My eyes shut. I pictured myself in a beautiful meadow. The moon rising over the sun, the grass sparkling beneath the trees. I opened my eyes and I stood in the middle of a pathway made of glittering trees leading straight in a perfect row to the end where something was shining too brightly to let me see through. My steps were slow and cautious as I made my way towards the blinding light. I stepped through the light and was brought to a meadow perfectly circular surrounded by trees. Glittering bugs were flying through the air, the sky above was a deep purple mixed with blue. Stars shining in perfect form illuminated the sky making it look as if the sky was glowing. Purple tulips littered throughout the grass with some sort of glowing sparkles coming out from inside falling onto the grass making it look as if I was walking onto fairy dust. There I saw him. He was standing in the middle of the meadow waiting for me. He was the one that invaded my dreams every night. I knew he was real. I knew he would be waiting there for me. Forever.

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Playlist for the prologue

Closer-kings of leon


this is somewhat what I pictured the meadow to look like if you guys want to see.