ashamed. "I'm so sorry naruto I'm sorry I couldn't be there" the hokage stated somberly. "Like I told uchia – Sama here there is no need to be sorry. In fact I'm glad it happened because of it I got to meet my tenant and had a nice long conversation with him" naruto said dead serious while looking at the sandamie. "What do u mean your tenant naruto" the sandamie asked nervously hopingbeyond hope that naruto hadn't meant what he thought the boy meant. "I mean the giant nine tailed fox that'ssealedinside of me" naruto was looking at the sandamie expectantly. The old man sighed "I'm sorry I didn't tell you naruto I was just trying to protect you but I failed miserably." "Its ok oji-san I just wish you had told me sooner" naruto got out of his bed and gave the aging man a hug. He stepped back after a moment and looked at the old man "ojji-san there's more to the story than that but I'm going to need to ask youto get rid of all the anbu in the room except uchia-sama here." The old man was confused at the request but he motioned for the hidden anbu to leave none the less. Four shadows detached themselves from the wall and leapt out the open window. After they had gone naruto closed the window and turned to the sandamie." Oji-san do you mind putting up a sound barrier?" now the hokage was really confused but again he went through some hand seals and pressed his hand to the wall. Chakra covered the walls in blue beforedisappearing into the walls. With that done he turned to naruto and said "alright naruto what's so important that you needed all that protection?"

Naruto looked him dead in the eye and stated: kyubbi have me the sharingan." Needless to say everyone but him had their mouths hanging open. The masked anbu was the first to recover. He looked at the hokage "hokage-sama may I take off my mask" the anbu asked. The sandamie could only nod after hearing naruto. The anbu reached up and unhooked his mask taking it off to reveal itatchi uchia. Itatchi looked at naruto and asked "naruto how did the kyubbi give you the sharingan?" "He was the one that originally the one that created the sharingan by mutating the eyes of madara uchia when he broke the caged bird seal on his forehead. So to help me get stronger not only is he going to train me for five years after this first year which brings me to two questions. One itatchi will you train me and help me awaken the sharingan and mastering it, and two oji-san I want to ask if after my year with itatchi if he wants to train me if I could leave the village for five years?" naruto asked. Itatchi was the first to respond "of course I will train you naruto I would be happy to help you awaken your sharingan and mastering it." Not long after that the sandamie looked at naruto for a few minutes in thought before responding "I can agree with that but only if you join anbu after you awaken your sharingan because if you are in anbu the civilian council will have no say in what you do. Do you agree with this?" naruto took a few minutes to think "I think I could do that oji-san but only after I awaken my sharingan and have two tomes in each eye." "Okay then I'll leave you to your rest because itatchi will be starting your training tomorrow early, isn't that right itatchi?" itatchi only nodded. The sandamie gave naruto a hug before they both left naruto to go to sleep so he could get started on his training early tomorrow.

So naruto has gained the sharingan from kyubbi and is going to be taught by itatchi the one considered to be the strongest uchiha since madara is going to teach naruto how to use the sharingan once they activate it. Please review this chapter and tell me what you think.