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Ch. 1

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Author's Note: I will be continuing my Gabriella stories, but the Plot Bunny came up and gave me a Gibbs slap.

Ziva David smirks as Tony and McGee argue over who had won the bet and which one of them had to do the other's work. This discussion had been ongoing throughout the day. Ziva had had more pressing issues on her mind. She still wasn't sure what her future would hold. After the revelation that Cryer had been shot, Ziva figured that she would be on her way back to Israel by now, but then Jethro had figured out what had happened and now she wasn't sure what would happen.

Jethro grins at his agents antics as he comes downstairs from the director's office. He held an important piece of paper. Ordinarily, he would come up behind Tony and Mcgee and head slap them, but he had more pressing things to worry about other than the two of them bickering good naturedly.
Ziva watches as Gibbs walks over to her and sets a piece of paper on top of the files that McGee had placed on her desk a few moments before. "Get to work, Probie," he said. It took Ziva a few secomds to realize what had happened. It finally hit her when she realized what that paper said. She was now officially an NCIS agent. It was contingent upon her becoming a US citizen, but Ziva knew she would be able to handle that. She had actually done some research to make sure that it would be possible due to her former position in Mossad, and had been informed that with sufficient character references and such, she should be fine. After a couple of minute, Ziva does as she has been instructed and gets to work. She is finally back and even more a part of the team than she had been before.

Jethro looks up at Vance who is standing at the railing of the observation deck smiling. Leon knows that he has made the right decision. He is well aware that if he had sent Ziva back to her father in Israel, he might just be sending her to her death. They had tried to burn her for Heaven's sake. Who knows what else they would do. Fortunately, this will no longer be a problem. Leon will deal with Eli David when it becomes necessary. He knows that Gibbs had told Ben Gidon to tell Eli to stay away from her, but Leon knows that's very unlikely. He just hopes that this situation doesn't hurt the relations between Mossad and NCIS.

Tony and McGee had heard what Jethro had said and decided to give her a few minutes to process the information before offering their congratulations. Tim emails Abby and asks her to inform Ducky and Palmer as well.

Ziva looks warily at Tony and McGee as they approach her desk. She knows that they might start with the Probie treatment immediately, even though she had worked with them for almost five years as Mossad Liason. She knew it would be hard at first until her probationary status was over.

"Congratulations, Ziva," Tim said. He was happy for his friend. He knew she'd really wanted this and had earned it. He was just glad that recent revelations hadn't prevented it from happening.

"Congratulations, Probie," Tony said in a teasing manner. He was happy for her of coure, but ha hadn't been sure that it would ever happen. He's just glad that he'd had the idea to bluff the slug like he did. The argument between him and Tim was forgotten for the moment.

A few minutes later, Ducky, Palmer and Abby come out of the elevator and offer her their congratulations as well. Jethro quietly watches their interactions and knows that this was absolutely the right decision for all of them. He had seen what Ben Gidon was willing to do to get her back to Israel, but was happy that it hadn't worked. Jethro and the rest of the team had been able to outsmart him. Then to be able to convince Leon to keep Ziva around inspite of her father's protests had been a triumph as well. Jethro had no doubt that Ziva would be even better as an official agent now that she wasn't having to serve two masters.

"I think we should take Ziva out to dinner to celebrate," Ducky announces after a few minutes. They had a little while before it was time to go home, but Ducky knew that they needed to plan this now while they were all together. He looks over to Jethro who nods in his direction. Everone else is also in agreement. Then they all went back to work. Jethro knew that his newest Probie wouldn't need much on the job training because she had been with them for so long. There is a few things they would need to go over, but it wasn't as big a deal as it would be under ordinary circumstances. Jethro sits back and watches her for a few moments before getting to work himself. They all have reports to file. He wants them done before they leave for the night.