So... Here I am once again...

I stood at the counter of my dimly lit library. The sun was peeking through the wide windows on the other side of the room for the last time today, bathing the wide spread room in brilliant shades of orange and yellow.

No one was in to check out a book. No one was here to help me put the returned books back on their shelves. I was alone.

I could have been in the back room, listening to music or making a small snack, but for lack of reason, I wasn't. I just stood up straight at the counter, my hands to my sides, a blank stare on my face, seemingly waiting for a person to come hurrying through claiming that they wanted a good read before we closed. Before I closed.

After awhile the sun finally dropped out of sight, leavinf the sky, the room, and me in the darkness.

How long have I been standing here? My legs were wobbly and when I blinked my eyes they burned with proof that I had not blinked in awhile.

I finally retreated into the back room where an old army cot, a rusty table, a humming refridgerator, and a slightly broken radio were placed around. On top of the table was my backpack and I dug for my keys. I only stayed open this long on Thursday, but sense no one was coming in, I decided to close early.

The normal routine; I turn off the back room light, turn off the front desk computer, I make my way to the front door. Just as I grasped the knob, I turned to gaze back at the room.

I hard worked so hard to open this library, even moving away from my hometown in L.A, where no body had time to read all the way to Seattle, Washington.

But for all the effort for some many years, it had left me in a strange state. Trapped in the same routine, week after long week. I was beginning to feel as if I was truly missing something.

I sighed deeply, then walked out and locked the doors. I fled into the night for the next stop on my eternal to-do list; home.