A/N: This is a one shot about twenty things people don't know about Leah only it is from Jacob's pint of view! This is leading up to a series I am going to do, each of the things on the list will become a story! Please review, I will appreciate any feed back! Also in a review could you please tell me what story you want be to do first? Disclaimer: If I owned Twilight would I be writing fan-fiction? I own nothing mentioned on this story!

Before I had dated Leah I thought I already knew her. We share thoughts when we are wolves so I assumed I already knew everything about her. How wrong was I! Once you know Leah really well you learn a lot. There is twenty things that not many people know about her. I didn't know them about her until we started dating! Leah is way more than just a pretty face.

Leah always drives. No exceptions, ever.

Leah is scared of thunderstorms. If you ever tell her that I told you that, I'll be dead!

Leah can't cook to save her life. But she loves cooking and I pretend that I love her cooking too!

Leah loves cats. Yeah the werewolf loves cats!

Leah has a tattoo on the back of her neck of a panther jumping through flames.

To annoy Seth, Leah, calls Seth, Sethykins. Believe me it annoys him every time.

Leah was a vegetarian for three years!

Her car only plays pop music, no exceptions!

Leah hates snakes and spiders, she won't go near them.

She likes to cuddle. That is something I would never have guessed!

She wanted to be on Broadway for a long time.

She hates sports. She is not good at them either.

She's only said I love you to a boyfriend twice.

Leah can sing really good.

She laughs hysterically if she eats anything with sugar in it after three in the morning.

Her favorite perfume is Japanese Cherry Blossom scented.

She paints her nails at least once every week.

She will not wear a bracelet but she loves necklaces!

She is addicted to gum. She literally has a pack or more a day.

She hates horror movies!

I never realized how much there was to Leah. The little things I know about her really affect our lives. Like, we may go broke one day because she has to keep buying gum. Or how she may accidentally poison me with her cooking! I love Leah and I have learned a lot about her.