Welcome all. In this story, I shall provide insight to the base thoughts behind many of the Sonic Characters during their pivotal moments in a series of one-shots.

Sonic Transformations

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic, but damn I wish I did


Running was his life. How could he deny it?

Ever since he was younger, he realized that he had this gift, this speed. He could move faster than anybody ever could. Running and jumping, rolling and weaving, the world passing by in a blur. He loved doing things and doing them fast.

He didn't feel that he needed a reason. But, if he had to put it into words, it was because he could move on. Oh no, it wasn't that he was running from anything in particular. It's just that as soon as one task is done, he can move on to the next thing. One adventure finishes, the day is triumphant, and so he runs into the night, to see what else he can discover.

It paid off. He's seen more exotic places seen only in dreams. He's been to the greenest fields and highest mountains. He's dashed through the hottest deserts, skated through icy wastelands, even literally skydived from the edges of space, and traveled through time!

Speaking of which… Time was always there. It was both an enemy and a friend to him. In an enemy, it was always there reminding him that he had to keep moving, because it wouldn't wait. It was a friend in that when he reached his destination, it seemed to slow down, enabling him to enjoy the thrill.

"The servers are the seven chaos…"Seven emeralds surrounded him.

"Chaos is power, a part of my life" He started running faster, faster than even he had ever ran before. Soon he started to fly, and his colors inverted from a cobalt blue to a shining gold.

"…The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos." His quills stood upright and his eyes turned from emerald green to a piercing red.

As long as there was breath in his body, he would run, chasing the horizon, facing whatever came his way, and never regretting or looking back.

Author's Note

What did everybody think? I sought to capture Sonic's essence, what goes through his mind as he lives his day to day life. I also may make the "Chaos Emerald mantra" more individualized for the rest of the characters.