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Dr. Eggman

At an obscure location...

A door opened, showing the black silhouette of an overweight individual.

Said large figure entered into a metallic hallway. At closer inspection, one would notice that the figure displayed signs of injuries. There were cuts and bruises on his body. His trademark red and black uniform was completely in tatters.

Wisps of smoke still curled from his frame. Humorously, his large mustache, one of the few things he prided on about his appearance, was blacked and smoldered on one side, its frayed edges still alit with a small flame. Almost absently, the figure reached up with a gloved hand, and with two fingers, pinched out the tiny flame.

The man laboriously waddled into the room. As he did, the base slowly began to come to life. Bio-sensors activated, registering his appearance, frame, and life signs, verifying that his presence was to be allowed.

As if confirming, lights activated one by one, until an intricate laboratory hallway was revealed.

This lab was devoid of human assistance, but rather several android components had activated, servos and gears whirring and clicking. Multiple robots of different shapes and sizes were milling about in their preprogrammed assignments.

The figure absently held out his arms as he walked. A pair of robotic extended out of a panel in the wall, claimed his red jacket, taking it away to be repaired, and replacing it with a red robe of the same color, bearing his emblem on the back.

An easy chair on robotic wheels rolled up behind him, and upon it he sat down heavily, exhaling in a deep sigh before reclining, one hand resting over his face, as if in deep contemplation. He wearily reached forward with his other hand and pressed a button on the armrest with a finger, and the chair continually moved on its own power.

The chair and its tired occupant then proceeded down several hallways, machinery activating as it moved on a pre-programmed track, passing numerous labs and observation areas experiments, many of which were items he'd collected during his expeditions.

-A large containment unit. Inside lay a small pool of blue water. It didn't seem ordinary, but every so often, it would jostle and flow… almost as if it were alive. As if to confirm this, the pool shimmered, and a metallic head rose up out of the pool, looked around for a few seconds, and then melted back into itself.

-Further down the line was a large green stasis tube. Inside stood a small blue robot, possessing sharp spines and a rocket engine in its abdomen. Curiously, although the robot itself was seemingly deactivated, its red pupils shifted slightly to the left, following the scientist as he traveled….

-A repair station. This one came from an ocean salvage, providing materials for this project. Another small robot was being constructed, and with his own innovations, it would be back up and running in a relatively short amount of time. Already, its form was 75% completed. Most striking about the robot though, was the large golden crest that adorned its forehead.

-Another examination area, a cold-storage lab. Through the observation window, floating in pools of preservation fluid, floated deceased humanoid figures. Both were covered completely in black skin with red highlights. But while one was human-sized with proportions to match, another was hulking, about 10-15 feet tall, with an extremely dense musculature. The final two specimens were a batlike creature, and a small mollusk-like one with a single eye.

-Finally, another workstation had a purple carpet with an intricate patter laying on lab table. Supposedly the remnant of an ancient civilization, but so far his analysis had not yielded results for either science or money.

The chair and occupant stopped inside a small observatory. All that was present in here was a single table and a small sofa to facing a wall.

For a few moments, silence reigned in the room, as the chair's occupant made no movement from his previous contemplative posture.

A whirling sound penetrated the stillness, and its source, a small robot resembling a red beetle on wheels with two metal arms rolled up alongside, holding a small plate with a wine glass, and some deviled eggs. It placed it on a table next to the doctor, and then it rolled away speedily and silently, with no acknowledgement from its master.

Finally the figure showed another sign of life. Ignoring the food and drink, he simply sighed and slouched forward, both hands clasped and resting over his mouth.

This base was his "home away from home," so to speak. It was one of the few places where disturbances would be at their minimum, be it from the various world governments or his amazingly persistent nemesis. Despite being a very busy man, he'd retreat up here periodically for some downtime. The familiarity of the environment would often spurn him to new realizations for his research, or simply give him clarity of mind.

Such was the case here. The big question that encompasses all: Why? Why did he continue to go on? Lately, it seems that all his endeavors, all his work ended in failure?

His obsessions, his goals…. Was he ever any closer to achieving them? Had his legacy been that of what he'd feared the most? He had a lot to look up to. Pressing a button on his chair, several holograms flashed before him, all that of famous scientists throughout history.

Nikolai Tesla… Albert Einstein…, and last, but certainly not least; Professer Gerald Robotnik.

That name to be truthful, is where it had began for him. It started with his Grandfather, (Despite himself being somewhat depressed at this moment, the man felt himself swell up with pride).

Cited as most brilliant scientific mind in the world. The man who would usher in a veritable golden age of science. Although to be fair it, it would be best to describe him as an "omnidisciplinary scientist" (A.N. Thank you tvtropes!). It didn't matter what field he'd always seemed to excel in it! Robotics, mathematics, and especially biology and space exploration, it didn't matter!

However, it didn't matter in a another cruel fashion as well. Oh yes, he'd studied the historical records, read his grandfather's personal diary. How in the end, despite all his good work, his grandfather's work was all derided and insulted by those who called him foolish. that his ultimate goal in science was treading close to playing God. How those who feared what he'd finally accomplished had him persecuted unjustly, and he died a shadow of himself, broken.

The man didn't view himself as being biased in the favor of his grandfather, no... He'd read statements from a variety of sources. Journals, newspapers, politics. He'd even hacked the most top secret files from those accursed G.U.N. reports.

And yet recently, the most cruel irony was revealed. His grandfather, as he recently discovered, was in truth a hero. He'd been trying to protect the world from something that would have destroyed them completely, and he did it all thanks to science. The man would watch, after the extraterrestrial invasion had occurred and been detained by yet another one of his grandfather's work, this one being his ultimate project. The mass press conferences held throughout the world, in different countries and languages. They now hailed his grandfather. His grandfather's studies were now being released to the public, as some shallow form of penance.

Hypocrites. But what of the loss?! What of the knowledge that his Grandfather directly possessed, and would continue to possess?! Had his grandfather lived, who knows how advanced the world of today would be?! His grandfather's peak achievement alone had been overlooked, downplayed. No doubt the governments wanted to keep the results secluded for the "select few" various hidden Illuminati-esque organizations he knew were at wait in the shadows.

And what of himself? he loved science. Loved learning just the 'why' of things. What made the clock tick, so to speak. So he decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, to become a great scientist and learn all the answers. The emblem that adorned the faces of his many machines modeled after his Grandfather's space station, orbiting up in the sky.

But how to top that?!

The figure brought his hand to his chin again, recalling a fond memory...


Three children were standing in the middle of a laboratory. They had been escorted there by one of the G.U.N. soldiers, who had dropped his aura of professionalism to smile and laugh with the three. Though, only two of the three had appreciated the gesture.

The first boy was stocky in build, wearing dark spectacles, black pants and a red shirt, was too busy reading a book, Asimov's 'I Robot.' In his other hand, he held a group of papers, containing crude drawings a new multi purpose vehicle. Despite his age, he seemed to exhibit a high intellect and dignity. Though as a tradeoff, he found himself a bit of a recluse. Where other children played ball, he was attempting to use his mother's kitchenware to split atoms, for example. He wasn't completely antisocial though. Here and there he'd flash a small smile at the second child when she addressed him.

The other child was a young girl, dressed in a blue shirt and skirt. Her outward personality was that of a bubbly, curious child, she was always trying to laugh and smile at things. Despite this though, she seemed very frail physically. She found herself catching her breath frequently, and sometimes her fatigue confined her to the station's hospital. Fortunately, this was one of her "good days."

The final child was a young boy. Unlike the first two which exhibited at least some form of confidence about themselves, he was very nervous and on edge. He rarely smiled, and often the only thing that could bring him out of his paranoia was the girl's infectious demeanor.

Once they'd reached the lab, the soldier departed, leaving them amongst the bustling scientists and machinery, (much to the nervousness of the last child).

But this was only for a second, as the head scientist greeted the three. He was a heavyset man, balding with a large grayish mustache. But despite this, he was extremely jovial, and extroverted, always happy to talk to others.

At this, the bespectacled child had placed his book, dropped his characteristic bookishness, and rushed over, practically showing the drawings into his grandfather's hand; "Grandpa Gerald, look at this!"

The elder, knelt down, placing one hand on the child's shoulder to placate him, and with the other took the pages and scanned them over His expression changed from curiosity, to intense interest...

"My word, Ivo, you've really come along, these schematics are very impressive!"

The boy, Ivo beamed with pride. "I call it the External Environmental Go-cart," Or Egg-cart for short, cause it's shaped like an egg! It's a multi-purpose personal exploratory vehicle!"

Professor Gerald looked over the papers with appreciation; "Yes I see!...Multiple attachments for different terrains…personalized oxygen tanks… base for that contains the structure… helicopter blades, drill bits….."

Ivo continued, beaming with pride; "One day, I want to build machines that will do anything! Machines that will fly, swim, help explore!"

"By all means do It, Ivo! Gerald knelt before the boy. But don't forget the human factor. Your inventions should be built to better the lives, make people happy."

Ivo seemed to consider this. After turning to the other as well two, asking the girl about her health, and the boy about his family, he addressed them all together.

"Now, I've a special treat for you today. He held up a container and unlocked it. Teasingly, he asked; "Are you ready? Ivo, Abraham, Maria, this is the key to my research. Through this, science can truly make our lives better." With that, the elderly scientist held up a brilliant gem, shining a bright red. Three children were brought into shock as they beheld the jewel.

Ivo felt his jaw drop. Already deemed a prodigy in his classes, he was immediately attempting to figure out what made the gem shine so brightly. It had no external power source, and the container it was taken out of was not empowering it. His eyes narrowed. Could it be responding to his Grandfather's touch? If not, is it responding on another level… Emotional perhaps? But if so…no… It can't be sentient?!

The second child, Maria, too was astounded and leaped to her feet in astonishment, and then, after a few moments, she took a few steps forward tentatively to get a closer look...

But, rather than stand strongly, this action appeared to tax her greatly, and she stumbled to her knees, coughing laboriously. Her grandfather was there in an instant, multiple emotions flowing through him. Foremost was guilt. His experiments concluded that the gem was harmless to people! It exhibited no radiation or poisons.

In his attempt to assist Maria, it led to him throwing the gem to the side carelessly…

which was caught by Ivo. He couldn't believe that he was holding the gem! As if this day couldn't get any better! Entranced by it, the small boy turned it over and over, examining every facet to see what else could be determined, completely disregarding the plight of his cousin.

The final child, Abraham's reaction differed as well. His eyes widened, which for him attracted attention as it revealed his unique heterochromia. One eye was a brilliant, shining blue, the other a deep piercing red. He recoiled slightly from the gem, as if he felt some kind of power, presence.

He glanced over his shoulder, and for a moment, thought he'd seen a ghastly black apparition… but Maria's coughing brought him back to reality, and he clumsily ran over to her to help support her. As he did so, he couldn't help but glare over at the first boy. Did he not care for his own flesh and blood? Did he only care for science and experiments?

"Are you alright, Maria?! Gerald asked the girl worriedly. Turning to a nearby assistant, he adopted a commanding presence and ordered; "Get me the extracted biomass inoculation from Project Shadow, NOW!" Then, soothingly; "Breath, Maria, easy…easy."

Ivo's eyes followed the assistant's movements as he pulled up a holographic screen, entered a phrase, and the rushed off to item receive station at the front of the lab.

A minute later, the aid rushed over with a case. Gerald opened up, displaying a hypodermic needle. Rolling up Maria's sleeve, he felt for the vein and injected the hacking girl. Then, amazingly in seconds her coughing slowed, and literally stopped! Maria herself was amazed. Normally, her coughing fit could land her in the hospital. But now, it was as if it never occurred! Gerald seemed to beam brightly. Ivo had scene that look on his grandfather's face. It was as if an experiment had been a success, or at least a step in success.

"Grandfather… what is Project Shadow? " Ivo's voice cut through the silence. Gerald turned to see his grandson curiously sitting at the assistant's work station, reading the holographic notes left on the screen, the red gem still in his hands. It was fascinating information, really. But the sections that truly attracted the boy'sattention was the line "immortality project."

For the first time in his short life, Ivo had seen his grandfather hesitate, something he'd never done in regards to discussing science.

After a few more moments; he answered; "An experiment, to be truthful Ivo. What I gave Maria was incomplete, though, once perfected, will give her and many people a future. My most prized project. With it, humanity will be able to achieve all they ever wanted to do in their lives. Complete unleashed potential. Heh… it's also a bit of a competition between myself and that of a colleague, Duke Soleanna…" He chooses to change the past in his experiments, while I choose to allow people to move forward."

Then, as if to change the subject, Gerald pressed a few buttons, shutting down the display and gently rtaking back the gem, much to Ivo's protest.

"Now then for my final surprise. In your studies, you've learned about the Black Comet?" At the children's collective nod; " Every fifty years, it returns to Earth . Today, the ARK's probes have determined that in about..." he glanced at his watch, : "Oh! Two minutes, we'll have a firsthand view of it!"

The elderly scientist hurried over to another panel. Pressing it, the lights in the lab dimmed, and the window screens for the A.R.K. widened as the metal frames receded.

"Computer, activate sunshields." At the Professor's verbal commands, a slight tint appeared to flow onto the screen.

"And now… there!" He pointed to the corner of the screen. A brilliant red trail seemed to come into existence. Its presence illuminated the room and sky in a brilliant red.

The room's four occupants all stared in awe, the previous plight all but forgotten. However, Ivo took a moment to stare back at the deactivated computer.

One final note on the form was still sticking out to his memory. Despite knowing how non-sentient animals were often used in scientific experiments, he had to know… why of all things… did his Grandfather choose to use a hedgehog as the base?

Looking, back on that moment, on many other moments like that… they are what inspired him in the past.

But then things changed. His grandfather's persecution had altered him and his whole family. His grandfather's downfall had sullied their name. The name "Robotnik" was now blacklisted, and met with scorn.

It angered him, but in hindsight, he supposed it was more so a scientific level rather than emotional. A great man of knowledge cast away… most importantly,… had his grandfather lived, he might have been able to show his him just how far he'd gone with his own studies…

His family was allowed the monetary assets from his grandfather, but any and all scientific discoveries would be closely monitored, if not confiscated, (Never let it be said that his grandfather and he weren't' the ONLY scientists in the family. Just… not all on the same level).

So he'd rededicated himself to his studies. Two years after the ARK incident, he'd made it into college, astounding everybody, and graduated within a year as a child prodigy. He traveled the world, and studied people and environments, often with his very inventions supporting him.

Human attachments fell by the wayside. What good did they do him? His grandfather loved people and his own family, but those that didn't agree with the government's regulations regarding the incident were silenced. Besides with his name and age at the time? Despite his I.Q. and credentials, most sill viewed him as nothing more than a child. Others stayed their distance, as the average person couldn't even understand him or his goals ninety percent of the time!

To him, a scientist seeks to understand! A scientist seeks to learn, and learn things continuously! Too look beyond that which is on the surface and explore inner workings. It's not even a concept exclusive to a scientist! Any ignorant fool can look within, and realize that things could be better! They could achieve far more than what they initially thought possible. But most people chose not to look, not to extend themselves outside of their comfort zone. So they remained stalemate.

His cousin; Maria? He didn't know what he'd thought of her. In hindsight… maybe he did feel remorse for her… she was the muse, the inspiration for many of his Grandfather's work. If anything, he respected that. But she was gone now, and nothing would bring her back. He'd guess that in his isolation, he'd forgotten about her in the years to come…

But… he did consider himself fortunate. Often, like-minded scientists were the only ones who'd stuck by him. Who refused to be ruled by conceived notions of bias, and flip-flop morality and emotional concerns. They were the ones who chose the acquisition of knowledge. For example, his attendance of that particular Italian University, under one of his many mentors, Professor Pickle, (An odd name to be such, but then again considering his current moniker, he felt he shouldn't really be throwing stones), disregarded anybody who made fun of his quirks, or those mocking his studies of the Gaia Manuscripts choosing instead to persist.

Plus, if there was the then-possibility that his grandfather had done wrong, they realized that his discoveries were valid, and that he himself was still a separate individual that should not have been scrutinized as such.

But despite his own achievements, he realized that none outside of science would ever take him as seriously. When his name came up upon his adulthood, only a select few sponsors would even consider him, despite his efforts. Others would denounce his efforts and ideas.

He supposed that that was why he'd grown to prefer working with robots as well. Robots (mostly), didn't judge you. Robots could always be improved, whether they wanted to or not. They were the perfect tool to learn with, one's that you could take apart and rebuild as many times as you want, and not lose forever. You could understand robots. A world of such mechanical order, each doing their part… it would become more and more appealing a prospect each day.

As he studied more and more, he found that even some scientists would even draw the line at his experiments. The 'badnik' robot experiments were deemed to controversial to warrant exploration. Never mind the fact that it was only a starting point until he would be able to find a more suitable, air nobler power source. They would let popular opinion and superstition prevent them form learning! So what if a few animals had to power his machines! How is that any different from the fools who stuff themselves with cheeseburgers made by those same animals at a restaurant! In the end, he will make this world, now his world a better place

It was infuriating,and something that he always saw in his day to day life. These were the people that his Grandfather wanted to save?!

So then, he decided in his frustration, that if the world wouldn't respond by request, then it would respond by force. Using what little resources he had along with his genius intellect, he built himself up, gradually over the years, sometimes using aliases, a common but simplistic one being Julian Kintobor… He wasn't completely devoid of humanity though. He was always willing to lend an ear to a fellow scientist. And in his studies of humans, animals, and anthromorphs, he wouldn't mind do a charitable deed here and there, like say, letting someone inside his dwelling to take shelter from the rain…

(Strikingly, he seemed to have a trouble remembering much about that time. And yet… a brown hedgehog is the only thing he really remembers …)

Before long, he was ready. He'd attempted to make his mark on the world. He'd built up a base and from there his robotic armies were completed.

And then he appeared.

The blue one, you know.

Here was one who outright defied everything that he studied. His unique abilities simply should not be. If he the human scientist was personify order, then this one, blue speedy, hedgehog was that of chaos. He admitted that he'd been caught off guard at the speedy one's appearance. After all, who wouldn't be? He rationalized that he had to learn from this and adapt from this first loss, on the off chance that it happened again.

Little did he know that this defeat would eventually become a constant factor.

Time and time again, the blue adolescent would show up. He would fight through all his scientist's traps and robots, like a mouse in a maze attempting to reach a prize. soon, others like him joined their battles, with their own physics-defying abilities.

Any normal person might have given up at this time. after so much loss and wasted effort. That was where he was now.

...So why didn't he? Why did he still feel the urge to continue?

The man looked up, and activated a screen. A hologram appeared from a projector, displaying a stream of flowing images. His Grandfather. Four hedgehogs, one blue, black, white, and pink. A two-tailed fox, a red echidna. Multiple robots he'd built over the years, childhood pictures and memories. In his mind, he tried to think, to remember. Why was it he persisted?

The answer...was the scientist in him. it was his saving grace. In a sense, he realized that he'd begun to view their rivalry as one big experiment, with many components, stimuli, and results.

Frustrations were to be expected.

Failures did occur.

But even with that, sometimes the result that you weren't expecting is still beneficial, sometimes even more valuable.

Through this nemesis, he'd been motivated. He dedicated himself to creating the process, the experiment that his nemesis couldn't defeat, and look what his nemesis had led him to discover!

If he hadn't defeated him the first time, he'd never have encountered the seventh of the mysterious gems that lay hidden in the world! Prior to this he'd thought there had only been six!

If his nemesis hadn't destroyed his space station, he would never had discovered the island floating in the sky, as well as remnants of an ancient civilization, possessing of technology at even he himself or his grandfather could produce, (Yet). Neither would he have found an eighth gem, this one able to act as either a conduit or controller of them all.

-He'd discovered a living being composed entire of liquid.

-Several extraterrestrial races, from hostile to benevolent.

-A being so ancient, so powerful that it, to put it in layman's terms, 'ate dimensions for lunch!'

-Two kaiju that resided deep in slumber within the earth itself!

-Historical artifacts of precursors long forgotten.

-He even was inspired to upgrade his robots better and better with each defeat!

It was a scientist's paradise! He'd spent many an hour, in between his grander schemes, reviewing experimenting with these results. THAT was why he'd never stop trying. What scientist would give up this process, when it has borne so much tantalizing fruit! Through his nemesis, he was answering questions of the ages!

That what was motivating him. His goals were no longer simply set on mere world domination, to take the planet by force, (Though he'd never admit it out loud). It had grown beyond that.

A small grin seemed to break the man's melancholy demeanor with this epiphany. But then, his eyes narrowed as he ruefully recalled another expedition.

He'd met… himself.. At least... That's what he'd thought at first...

Though the truth came out, and it turned out that he was oddly mistaken, and in retrospect, he shouldn't have been surprised, (After all, time travel tends to be anything but normal).

He'd discovered that he had a legacy in the future. Nothing so much as a son or daughter, (As the thought of his having a family was not some-thing he'd considered as of yet), but rather, a very disgruntled, (to say the least), descendant from roughly 200 years down the line.

Truth be told, he'd been expecting to hear tales of how the Robotnik name had been esteemed in the future. Surely it was synonomous with greatness?


This descendant come to think of it, was a complete madman. He carried his name… but he did not have any of the personality, any of the curiosity, no, the class, that came with being a dignified scientist, least of all one of HIS family!

And the worst of it? His "Nega" self, claimed that their family name was never thought of anything useful. That due to the past failures of himself and his Grandfather, that nothing came of his name!

Failures!? He refused to believe this. In truth, why choose to believe the words of such a madman. It was positively infuriating!

And yet… a scientist must take into account the possibility of failure. The possibility of something going wrong and undesired results occurring. So, now the man found himself asking:

How do I want to be remembered?

Truthfully, he didn't know. He hadn't ever considered what would happen upon his death, knowing that he'd cheated it so many times. And after all, with his Grandfather's research in his possession, he'd might even defeat he'd found solace in thinking of his past endeavors. Who was he to assume time would be a definite. He'd been to a planet that was the very embodiment of time itself! His own nemesis can manipulate time and space, and shape things to his outcome!

His future was not set in stone, and his achievements were worth something. But...in this current moment...he decided to make a bit of a change. Nobody usually sees the exact moment of their demise coming. And whether or not he would care as to what people had thought of him...well, much like his grandfather's example, he did not want to see all his work go to waste.

So it was time to implement something else. Nothing major, but rather, what his Grandfather had said was paramount to a scientist; taking records.

He activated a holographic computer installed on his chair, and typed in some precise instructions.

For the next couple of hours, he set his machines to work. Every experiment, every discovery, every adventure that he'd had would be documented, recorded, and authenticated by himself.

Next, selective records would be sent out to different scientists, psychologists, and teachers all over the world under different pseudonyms to be analyzed and relayed back to him, to further back his cause.

Each of his weapons programs would be triple-encrypted on multiple levels. From personal experience, he knew how easily it was for somebody to unleash something that was better left buried. He wasn't going to be hypocritical and allow somebody else to do the same thing. But still… there were other forces out in this universe, and the world would not be destroyed on or off his watch.

And now the final, most difficult part. Who would he leave his works to? Who would he mark as his heirs?

For a while, he researched. He debated with himself. Then he'd decided. There were only a select few people that he'd respected. In his introspection, he'd realized that maybe he couldn't be trusted to decide fully.

To Abraham Tower, he'd leave his weaponry and robots.

To a budding young fox prodigy he'd viewed as a son and equal in the field of robotics, he'd leave all his schematics and his fleet of airships and machines. He smiled to himself. He knew the boy would manage to use them for the better of the world.

All of his and his grandfather's scientific knowledge, especially his gathered would be sent to pre-screened labs, hospitals, universities, and schools. By the time the government even acts, it will have been too late to censor the data.

To his Grandfather's most prized creation, he'd left his everything about his departed cousin, and the access codes to the ARK's deepest vaults. He'd also asked, that as a personal favor, that he watch over all of his works as the years pass, makes sure that the right people do the right thing, that if not for himself, that he consider it a favor from his Grandfather, and Maria.

All of the data on the ancient civilizations, he'd leave to the Guardian. His own results were inconclusive on several things, but maybe he'd be able to get something out of it. At the very least it would give him something better to do than babysit that rock all day.

And to his true nemesis? The one to whom he owed more than any save for his grandfather?

The one who essentially has enabled him to get this far and even contemplate this very course of actions. He pressed a button. Seven gems holographically displayed before him. They truly weren't his to give… but if anybody would be able to know what to do with them, it's him. He leaves the 7 Chaos Emeralds…

… and… what else. There had to be something else that he could leave him. And it would have to be…. poetic… a symbol of everything they'd been through together…

A speech? No, he'd never sit still long enough to listen. It would also be insulting to his nemesis' character.

Money? No, he'd never stay in one spot long enough to use it. (Though he would consider a trust fund in a credit card for a food while on the go… he mused silently).

He snapped his fingers as it hit him. The man issued a command into an intercom. While he waited, he quickly typed up a set of instructions onto his keypad, and transferred them onto a small data card.

After a few moments, the blue robot slowly walked into the room, now activated and released from its stasis. Standing before him, it awaited its master's man walked up to the robot, and via verbal command, a panel opened up in its side, in which the man inserted the data card containing the robot's instructions upon his potential demise. The robot would track down his nemesis and deliver the message.

He then activated the robot's visual camera and speech recorder. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself, and solemnly, truthfully uttered his words;

"Thank you."

That was it.

All that needed to be said.

He dismissed the robot, which walked back to its containment area.

The man felt himself renewed in mind. Turning, he pressed a button, and just like the memory of over fifty years ago, shutters opened slowly, revealing the outside as a dark grey landscape, surrounded by craters and dust through the window.

And up in the sky… the earth itself.

He'd built this base up here to remind himself… to remind himself of all he grew up with.

To the left, in the night sky, he saw the A.R.K., its numerous lights and beacons glowing brightly, its face looking at the world.

How did his grandfather view the earth?

How will his descendant look upon it? Now then, he stood up and re-energized, started to walk of his lounge, rather than use the automated chair.

"I must play this game by my rules…"

The whirling sound occurred again, and the same robot bug from earlier rolled up to him, this time holding up a brand new red jacket.

"I will, conquer the world with tools…"

The man smiled to himself, taking the offered jacket.

"I will succeed, and you will see…"

Well, that business was done. He strode down the hall, almost merrily, even whistling a tune to himself.

"…that with my machines, there is no retreat…"

Every so often, he'd order a command to a robot here and there.

An alarm went off, and a hologram appeared before him. It showed his nemesis running along through a green field. The man stared at it for a moment, then laughed loudly, and to his surprise, he found himself running the rest of the way to his cherished Egg-cart, his earlier depression gone.

The automated repairs completed, he leaped in and activated it. Scrolling through the H.U.D. screens, he attempted to decide which attachment to use.

Decisions, decisions… Oh! That would be perfect! Well, he was feeling nostalgic today, anyway. A long, thick metal chain was attached via robots to the bottom of his ship, and on the other end... a giant orange-and-brown wrecking ball.

Upon completion, the craft lifted up, and the canopy sealed over its occupant, and it rocketed out through the airlock doors, the wrecking ball trailing behind it, through the void of space to the planet below, its occupant gleefully laughing as its targeting systems enabled it to home in for another battle...

"I am the Eggman, that's' what I am,"

...casting one final look at the A.R.K. as his craft zoomed by, its face, his Grandfather's face now looking at him. Grinning back, he pressed the accelerator, continuing to achieve his destiny.

"I am the Eggman, I got the Master, Master Plan."

Author's Notes:

Wow! That was the longest introspection I've written. Amazing how the villains usually have the most to work with.

*Abraham Tower is the name of the G.U.N. Commander, as per the Archie Comic's Ian Flynn. I was too lazy to come up with a name for him myself.*

-I thought I'd go into Eggman's past here. Rather than make Eggman a complete sociopathic villain, I wanted to show the scientist side of him that idolized his grandfather, as he admitted in Sonic Adventure 2.

-Also, while I know that it's never been confirmed that Eggman grew up on the A.R.K., or how old he is, it helped the story for his development. Yes this would have to make Eggman well over fifty, but given the level of technology in the series, and his Grandfather's experiments, it's not too much of a stretch that Eggman might have used what he'd learned to extend his own life somehow.

Now, I initially planned Eggman to be the final chapter of this fic, partially because I don't know who else of significance I haven't covered. For now, I'll leave this open ended so that if I think of other characters, then I c an add them in.