I panted heavily, holding onto my knees and watching rainbow drops of sweat fall onto the floor.

I must be out of shape, I thought in my head between gasps, But I could my usual ten laps yesterday. Why can't I do a measley five today?

I leaned against the wall of the playpen, still trying to catch my breath. I had started a small training regiment to keep my health up, nothing big though. Ten laps around the playpen and a few jumping jacks and sit ups. And at first, it didn't seem like much at all. But lately I have been getting so tired so easily.

I pulled at the top of my sport's bra and sighed. As much as I hate sweating, it makes it douple when it tye-dye's your clothes. I walked over to the table and sat down, wiping my forehead on the small washcloth I brought.

"Your hair looks funny."

I glanced over at B.O.B, "...Thanks."

"No, really! It looks like... like you've... lost alot of its color." He pointed out, sitting next to me, "More grayish!"

I nodded, rubbing and looking closely at one of the locks. It does looked washed out, like if you were to wash a shirt a hundred times. But what really scared me was the tips, they weren't just washed out, they were gray.

"... Maybe I-I'm some kind of s-s-sick?" I asked him.

"I dunna know..." He shrugged, "Ask the Doc."

Sounds like a good idea. I nodded at his suggestion and rested my head on the cool metal.

"Ask me what?" I heard a familiar voice say, "Whats wrong?"

"Spectrum's hair is looking weird, and she's worried about it."

"You shouldn't say that to a girl B.O.B." I heard another voice say, sure to be Susan's, "Its mean."

I looked up at them, "Its ok, h-he has a p-p-point."

She leaned down and looked at me closely, "You do look... alittle sick. Do you feel ok?"

I cocked my head to the side, "Er... W-well, I, ummmm..."

Doctor Cockroach rounded and sat at the table, "Your eyes are also alittle dull... No offence, of course." He pulled out alittle notebook and flipped through it, "...Here, hop up." He patted the table.

I scurried upon the table and slung my legs over the side, "W-what are you g-going to do?"

"Just a check up."

Like a real doctor's visit? I shuffled uncomptably with the cold metal, trying to stay still as he flexed my wings.

"P-please don't pull so f-fast." I winced, "They're alittle s-sore."

"Hmmm..." He did as I asked, then processed to examine my hair. Once he was done with that, he toke a hold of my face and brought me close.


"Don't worry, just looking." He moved my face around, then used his fingers to widen my eyes even more than they already were.

"O-ok..." I flushed and tried to stay even more still.

"Well, thats odd."


"When you blush, your face turns all colors. not just red."

I pulled back, "Not funny. I-i not used to being c-close to p-people."

He jotted something down on his notebook, "Thats fine. I'm going to mention this to the hostipal staff and see if they can do some real tests. In the mean time, try to just relax. It make just be how your body reacts to sickness now, you might just be getting the flu or something."

I nodded, smiling lightly, "J-just that? Ok, I'll t-try to re-relax.""

"Now, you know I must ask." Dr. Cockroach paused, giving me a serious look, "Your not making yourself sick again, are you?"

I shoke my head, "N-no. I'm not. I p-promise." I slid off, "I'm not... not like t-that, anymore."

"Just making sure." He said, giving me a weak smile.

I nodded again, more slowly, then looked down, "T-thanks."

Susan picked me up from behind, lefting me up to her face, "I was just thinking about taking a break myself. Do you want to come to my room and hang for a bit?"

I smiled brightly, "S-sure, sounds great."

She smiled back, "Ok then, see you guys later."

I sat on her bed, which was customized to fit Susan perfectly. Her whole room, in style, not only in size, seemed to be customized for her. I felt like I had drank a bottle that read 'Drink Me' on the side, and now I was in the movie Alice in Wonderland.

"I-its nice." I rubbed her top covers, "And the p-people here did all this?"

"Yep!" She swung around in her chair, brushing her silver, short hair, "I thought it was really nice, what they did."

"They... W-would be the government?" I asked, stumbling over to the pillow and pushing down on it.

"Yeah, I know. I bet your still mad at the government for taking you." She said, setting the brush down on the vanity, "I know I was."

"I h-have a right to, don't I?" I jogged over to the side and gripped the blanket tight, "I mean, I f-feel like I've been s-stolen from my life." I was about to swing over the side and slide down to the floor, but before I could I felt her pick me up by my shirt.

"You do Spec." She said, dropping me down on her vanity, "But just keep in mind that its not so bad here."

I nodded, "S-sorry, I am just g-getting an-an, er, ansty."

She laughed, "Is that all? Ok then, thats not so bad."

I got down on my knees and leaned my head over the side, it must have been 2 story drop to the floor.

"You'll get hurt if you jump from there." She said, "How good is your flying?"

"Getting b-better..."

"Lets see! Here, I'll make sure you won't fall." She got down on the ground and held her hands up, "Just jump into my hands."

I stood up and stretched my wings, "Ok."

Running to the edge of the vanity, I leaped and felt my wings spread out wide, before falling straight down. I shut my eyes tightly, screaming loudly in my head.


I felt myself slow down, each flap sending a powerful burst of wind to keep me from falling any futher.

I floated down softly into her palm, covering my head. I nervously looked up at her, "...D-did I do it right?"

"You did fine." She said, "Thats fantasic! I bet you can race Insectosaurus when you've gotten better!"

I smiled, breathing heavily, "That sounds great..." My head drooped foreward and I yawned, "W-what time is it?"

"Almost 8, are you tired already?"

"Y-yeah." I stuttered, slipping out of her hand and onto the floor, "I'm going to go to b-bed. G-good night Susan."

She cocked her head curiously, "Uh, alright. Good night Spectrum."

I barely remember walking down to my cell room. And I was so tired, I didn't feel like trying to contact the main control room so I could see in my bed.

I simply sat against the wall and fell asleep.

Link stretched his arms over his head. he had been busy all day, and was happy to be able to head back to his room to get some sleep.

Its atleast 11 by now, I'm sure. He thought, letting his arms fall to his sides.

He rounded the corner and stopped, "Huh?"

Link stared at the sleeping Spectrum, still propped up against the wall. What is she doing out here? He walked over closer, leaned down and shoke her shoulder, "Hey, Spec? Time to get up."

She opened her eyes, they looked so tired. "...Oh, h-hi..." Her head fell foreward again.

"You can't sleep out here." He said, "You dont look to good, you sick?"

"No." She said simply, before her breathing slowed once more, she went back to sleep.

Link paused, then sighed and stood up, "Yeah, right." He walked over and unlocked the hand print reading lock. Her door flew up, making an opening that would have let Susan through.

He turned back to see that she had yet to get up, then sighed annoyed. He picked her up, making sure not to bend her wing backwards. Then walked over to her bed and layed her down.

She didn't make a move, as if she just wasn't carried to bed like a child. She looked kinda peaceful even.

Link rolled his eyes at that last thought, then stepped out.