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A woman in a maids outfit walked passed an open door and a voice spoke, "Mommy?"

"Oh, hello there Master. " The maid smiled at the young boy standing outside of his room.

"Do you know where my Mommy is?" He asked.

"I don't know. Do you want anything, I'll be happy to get it for you?"

"Umm, could you tell me a story? It would help me fall asleep faster."

The woman chuckled. "Sure, but you'll have to tell me what story you want. "

The boy and maid walked into his room. The young boy ran and jumped into his bed. The woman brought up a chair from the desk and placed it next to the bed.

"Do you know the one about how my parents meet?"

"I do know that one. The story takes place here in the Konohagakure."

Konohagakure or Village Hidden Among Tree Leaves is a royal estate for many wealthy people. This village holds some of superb houses, people, and drama. There's one story that's the most famous of them all and it starts with a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki had some how gain three story mansion and lovely garden. This house itself was a little too much work for Naruto alone so he hired some maids. This is our story and let's watches it unfold staring with two maids.

"Arrrgh! I'm tried of this and I want to quite," a tall pink hair woman demanded to a blonde man sitting in a chair. "Naruto! I quite and there's no changing my mind." This woman wore a pink shirt and a gray skirt which suited her well.

"Sakura, please calm down. Tell me why you are quitting." Naruto was waiting patiently in his chair for her respond. He was sitting in black pajamas that contrasted his light skin tone. His short blonde hair was in bed head form, since he just woke this morning.

Sakura opened her mouth to speak, but another spoke instead, "I'm quitting too." Light hair blonde girls enter into the room and threw down a maid's outfit. "This job is not working for me and I have to find something better." Sakura glared at the girl but she still spoke, "So goodbye."

The girl turned away to exit the room. "Wait Ino!" The girl paused as Naruto spoke, "Why are you leaving?"

Ino chuckled, "The same reason as Sakura." She left the room.

His attention flew back Sakura who had also place her maid's outfit next to Ino. "You're leaving now too right?"

"I am, "her was low. "I'm just tried with this stupid place." She ran out the room and the door slammed behind her. Naruto clench his fist as Sakura left without giving him a reason. So, his morning had started off bad with Sakura and Ino leaving. He sighed, as he picked up the outfits and placed them unto an office table.

A loud knock, "Master Naruto, can I come in?" A soft voice asked.

"Come in," he order. He watched the door open to a sapphire hair and brown skin woman step into his office. She was wearing a white night gown; all the noise had woken her.

"So, they two of them left already. That doesn't surprise me."

"Mai, did you know this was going happen?"

She yawned, "Yeah, it's all in today's paper." She tossed the newspaper to Naruto. "Look in the job section and you'll find it there, but you won't like it at all. Don't worry about searching for a replacement; I'll look for one instead."

Naruto stare at the job section which held an ad for maids to cleaning and work for Sasuke Uchicha. So, he had lost Sakura and Ino to his rival. He decided not to be upset, since he knew that both of them were in the Sasuke fan club in the Village. Naruto sighed; he never knew Sakura leaving would hurt him this must. He only had a simple crush on her, but it says it in the name they do hurt. Naruto tossed the paper into the trash and left his office.

Another tragic took place in another household in the morning. Hyuga family's traditional Japanese palace was very concerned about Hinata Hyuga's lifestyle. The girl was too much into her studies and training to even think about guys. Hinata was a eighteen year old woman who needs a husband fast according to her family, so they summoned her to discuss this.

Two gentlemen sat next to each, who resembles each other in a way. The man to the right was much older and wore a green coat but showed his shirt outfit. This man was Hiashi Hyuga the head of the Hyuga family. Next to him was a much younger fellow with long black hair in a ponytail and wearing a white outfit. Kai Hyuga was the nephew of Hiashi Hyuga and this was his first session to witness the Hiashi working.

From outside the slide door there was a knock on the door. "Come in." A girl with long blue hair and a purple shirt with a pair of gray pants stepped into the room. Everyone in the room all had the same white eyes; this was a normal trait that all members had in the family.

"Father, you called me?"

"Yes, please be seated Hinata." He waited until she sat across him and he spoke again, "Now, you have been summon since the family is worried that you're too involved in studies and training. This is a problem since you're a eighteen young woman and you should be getting ready to get married. "

"Father, I can't give up my studies or training. Those things are part of me." She was hurt that all he was worried about what the family had thought about her.

"Then you leave me no choice. Hinata Hyuga you are hear by banish from this house. Gather all of your things and leave at once."

"I understood," she stood up and ran out the room. Tear blurred her vision as she ran into her room and gather her things into a bag. She leaned against her door as she sighed, "What am I going to do?" She didn't know how to mange herself in the outside world. Shaking her head to erase that doubt, Hinata slowly exited her room. To her surprise there were two family guards to see her leave. The main gates of the Hyuga's clan, this was her last time every seeing them. The tall iron gate, slowly open just a enough to let Hinata go through.

Hinata never looked backed after the gate closed behind her. She just kept walking until she hit the road. Sighing to herself, Hinata had to find a new place, but she didn't know exactly where that could be. The road seems endless, she needed a direction to turn in, and so she chooses north. The hot sun burned into her skull, which made Hinata suffer symptoms like headache and dizziness. Just a few blocks down, her eyes could see a mansion up ahead. Dizzy to the bone, Hinata just passed out in the front yard.

"Oh dear," a voice said.

A girl with two buns studied the fainted girl and called for help. Two others girls appeared from the front door of mansion to help lift Hinata into the house. Being brought into the cool air condition house, Hinata's eyes began to flutter a bit. The girls carefully place Hinata on a burgundy coach, as they scatter to go find some medicine.

"Calm down, she's just dehydrate." Mai spoke, as she felt Hinata's forehead.

The same girl with the buns came over with a bucket of water, "Here's some water."

"Thanks, Tenten. Now, tell me again. You just found her out in the front yard." She asked.

Tenten nodded, "Yeah, she was just pasted out in the grass. I called for help and Temari and Matsuri rushed to my aid."

Placing a cool rag on Hinata head, Mai smiled, "Well you just found our new recruit."

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