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Chapter 3: the meadow


I took my first steps into the forest and began walking on the trail. Where was I walking? I really had no idea.

I strained my ears to hear any noise to indicate that someone was with me, but I never heard him call my name again.

I walked through the woods carefully trying not to trip on any loose branch or rock, and mostly made it in one piece. I had no idea how long I walked through the woods, but the sunset indicated that I had at least been walking for a few hours.

Before I knew it, I reached the end of the trail and was engulfed in utter darkness. All I could see, were the forms of the trees that were being lit by the light of the moon. I hadn't heard him call my name again and I reprimanded myself for being so stupid to go into the forest in the first place.

I turned back around to head back home so I wouldn't get lost, when I heard him again.


I jumped, startled by the noise and began to look around for him, but there was no one there.

As my eyes raked over all the trees around me I spotted a bright light behind some leaves. I walked forward and began moving the branches out of the way so I could see where the light was coming from. After finally moving the branches enough so my body would fit in the opening, I realized I stepped into another trail hidden by the forest.

I glanced back towards the trail that lead home, and this new opening that I just discovered debating with myself if I should go check out where the light was coming from

"What the hell" I muttered to myself.

I already walked this far, so it wouldn't matter if I just took a couple more steps to see where the strange light appeared from.

I began walking forward, and realized that unlike the curvy trail on the other side of the trees, it was just a straight horizontal path, with thankfully nothing on the ground so I knew there wouldn't be a chance of me having one of my klutzy moments.

As I kept walking forward the light began getting brighter, and the trees on both sides were full of beautiful white flowers-like nothing I had ever seen in forks before.

I was so caught up in the beautiful flowers that I didn't notice I had made it to the end of the trail until I hit myself with a wall of branches and leaves similar to the one I had to walk through to get on this trail. I could see the light more clearly now, and could faintly make out a sort of…meadow on the other side.

I began to move the branches again, but there was so many more branches here than on the other side so it was going to be tougher for me to get through. I gripped the top branch that hung right above my head and pushed it up while I moved the lower branches with my right leg, and began pushing my body through.

I was almost there; I could see I only had a few more branches left to move until I would be able to get out of this mess. I bit my bottom lip, and began to move forward to push the rest of the branches out of the way when I tripped on a branch that was close to the floor, and fell through the opening catching my fall on my hands and knees.

I landed on a patch of grass, and was about to get up when I realized that I was able to feel the soft blades of grass on my knees. That's odd considering I was wearing jeans just moments before. I stood up and looked down at my body and what I saw was not the laid back outfit I went to school with.

I was wearing a white strapless dress that hugged my curves along my torso, until it flared out into a flowy skirt at my waist that reached a little below my knees, and felt like the smoothest satin against my skin. My feet were bare, and my hair was now out of its bun and fell in loose curls down my back.

I looked around the floor looking for my clothes-my converse, jeans and jacket-but all that was there was emerald green grass that was…shining.

Where was I? Oh great Bella, you probably tripped over something and fell, and now youre unconscious and dreaming…great.

I looked around and what I saw was something I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams. The grass reaching up to my ankles felt like silk between my now bare feet, reaching up to the hem of the white flowy dress that magically substituted the worn jeans and jacket I was wearing earlier.

The grass was overflowing with purple tulips-both big and small that sparkled like diamonds when the rays from the sky hit its silky petals.

I was standing in a meadow, surrounded by rows of trees hiding this magical place from the outside world.

This place seemed familiar to me, like I had been here before. I felt safe here, it felt like home. I kept looking around willing myself to remember why this place was so familiar to me when it finally hit me.

This is where he was. This is the place where I have been with him. My dreams…there was no way this could be real.

I scoffed and shook my head at the thought. Now I knew one hundred percent that I had to be dreaming. I sat down in the grass, and grabbed my head with both hands closing my eyes.

"Wake up wake up wake up" I muttered to myself.

I even tried pinching myself, but no such luck. Ten minutes later I was still sitting in this beautiful meadow.

I sighed and stood up. Well, might as well enjoy this dream while it lasts.

I took a tentative step forward and stood under a ray of light that found its way through the covers of the trees. My skin, once just ordinarily pale, was now shining like it had dozens of diamonds embedded into its surface. I turned my hand over inspecting my now glowing skin when I heard a noise, like someone stepped onto a branch.

I turned around quickly hoping to see the cause of noise, but I was just met with silence and the wall of trees.

"Whose there"? I whispered.

"I know someone's there. Please...who are you?" I asked slightly raising my voice.

I heard someone else stepping into the meadow and was met with the greenest emerald eyes and that crooked smile.

"Isabella, you finally found me".