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For once I was driving and Leah was in the passenger's seat. We hadn't told anyone yet about the engagement, it is really hard to keep it a secret when we share minds with others but somehow we have. Leah is searching for her stash of gum. So far she has had no luck finding it.

I don't know how many packages of it she has. But she has a lot. I turn the music up a little louder and start singing along with ke$ha's take if off.

Leah arches her eyebrow at my fantastic singing skills and shrugs. She mutters something about 'what have I gotten myself into'. I pretend I didn't hear the offensive words and continue to sing. Leah raises her voice above mine and practically shouts that we have to go to the convenience store. I have no idea why but I am not about to argue with her.

When we get to the store Leah all but runs inside. I on the other hand act like a sane person and walk in. Leah is on a mission and goes straight to the front of the store. She picks up a huge bundle of different gums. Trident, 5 gum, Extra and ice breakers. I look mournfully down at the cash in my hands. I almost whisper good bye to the money. I'll never see it again.

Then Leah gives me the puppy dog eyes. The eyes I cannot resist. The eyes people promised me I would never become immune to. The sweet brown eyes! Almost hypnotized I hand her the cash. She takes it from me and pays the cashier. The cashier smiles and starts to hit on Leah.

I let out a growl and he looks up. He sneers at me and continues to flirt with Leah. Leah rolls her eyes and snaps at him. He looks surprised and a little afraid. Apparently he just realized I am a lot taller than he is. I now see a satisfying amount of fear in his eyes and I stop growling.

He quickly takes the money and gives Leah the gum. Leah skips out the door with all of the gum she could possibly want. And I storm out of there thinking out the stupid guy. By the time I get to the car Leah has already opened one of the packs and started chewing. She offers me a piece but I decline.

I turn and look at her and can't help but smile. She is wearing a yellow tank top and a pair of skinny jeans and flimsy flip flops. She looks beautiful. Just like she always does.

We made a joint decision to invite Sam and Emily. Leah wants to show everyone she truly no longer cares and she is willing to play nicely. I just want Leah to be happy. I am not keen on the idea of Sam coming here though. He still loves Leah, you can see it in his eyes. He looks at her and everyone but Emily sees the wishful look it those stolen glances. He thinks he hides it well but he doesn't. I understand why he isn't fully over Leah but why can't he just let her be happy? She let him marry her cousin! Just thinking about Sam makes me want to phase!

We then continue on our way. I pick up speed and soon we are at the Cullen's house. The Cullen's are now like a second family. Well except for Bella, we all find her annoying. Leah squeezes my hand and gives me a smile. We are going to announce our engagement today.

Everyone is invited and we know most will be there. Alice will be excited and so will Rosalie. I almost let out a groan, I can picture the months leading up to the wedding being filled with Alice planning it. I am sure that there will be times that Alice will forget that unlike her shape shifters need sleep.

I park the car and see that Leah is already halfway through the first package of gum. I didn't think it was physically possible to chew as much gum as she does! I hope I don't have to sell stuff so she can buy her gum. She is seriously addicted to it! I'll have to ask Carlisle if there is some way to get her off of it. I hear a laugh and know Edward has heard my thoughts.

I put my arm around her shoulder and we walk into the house. Renesme waves to me and Leah and Leah goes to talk to her best friends, aka Pixie and Blondie. The giggle at something and Alice asks what the meeting is for. Edward opens his mouth to say something but the glare Leah gives him makes him close it quickly.

The door opens and Sam and Emily walk in. within minutes everyone has arrived and are talking. Here we go, time to tell everyone about the engagement….

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