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Four men were now staring into paradise, but had a foot in hell. Each of them couldn't resist looking at the bare skin in front of them, or their urge slowly growing in their bodies. At least, Kiba was enjoying himself, as Mai stood there wiping the blood away from his face. He had the perfect view of her beautiful curves, while her chest poked into his chest. Glaring from across the room, Temari, didn't like wasting all this time.

"Earth to Mai, we have to hurry and get dressed." Unfortunately, Mai had her back to Temari and was talking. The nerve of some people, she thought. Ignoring me! Marching over toward Mai, Temari decided to take the worst revenge, by grabbing her boobs. Her first reaction was little screamed and that didn't sit well with Temari, so she decided to squeeze hard.

"Aaahhhh," Mai cried. "Te..mari..le..t..go." She struggled with each word.

"Huh," Temari asked. "I didn't quite hear that!" She squeezes them again, but learned a loud moaned.


Kiba, who was sitting the chair beside them, he carefully slides out of the chair. "Temari, calm down and let go of Mai."

"Don't give me orders," Temari glared over Mai's shoulders.

"Just let her go, you're hurting Mai." He tried again.

"Oh, I'm not." She smiled. "Just watch this," suddenly she took another firm grip on Mai's boobs. "1….,2, and finally 3." She counted.

"AAAaaaah," she moaned.

"You see, she's moaning in pleasure."

All the guys were frozen in their place, as they watched Temari inflict pain on Mai. Now, the question was Mai really in pain? Cause her cries would sometime transform into moans, and weren't moans a sign of pleasure? Question after question ran through the guys head, as they try to figure out and answer.

"Temari, let go of Mai." Tenten ran up trying to separate them apart.

"No!" She yelled.

"I won't let go, until Mai agrees to hurry up and change those models."

"I..promise," She grasped.

"Promise what?" She questioned. "Cause, last time you looked like you were flirting with her."

"I wasn't!"

"Hm, you shouldn't lie." She gave another squeeze. "I know what I saw, and that my friend was flirting."

Suddenly, a red pole appeared under Temari's chin. Her eyes glanced over to Tenten, "Let her go now!" Slowly, her grip on Mai's boobs was released. "Now, Hinata go show the models their outfits, while Mai sets up for hair and makeup." She ordered. Hinata, who was shocked from Temari's strange behavior, decided to follow Tenten's ordered. She wondered, if the liquor played a part in her behavior.

"Um," she gave a tap to Naruto. "Let's hurry and get everyone changed." She nodded, as she gathers the other girls and went to the front of the room. "Here they are," She presented the outfits. She pulled out a cart, which held four outfits. Well, the outfits weren't really outfits; they were more like exotic animal outfits. So, the guys had to choice either a fox, deer, panda bear, and dog. They all blankly stared, at the corset top, the panties, and the garters. None of them had a clue on how to put on the corset.

Hinata noticed the confusion, "Don't worry, I'll help you into those, just hurry up and put on the panties and garters." She smiled. Being under the eye of Hinata, Naruto decided to be the first and strip down to his underwear. He had nothing to lose, cause he was a chick and girls undress in front of either other all the time right? Naruto's bravery was an example to the other guys; it was alright to strip down. At times, the guys still kind of felt like themselves.

"Here," Hinata took the orange corset from Naruto. "I'll help you; just turn your back to me." He followed her orders and felt her hands crawl unto her back. She unhooked the bra, and placed it onto the floor. Carefully, sliding the corset top underneath his arms, and pulling it up against the chest. "Alright, this might hurt a bit," she spoke against his neck.

Suppressing a shiver, he spoke, "Alright." Adjusting a couple hooks in the back, then she proceeds to tighten the entire thing, by lacing up the back. Quickly, Naruto felt his chest being restrain, as it gave his breast a pushed up.

Hearing a cough caught Hinata's attention. "Um, is that too tight? Let me lose some of the back." Her hand touched his bare back, and felt his heart thump against his rib cage.

"Nah, its fine," He turned around and grabbed a hold of her hand.

"Thanks," She spoke, as she felt the blush spread across her face.

"Anyway, you should help everyone else."

Immediately, turning around, he found Neji glaring directly at him. "A word with you," he whispered.

Sighing, "Coming."

Naruto POV

So, let's play what got Neji pissed today. Well, there are currently 4 things off the back, but I think the whole touching with Hinata was the winner. "This wasn't in the plan," He hissed. Somehow, I couldn't take him serious as a chick. Here, was a chick with long black hair and blue eyes, just fussing at me. Him being angry didn't suit his chick self, I suppose it was cause he was wearing this white dress. But then again, he was holding a black corset with white lace, so that's when I figured it out.

"You're the panda bear," I blurted out.

"Nar-", he began, but stopped when Hinata appeared. "Um, Natalie," He chuckled. "You figured out my outfit already." Behind his smile, I knew he was saying a thousand of curse words toward me. But, thanks to Hinata, he wouldn't dare say any out loud, so thanks Hinata.

"Sorry, if I'm interrupting, but I needed," Her eyes glanced over at Neji. "You," she pointed.

"Oh me," he sweetly responded. "Alright, let me go get change." He walked right pass me and whispered, "Our conversation isn't over Naruto." I nodded.

Following them, I decided to head over to the back, so I could get some makeup done. Mai was currently working on Shikamaru's hair; she carefully put it up in a pigtail, and then placed some antlers. She smiled, knowing she was very satisfied with the result. "Next," she called.

"That would be me," I spoke.

She giggled, "Ooh, so you're the cat." She ushered me to the chair and I gladly took my seat. Carefully, she started to brush my hair, and thanks to the mirror, I could keep an eye on the guys. Right now, they seemed to be assembling in a group and were talking about something. "Alright finish," She smiled. Looking straight ahead, I found my hair with tons of curls with orange cat ears to top of the entire look. Geez, did I look ridiculous. "Cute right," she was tugging at the curls.

"Of course," I lied.

"Alright, since the models are done with makeup and costumes. Now, it's time, to brief them before they head out." Tenten spoke. "Now models, you will be participating in the Q&A."

"I want all of you to be as dirty as possible," Temari grinned. "We want all these guys HORNY. Got it?"

Everyone looked paled in face, cause they couldn't believe what Temari just said. Shikamaru carefully turned around, refusing to look at Temari. Sighing, "Just ignore her, she's a tab bit drunk." Tenten informed us.

"I'm not drunk, just a little tipsy." She smiled. "But, I'm serious; we needed you to be as dirty as possible."

"What for?" Neji asked.

"Its part of our escape plan," Temari snickered back. "However, here's something your mind can dwell upon, sex is better than talk.." She paused a bit, just to make eye contact with all the guys. When she continued she had that signature devilish smile, ".Talk is what you suffer through to get to." Her smile grew some more, "SEX!"

"Temari," Tenten and Mai sighed.

"It's the truth," She shrugged her shoulders. " I'm sorry, if Miss. Panda over there hasn't got to experience the wonderful of SEX!"

"Excuse me," Neji snapped. "That is none of your damn business."

"Just hurry up and leave," Temari snapped.

"I'm gone," Marching for the front door, every guy sighed as we all followed him out. To Neji's surprised, he was greeted by Besty. "Well, I'm glad to see that you girls are finally dressed on time, so let's hurry onto stage." Without any hesitation, she pushed us forward toward the main stage.

"Good luck," She smiled.


The entire audience went speechless, as a new group of girls appeared on stage. The girls approached their seats and carefully took the microphones off the seat. Smiling to himself, Jiraiya knew this little Q&A was going to get very interesting. "Hello girls," He greeted. "Don't you all look different?"

Nobody responded to his greeting, they just glared at him. Shrugging off their coldness, he smiled. "So, are you ready for the questions," He asked.

"Of course," Naruto spoke. "What's the first question?"

That voice, he thought. There are only a couple of voices that could bring chills down his spine and bring out his raw excitement. Somehow, this dirty blonde girl's voice had just done that. Every guy could feel that excitement start to stack up, and soon it was only a matter of time, until they all burst with energy. "Ah," He groaned. "Let's start off with an easy question, what's your favorite fruit?"

Surprisingly, this question caught everyone off guard. At first, they all seemed to ponder all the fruit they all encountered. Now, what were the fruits that weren't turn on for guys.

"Um, pineapple," Shikamaru smiled. "It's sweet and delicious," instinctively, he licked his lips, which grabbed the crowd's attention. Roaring with excitement, Shikamaru realize his mistake.

"Oh, how about kiwi," Kiba added.

"Or a lime," Neji spoke.

"Great answers, but now we get to the fun stuff." He grinned. "Let me hear all your lovely animal cries."

"I refuse," Neji stated, as he turned his face away from the audience.

"Come on, just give me a little roar," He begged.

"Here, I'll give you a little," Kiba paused. "Woof," He barked. The whole entire audience went, "Aw", as their hearts started to melt.

Jiraiya pointed at Shikamaru, "What noise dose at deer make?"

"They don't make a noise," He snickered. "So, you're out of luck. Anyways are we done here, cause I'm bored."

"Boo," Jiraiya spoke. "We just got started, so you can't be bored. Plus, we haven't covered our sex questions." Everyone's ears perked up at the mention of sex.

Feeling even more irritated, Neji decided to respond, "You wanna talk about sex, let me tell you a thing about sex. You're all so disgusting for thinking about it!"

The entire crowd went silent, before they all started to boo and shout at Neji. So, far this Q&A segment was turning out to be pretty bad. Jiraiya was lying back in his chair just laughing. Standing on his feet, "If all of you are done insulting me, I'll be taking my leave."


Meanwhile, in the dressing room, all the girls had finish up all their makeup. Smiling, Mai grabbed the hand of Hinata, "Ready?" Finally, it was time to perform their talents with a partner. "Yeah kind of," she whispered.

"Don't be nervous, you'll be perfect." She smiled. "Any way, if you do mess up, no one will notice, cause you look so gorgeous."

In the reflection of the mirror, Hinata saw herself in her goddess outfit. She was wearing a light blue gown that ran down to her ankles. Somehow, Mai had got Hinata to wear a sliver beaded tiara unto of her wavy hair. As for Mai, her gown was the opposites, so she had a dark blue grown, that travel to only her knees.

"Mai," Hinata whispered. "Yes," she replied. "Thanks you," she mumbled. "Thanks so much for doing this for me." Tears started too appeared in her eyes. "Doing..this," She sniffed a bit. "means so much to me." The tears started to run down her cheeks, but Hinata lifted her head toward Mai. "I'm just so glad..that I have you and everyone else as friends."

Quickly, Mai scooped Hinata's head into a hug. "I'm glad to be your friend." Mai could feel her tears building up in her eyes. She released Hinata from the hug, "Look at us crying, and we are about to head onto stage. Geez."

Carefully, Mai brought up a finger and wiped a couple tear away. She smiled, "At least you still look gorgeous."

She laughed, "Guess you're right."

Suddenly, the front door of the dressing room opened and strolling in was Temari and Tenten. "Hey, the models only seemed to have a couple more seconds left in them."

Temari informed. "Don't worry; we already took care of everyone backstage." Tenten smiled. "Everyone is out cold, so all that's left is those models and the rest of the audience."

"Perfect," Mai cheered. "So, we'll take care of models, while the two of you perform. However, while we perform, I want someone to do another check. I would hate if someone woke up and ruin our plan."

"That's fine," Temari agreed. "Oh, I think the models are finish, cause I hear some stomping coming this way."

"Everyone is ready right?" Mai asked. Everyone nodded in agreement, "Good, cause its show time."

Naruto POV

Finally, after what seemed like an hour with thirty dirty questions it was over. A sigh of relief, escaped my lips as we reached backstage. To my surprise, Temari and Tenten were standing across from us. "Excellent job," Tenten smiled. "Each of you did a great job, trying to answer those questions."

"Yes," Temari spoke. "You all did great and desire a rest in the dressing room."

For some odd reason, Temari was actually being nice to us. So, I couldn't help but feel a little suspicious. Looking around the place, I noticed things seemed quite..well too quite. As we approached the dressing room, I was expecting someone to knock us out, but no one ever came. We all just calming entered and found Mai and Hinata in these stunning outfits.


I felt so speechless, since Hinata looked like a goddess. Suddenly, I felt this painful pounding inside of my chest, I realize this wasn't good. Slowly, I could feel my control of my transformation start to slip away, so I force myself to turn away. Keep it together, I thought.

"So, how was it?" Mai asked.

"It wasss," Kiba started to mumble. Shit, we are losing our minds to these girls. Carefully, stepping in front of Kiba was Shikamaru. "it wasn't pleasant." He added in.

Mai giggled, "I see, well sorry about this."

Immediately, water claw grabbed us, than pushed us against the wall. Slowly, the water started to engulf bodies and slowly enter into our mouths. Damn, the girls were up to something. My vision started to flickered from the watery image of Mai and Hinata in front of me and the darkness of mind. Sadly, I couldn't fight against Mai's water, since the water, itself had such a powerful current. Feeling the last bit of breath escape me, I suddenly feel into that darkness of my mind.


Mai and Hinata watched as each of the models struggled inside of the water prison. Carefully, Mai made sure not to kill the models, she only wanted them to lose consciousness. Once, all the models were out cold, Mai carefully brought them out of the prison, and then cautiously, tied everyone's hands together. "Alright, models are out cold." Mai smiled. "Now, we have to get ready for our performance and then we strike."

Hinata nodded, "Agreed."

"Let's go check out Temari and Tenten's act," Mai ran toward the door. "We can still get a peek, if we hurry."Quickly, Hinata hurried out of the dressing room, she wanted to see the act.

Little did the girls know, that right after the dressing room door closed, those models turned into boys. Coughing up some water, Neji was the first to awake up. "Damn," He cursed.

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