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"Try it again Naruto the time it takes for you to do the jutsus is too long." Jiraiya said as he caught up to a panting Naruto.

"Ok ero sennin." Naruto got the tri pronged kunai and threw it a good distance down the road and concentrated and suddenly disappeared in a flash of purple light.

Jiraiya smiled Naruto reminded him so much of Minato just seeing the boy working so hard to master his fathers jutsu brought back memories of helping Minato design the seal for the Hiraishin.

Seeing that Naruto had made it to the entrance to the village they would be looking for Tsunade in Jiraiya made a quick hand seal and shunshined over next to the blonde.

"So this is where we're going to find the old hag?" Naruto question the older shinobi.

"Yea this is a big gambling town and Tsunade is famous for her gambling and her luck at it."

Naruto frowned he couldn't believe they were here to find a gambling addict and ask her to be Hokage, but then again she was one of the legendary Sannin so he figured Jiraiya knew best.

The two shinobi started walking into the town looking on at the festivities going on around them.

"Naruto go have some fun I'll see you at the hotel in town." Jiraiya said as he took off towards the red light district while a lecherous grin on his face.

Naruto sighed at his sensei's antics and decided to walk around the festival and check it out.

Naruto walked around after buying himself food and checked out the games that were going on. He walked up to a stand when he noticed a depressed little girl standing in front of the stand.

"What's wrong little one?" He asked.

"I spent all my money trying to win a toy and I just couldn't get it." She said with tears in her eyes.

Naruto looked at the game and smiled. It was a simple target game, all you had to do was throw a kunai at a few moving targets.

Deciding to help the girl Naruto pulled out a little money and quickly through the kunai hit the bulls eye on all the targets. The stand owner grudgingly game Naruto the huge stuffed bear while grumbling about meddling shinobi.

Naruto walked up to the girl and handed her the bear that was as big as her body and smiled when she squealed out a million thanks.

Naruto walked off feeling good about the small good deed he had just done. It always made him feel good to help out those around him. The sun was rapidly sinking below the horizon so Naruto decided that now would be a good time to head to the hotel.

Naruto had just gotten out of the shower and gotten his boxers and pants on when there was a knock on his door. Grumbling thinking his idiot sensei had gotten drunk and just found his way to the room Naruto was in.

Naruto hadn't been worried about Jiraiya being able to find him; he was an accomplished shinobi after all.

Naruto opened the door and immediately regretted it as he stood staring into the Sharingan eyes of Itachi Uchiha.

"So what do I owe the honor of a visit from the famous S ranked missing nin Itachi the one responsible for the Uchiha massacre?" Naruto questioned as his own Sharingan flared to life.

"Naruto Namikaze you are to come with us immediately." Came the monotone reply.

"Hmmmm how about I don't and you turn around and leave." As soon as the reply came out of his mouth Naruto had to jump back as the lager mans sword came crashing down where he was standing a few seconds earlier.

"You ought to watch your tongue around your betters' gaki." The larger man said

"I could take you on right now Kisame Hoshigaki." Naruto stated calmly as he unsealed his sword from the tattoo on his arm.

"Gaki your years away from my level" Kisame said in an arrogant voice.

"Well let's find out" Naruto said as he tensed to leap at Kisame when he heard the sound of a thousand birds chirping and everyone but Itachi froze.

Itachi turned his body and started to walk down the hallway towards the sound. Naruto finally managed to get out of the room and saw Sauske standing at the end of the hallway hunched over while griping his wrist. A ball of lightning was growing steadily larger as Sauske poured even more chakra into it.

After a few more seconds Sauske looked up and Naruto saw his Sharingan spinning madly and with a cry of rage Sauske Launched himself down the hallway towards Itachi. When he got within striking range Sauske thrust his hand forward with a cry of rage.

Itachi reached out and grabbed Sauske's wrist and with a flick of his wrist snapped Sauske's wrist causing the Chidori in Sauske's hand to flicker out.

Sauske gritted his teeth in pain as Itachi slammed him into the wall.

"So little brother you have grown a little but you are still weaker than dirt. Do you want to know why you are so weak little brother; do you want to know why you will never be able to catch up with me, why you will never be more than an insignificant insect in the shinobi world, why you will never be able to avenge the clan? It is because you lack the hatred required, you lack the hatred to kill me and gain the power I have gained, look on at what hatred has gotten me." Itachi said as his eyes slowly morphed into the pinwheel shape of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

But before he could perform his technique Naruto smashed his fist into the side of Itachi face launching him down the hallway.

"Don't ever touch him again or I will kill you." Naruto stated while pulling out two tri pronged.

Itachi seeing the kunai grabbed Kisame and started heading down the hall when the walls started turning into a red fleshy substance.

That's when everyone noticed Jiraiya kneeling with his hand pressed on the floor.

"Ninpou Gamaguchi Shibari"

"Welcome to the stomach of the gigantic frog from mount myouboku's rock inn." Jiraya stated as he slowly stood up.

Itachi and Kisame knew they were back into a corner so they took off in the direction that was opposite of the two kage level shinobi.

As they disappeared around the corner there was a massive explosion and Naruto and Jiraiya took off after the two criminals. When they came around the corner Naruto immediately recognized the black flames that were steady burning the frogs stomach.

Jiraiya quickly pulled out a scroll and sealed the flames away.

"I could have done that ero-sennin." Naruto said as he casually watched the deadly black flames being su8cked into the scroll.

"I know but we needed to get rid of the amaterasu flames quickly before it seriously hurt the frog's stomach permanently." Jiraiya said conversationally as he tied the scroll tight and put it away into his vest.

"What are we going to do about him?" Naruto asked pointing at Sauske.

"I don't know we'll have to call for someone to come get him but we better hurry out of here before we end up having to pay for it."

As soon as Jiraiya finished saying that they both heard a shout.

"Konoha Senpuu"

As they looked to see what the commotion was Jiraiya went flying into the wall from the powerful kick that connected with his jaw.

Within seconds he was back up ready to fight. As soon as he saw who it was he was pissed.


Gai just scratched the back of his head sheepishly "sorry about that Jiraiya-sama I thought you were Itachi or Kisame."

"Well it's a good thing you came we needed someone to take Sauske back to Konoha anyways."

"Alight I'll be seeing you when you two return to Konoha from your mission" With that Gai grabbed Sauske's unconscious form and sped off towards the village.

"Well let's get the hell out of here" Jiraiya said as he and Naruto jumped out of the hole in the wall and took to the rooftops.

One week later

Naruto was pissed they had been searching every town in fire country for the past week. They would get so close only for people to tell them Tsunade had left days or hours before they arrived.

They finally came to another gambling town where someone had told them they had seen Tsunade heading towards.

When they got there they started looking around and asking questions o see if they could find Tsunade.

After searching around for a few hours they went to stop at a bar and as Jiraiya walked into the bar he got a grin that could split his face as he spotted his old teammate.

He and Naruto walked up to the table and it was obvious when they came into view neither woman looked happy to see him.

"What are you doing here Jiraiya I told you last time we spoke that I never wanted to see you or anyone from Konoha ever again." Tsunade said as she stared coldly at Jiraya.

"Look hime I'm not going to lie to or sugarcoat it, Sarutobi-sensei was killed by Orochimaru." Jiraiya said and was surprised at the lack of emotion on his teammates face.

"So sensei has finally fallen it was only a matter of time and speaking of time you are wasting mine so what do you want."

Naruto felt his blood starting to boil at her insulting his grandfather's memory.

"The council wants you to be the Godaime Hokage." Jiraiya said bluntly again.

"No' came the flat reply.

"Tsunade why you are the only person who can take on this responsibility" Jiraiya pleaded with her.

"No anyone who becomes Hokage is a fool that is asking for death and I never want to go back to that village."


"Haha you think you can take me your just a lowly gennin I bet u I can beat you with one finger." Tsunade said in a snide voice.

"Then get outside so I can kick your ass." Naruto said as he stormed towards the door.

Everyone got up and followed the angry blonde out the door. Before they could leave though Jiraya sidled up to Naruto and spoke in his ear to which Naruto nodded his head as they left the bar.

Tsunade went to one side of the street after handing her robe to the young woman with her while Naruto looked at her from across the other side of the street.

As soon as Tsunade got in position Naruto blurred towards her surpriseing the Sannin enough to allow him to score a his across her face launching her up the street.

Tsuande quickly got to her feet and noticed Naruto running towards her so she charged chakra to her fist and slammed it down on the ground creating a massive crater in the street.

Naruto quickly stopped running and after thinking about it decided to ignore what Jiraiya told him and pulled out a tri pronged kunai and threw it and after waiting a few minutes for concentration he disappeared in a flash of purple. As he reappeared he tripped on one of the cracks Tsunade had created in the street from her super powered punch.

As soon as he had used the Hiraishin Jiraiya had intervened and pulled Naruto out of the crater and slapped him upside the head.

Tsunade was amazed that Naruto could use it also meaning he was his son.

"Jiraiya what the hell were you thinking teaching Minato's son that jutsu while he was still young he hasn't even mastered it yet he's trying to use it in battle he's pathetic"

"Hey bitch I bet you I can master the jutsu in three days" Naruto shouted at her.

"Fine if I win I get all your money and if you win you can have this necklace, I'll even give you an entire week to master it." Tsunade said arrogantly.

"But Tsunade-sama you can't bet your necklace it's priceless." The young woman shouted at her master.

"Don't worry Shizune there's no possible way I can lose this bet."

With that she turned and started walking towards the hotels with Shizune, Jiraiya, and Naruto following her.

Hey everyone sorry I would have had this chapter out a month ago but I got into some trouble and with school starting back up it's been hard to find the time. I was originally going to make this a very long chapter to make up for my long absence but I figured I kept you guys waiting long enough. And to all those that review asking me to continue thank you helped me find inspiration to keep writing but unfortunately I have to many ideas for other stories and the ideas for this story is running out so I will be wrapping this up within the next five to six chapters maybe longer but there will be some time skips within the next two to three chapters.