* These characters belong to Charlaine Harris. I'm just playing with them for a spell. No copyright infringement intended.*

So I married a Dead Guy: A Sookie/ Eric fan fiction story

Set inside Dead & Gone. The morning after "the wedding". For storyline purposes, the date is October 29th and we will NOT have a fairy war.


"Sookie. You getting up?" I heard my roommate Amelia Broadway call. "Do you want me to call in for you?"

Now why would she ask that? I stretched, yawned and glanced at my clock.

"CRAP!" 4:30pm and I had to be at work by 5. I had literally slept the day away. "Sookie?" I heard again.

"I'm up. No need to call. I'll be out in a few."

I hopped in the shower, washing quickly, when all of a sudden it hit me.

"Oh my God, I married Eric last night"!

Eric Northman was the vampire sheriff of Area 5 which included my little town of Bon Tompes, Northern Louisiana. He was also 1000 year old, 6 ½ foot, blonde, Viking, sex god warrior who just happened to have the world's best butt and the most sparkling blue eyes I'd ever seen. He was also the most egotistical control freak I'd ever met and he drove me crazy. Sometimes I think he did it solely for his amusement.

Through a series of adventures and some misadventures, we had managed to exchange blood three times. I guess three really is a magic number since it had created what the vamps call a blood bond between us. He could feel my emotions and I could feel his. The jury was still out on how I felt about that but apparently it was the ultimate "FANGS OFF" sign for other vampires.

To be honest, I hadn't really married Eric. In fact, he'd never proposed. Eric's day man Bobby showed up at my house with a package and instructions that I deliver it to Eric at his bar, Fangtasia later that evening. It turned out that said package contained the ritual knife used to marry the Kings of Mississippi and Arkansas at some fancy vamp gathering in Rhodes. Apparently, vampires had no prejudice against gay marriage. It was the same knife Eric used to cut himself during our final blood exchange and resulting blood bond. This also took place in Rhodes.

Rhodes was quite an exciting trip for me and not all in a good way. I inadvertently picked up a small pipe bomb and had to hold it until the bomb squad got there. All while fending off the valiant efforts of Bill, my ex-boyfriend, Quinn, my then boyfriend and Eric my whatever he was, to be my hero. Really, it was more like a "who can save Sookie best" pissing match to me. The grand finale though was other bombs blowing up the hotel. I managed to save myself, Eric and Pam with Eric's help. I also managed to find and rescue several other vampires and humans with the help of Barry, another telepath. Yep, it was quite a day in Sookie's world. But back to the knife..

Of course, I respected Eric's privacy and didn't bother to check the package before giving it to him. I wish I had because the presentation made us married by some weird vampire standard. To make things worse, I had no idea what I was doing and Victor, King Felipe DeCastro's Chief Lieutenant, witnessed the whole thing.

I didn't know weather to spit nails or chalk it up to Eric being Eric. Well, no time to ponder that thought. I was late. I'd just have to chew Mr. High handed's perfect ass later. Although, knowing Eric, he'd probably enjoy it.

I got dressed, threw my hair in a pony tail and headed out the door. Amelia, bless her heart, had a travel mug of coffee waiting for me. No matter what time I woke up, I couldn't fully function before I had my coffee fix. "Thanks Sweetie. I'll see you later" I called as I rushed to my car. "No problem Roomie", she called back "but I'll be staying with Trey tonight. See you tomorrow."

That made me smile. I liked Trey and he was good for Amelia. At least he'd managed to stay human. Well technically, Trey was a werewolf but the last human to get involved with Amelia ended up as a cat for several months. I chuckled thinking of my witchy friend's magical blunder.

I finished my coffee as I pulled into Merlotte's. It wasn't to busy and Sam was back. He'd had to go to Texas for a few days. The weres and shape shifters had come out and although people here took it ok, his stepfather apparently didn't and Sam's mom had ended up in the hospital.

I made my way into Sam's office and dropped my purse off. Sam was sitting behind his desk going over the stack of paperwork that had accumulated in his absence. "How you doing Sam?" I asked.

"I'm ok but I don't think my mom will be for a long time. My step dad is divorcing her and citing fraud."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?" I could see the pain in Sam's eyes but made a point to keep my shields up. I felt it would be beyond tacky to read these private thoughts.

"No thanks Sookie. Actually, I'm glad I have my work here. It will take my mind off things. I appreciate you holding down the fort while I was away." Sam strained to smile and I knew he was hurting far more than he let on.

"Ok then, I'll be out front." I said as I grabbed a clean apron and headed into the bar.

Merlotte's was really dead tonight. Seems folks might not be as accepting as I thought or maybe I was just paranoid.

Ever since the vampires came out of the coffin a few years ago, us mere mortals were coming to grips with the fact that we weren't the only intelligent life forms in the universe. Of course it didn't help that up until that time, we'd been the appetizer, entree and dessert on all vampire menus. Thanks to the Japanese, a synthetic blood could now be purchased that satisfied their nutritional needs. Of course, not all vampires chose to drink it. True Blood was what I'd call the TV dinner for vampires. It kept them from killing, mostly, but from what I understood, it tasted horrible.

Speaking of the dead, in walked a certain brooding dark haired vampire I had once loved. Bill Compton nodded to me and took a seat in my section.

"I'll take the table for you Sook." I looked over to see Holly the other bar maid on duty. "It's really no problem."

If I didn't have so many bills and it wasn't so slow, I would have taken her up on the offer. However, I also knew there had to be a reason Bill was here. I also had a pretty good idea that motive's name was Eric Northman.

"No thanks Holly. I'm ok". I grabbed the bottle of True Blood O positive I had absentmindedly warmed in the microwave and headed over to the table.

"How are you this evening Sookie?" my former lying, cheating, bastard boyfriend asked. But really, I was so not angry anymore.

"Fine thanks. What brings you in here tonight Bill?", I asked smiling my crazy Sookie smile as I placed the bottle in front of him.

"I just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing."

What a crock! Bill never just stopped by not even the first time he'd come into Merlotte's. He'd come with a purpose and that was to seduce me and bring me to the now finally dead Queen Sophie Anne. Seems my cousin Hadley had become the Queen's companion and apparently had bragged about my "gift."

It really sucks (har har) when you find out your first love was based on a lie. No matter how much Bill tried to apologize and make amends, part of me had been lost forever with his betrayal.

"I'm great Bill. Have you talked to Eric lately?" I asked innocently.

Bill turned a whiter shade of pale and looked away. There was my answer and it was killing him. "Good", I thought to myself enjoying Bill's pain.

"Yes, Eric did call and mention there have been some threats to Fangtasia what with Halloween just a few days away and the recent announcement. He thought maybe Sam might have had some harassment too."

"Nope. It's all good here." I smiled even bigger. I knew Eric could care less about Sam. He'd sent Bill to watch over me and I'm sure he'd shared the happy news. I couldn't decide if I was angry at being treated like a helpless child or happy that my Viking had sent protection and managed to stick it to Bill in the process. I went with happily annoyed.

"Well, enjoy your blood Bill. I'll be at the bar if you need anything." I turned to go when Bill's cool hand grabbed my arm.

"I need YOU Sookie, always." Bill's eyes looked so old and pleading. I sighed in frustration.

"Bill, we've been down this road before. It's over. The end. I can only offer you a cordial friendship at best. Please don't make this more difficult."

Bill lowered his head and released my arm. "Of course. I'm sorry. I was out of line. It won't happen again."

"Thank you." I replied politely and headed back to the bar.

The next few hours began ticking by. My friend Tara and her husband JB came in. Tara was 5 months pregnant and starting to show. She also apparently had a mad craving for chicken wings and had demanded JB bring her to Merlotte's immediately. We chatted for a bit. She was getting excited and JB had a proud smile plastered on his face the whole time.

Arlene, our former bar maid and my former friend stopped in with her boyfriend and another Fellowship of the Sun member. The FOTS was basically an extreme perversion of a Christian church hell bent on sending vampires to their final death all in the name of Jesus. It made me sick at how they twisted the Christian faith to suite their own bigoted agenda.

Sam saw the potential trouble and made a point to tell Arlene and her party that hate would not be tolerated. They got up and left in a huff saying something along the lines that we would all burn in hell for betraying the human race.

Just when I was recovering from that fiasco, my brother Jason walked through the door with his buddy Hoyt Thortonberry and his boss Catfish. Thankfully, they took a table in Holly's section. Jason and I were not on speaking terms and he knew better than to start something here.

Although I was distracted, I noticed another void in the room. Since I can't read vampire minds, I knew one had come in. I turned and saw Pam, Eric's "child". She was quite striking in a conservative Martha Stewart way. Tonight she wore her long blond hair down. She was dressed in a simple pink blouse and knee length skirt outfit. Both were accented in black and she had on matching black pumps. She looked like a Jackie Kennedy Vampire Barbie. I giggled. Pam sauntered over to me ignoring Bill completely.

"Good Evening Sookie" she semi-smiled, fangs only partially distended.

"Hi Pam. Slow night at Fangtasia?"

"Hardly." Pam stated bluntly. "My master wishes me to deliver an item to you". Pam checked her perfectly pink polished nails as she spoke looking borderline bored.

"Oh no Pam." I said instantly. "Not again. If Eric has something for me, let him deliver it himself and explain what is inside before I end up Vampire pregnant!"

Pam just stared at me for a moment then resumed her nail examination. "We both know that can't happen." Guess Pam missed my attempt at dark humor. "Victor is still engaging Eric so I was sent in his place. Just take it Sookie." She pushed an envelope towards me.

"No Pam. I'll wait until Eric is no longer ENGAGED. Oh wait, that's right. He's not engaged, he's married. To me. How silly of me." I replied, heavy on the sarcasm.

Did you ever have something slip out of your mouth at the wrong time? You could have heard a pin drop when I said "he's married to me" and now every set of eyes in Merlotte's were staring at me. Everyone except Bill. It was to much and my shields dropped. All at once I was bombarded with all kinds of thoughts.

"Holy Shit! Did she just say married?"

"Crazy Stackhouse girl. Guess only a vamp would marry her."

"Oh, Sookie, what have you gotten yourself into?" That came loud and clear from Tara.

"Jesus Sis! What did you go and do that for?"

"I hope it makes you happy Sookie. You deserve some happiness." I smiled at Hoyt's kind "words" but found I was starting to shake.

Sam had caught the news too but saw my distress. He quickly ushered me back to his office leaving Pam standing there now annoyed. Well, as annoyed as Pam could get anyway. I saw her head for Bill's table. Man, could this night get any worse?

I had my answer as Sam shut the office door.

"What the Hell Sookie?!" Sam practically shouted. "Do you have a death wish? You MARRIED him?!"

"Um well, sorta". I said looking down like the kid who gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "I mean in vampire terms I did but I didn't know what I was doing at the time and now it's done so please stop yelling."

I looked up to see Sam staring dumbfounded. "I hope you know what you're doing" he finally said with a sigh. "Look you don't have to go back out there. You go on home."

"No really Sam, I'm fine. I'm used to the hateful things people think about me." I put on my bravest smile.

"No Sookie. It's not that busy and you don't need any more crap tonight. Just go home and take the next week off too."

"Sam I really can't. Halloween is a big night." That was true. Halloween was usually a good night tips wise and I really couldn't miss out on the money.

"I'm going to pay you. You stood in for me while I was gone. Think of it as a manager's salary. It will also allow some time for everyone to settle down."

"Interesting choice of wordplay Sam," I thought.

"Well, I really don't want to take advantage Sam. I can cover my shifts."

"Absolutely not." Sam replied. "I insist you take this week off. You're check is right here. Now go, relax and take care of yourself."

Reluctantly, I took the check. Looking down, I found it was for more than I made in a month. I glanced back up at Sam whose eyes told me there was no way I was going to argue this point so I graciously thanked him, picked up my purse and walked out the Employee exit.

I made my way over to my crappy car, got in, put the key in the ignition, turned it and..nothing.

"Oh great," I muttered to myself. "I finally get a vacation and I can't even leave to go enjoy it."

"You are on vacation my Lover?" came a very warm very familiar voice.

I looked up to see Eric standing next to my window looking particularly sexy in his black leather pants & vest. Must have been on display for the fangbangers tonight. He looked down at me amused.

"Hello Honey, " I said with just a tad of smartass. "How was your day?"


The blue in Eric's eyes twinkled even more as his lips curved slightly up. "Apparently not as exciting as yours, Dear One."

In one quick whoosh, I found myself pinned against the side of my car wrapped in Eric's massive arms. He bent his head and placed a cool, soft kiss on my lips. I felt it all the way down to my toes. Calm and happiness was radiating through the bond and I couldn't help but melt.

"Come Lover," he whispered as I came up for air. "I'll take you home. We have much to discuss."

"But my car," I murmured.

"Do not worry. It is taken care of." He took my hand and led me to his "baby", a cherry red corvette. The BLDSCKR vanity plates just screamed Eric. I smiled to myself. Powerful men, even dead ones, loved their sports cars.

I glanced over to see Pam and Bill emerge from Merlotte's. Eric spoke very softly to them and I could see Bill was visibly uncomfortable. Pam just smirked and nodded. Before I could blink, Eric was sitting next to me and we were on the road to my house.

We drove in comfortable silence, although at an uncomfortable speed. Vampires tend to forget how mortal I am and Eric always seemed to want to break the sound barrier.

Before I knew it, we were walking up my back porch steps. I went inside and turned to see Eric in the doorway, looming. I knew I hadn't rescinded his invitation but appreciated his thoughtful gesture.

"Please come in Eric." He gave a semi grin and strolled through the door. Automatically, I began heating a True Blood for him. He surprised me by heading to the living room and began building a fire.

Watching him work brought back many beautiful memories now so painful to remember.

A witch had propositioned Eric wanting his money and his body. He refused and she stripped his memory. I found him running down the Parish road on New Year's Eve half naked and out of his mind. I was elected by Pam to keep him safe while the vampires figured out how to break the curse. Eric and I spent many nights in front of my fire just talking about nothing in particular. That Eric was sweet and kind and had made love to me with such a passion that just the memory still gave me aftershocks. He had offered to give up everything for me but I knew, in the end, I couldn't be that selfish. It would be a fraudulent, thank you word of the day, relationship because it would be a false Eric. When the spell was broken, Eric remembered nothing of our time together and I was left alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart.

Eric had felt something happened and pried for answers but I only gave him a short summary. Then, two months ago during the vampire coupe which ended ironically at my house, all Eric's memories returned. We had not spoken since. He was Mr. Large and In Charge attending to his new king, ordering around his underlings and enthralling the Fangtasia Fangbangers. I guess I had finally warranted a visit. So nice to see how high I was on his list of priorities.

I sighed and slipped into my bathroom. When you hang around vampires, you learn the opportune moments to use the facilities. I washed my face, combed my hair and changed into old sweat pants and a ratty t-shirt.

"Just in case The Dark Lord has any ideas", I chuckled to myself. Heck, who was I kidding? I wanted him so badly I could hardy think but we had pressing issues to hash through.

Eric was still the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. He moved with a graceful elegance radiating strength and power. His body put Michelangelo's David to shame. I licked my lips absentmindedly and made my way to the living room.

I found Eric lounging on Gran's old afghan, naked. He had positioned himself so I would have the best seat in the house, har har. Oh, this was so not fair!

"ERIC!", I said indignantly, trying not to get distracted by his perfect butt. "What are you doing?"

"I felt your lust through the bond, Dear One so I made myself more comfortable. Although, your choice of attire surprises me. No matter. Rags could never hide your beauty." He leered and his fangs dropped. It was the sexiest damn thing I'd ever seen. Now I know how Eve felt. This was to much temptation.

"Get a grip Stackhouse," I thought to myself as my knees began to wobble. I felt a jolt of Eric's lust through the bond like a light electrical current. What kind of vampire voodoo was this? I was fully clothed and soaking wet.

"Come Lover, join me," he purred holding his hand out to me revealing his very big, very aroused..

"I believe you called it a Gracious Plenty?" Erik smirked as he arched his eyebrows.

Oh yes it was!

"Eric," I said sitting down and trying really hard not to drool. "Put your fangs back and your pants on now, please." We have some things to straiten out, remember? Our, what did you call it, pledging?"

"We will talk soon. Right now," he said lazily licking my neck and turning me into a great big puddle of goo, "I prefer to get reacquainted with my bonded lover."

Game over!

I jumped him. I mean, I literally threw myself on his body taking his lips with a hunger I'd never experienced. I felt Eric's surprise and delight as I continued to devour him.

Quicker than you can say "Get me naked," my clothes were shredded and Eric was on top of me.

"Please Eric," I pleaded, aching with want. "I need you inside of me."

"Oh yes," Eric hissed as he filled me and held completely still. We fit together perfectly like the last two puzzle pieces. The sensation took my breath away. He began pumping me full of long, steady strokes while I matched him with my own rhythmic movements.

"Look at me Lover." He demanded softly and I happily complied. When we locked eyes, the whole world disappeared. We existed solely to please each other. He placed his thumb at my core and began a gentle but firm massage.

"Eric," I panted as I worshiped his body. I was completely incoherent, caught up in the bliss my Viking gave me. "It's so good. Missed you. It's so good. Don't stop. Never. Never. Oh YES!"

He picked up his pace as we worked ourselves into a frenzy. I grabbed my favorite piece of his anatomy and tried to push him deeper. I took every last inch and wanted more.

"Sookie," Eric grunted ravishing my breasts. He nipped and caressed, licked and sucked bringing me ever closer to the edge. When I thought I might cry out from wanton insanity, Eric's fangs pierced my nipple and I left my body. Eric was right behind me as he came with a primal scream.

I've never heard of an out of body orgasm, but I'm positive that's exactly what I had.

I could hear Eric speaking his beautiful ancient language as I drifted back down from on high. We lay joined for a few moments as I held him close, caressing his back. Eric languidly licked my wound and it healed instantly.

I didn't want to let go but I was under a very large vampire and needed to breath. Eric rolled to the side but left one arm and leg still draped across my body.

"Such enthusiasm, my Lover. You were magnificent!"

"You weren't so bad yourself Sweet Cheeks," I teased as I gave his backside a pinch. "Thank you for starting my vacation with a bang." I wiggled my eyebrows and smiled.

Eric's chest rumbled with laughter. "My pleasure," he smirked.

I sat up and took a sip of tea. "Can I ask you something?"

"Anything Dear One," he said gripping my gaze.

"So what does this whole pledging thing mean anyway? Am I invisibly stamped Property of Eric Northman? Should I change my tax status to married filing separately?" I needed answers but I wanted to keep the mood light.

"No lover," Eric chuckled. "Can you keep your hands off me so I may explain?" he chided.

"I think I can restrain myself," I giggled.

"Very well," he said and his mood became instantly serious.

"The pledging was done for your safety. Felipe and Victor know of your gift. That makes you a very valuable asset."

"Asset?," I interrupted. I'm not a library book Eric. Y'all can't just check me out when needed. Besides, Felipe promised me his protection."

"Felipe did promise and you are nobody's possession Sookie," Eric said firmly. "But I question his motives. Have you considered he means to protect you in his Las Vegas Headquarters."

"He can do that?" I shuttered at that horrifying possibility.

"By bonding and pledging yourself to me," Eric continued, "No one can take you without the approval of The Council and the Ancient Pythoness. That has never happened in my entire existence. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with our connection."

Whoa, I hadn't seen that coming. Eric really was two steps ahead. This was how he'd survived 1000 years. I chose my next words carefully.

"I appreciate your protecting me and I am touched," I said taking his cool hand in mine. "I just wish you would have discussed it with me beforehand. I feel powerless, like I have no say in my own life."

"I regret I was unable to brief you Lover," he responded sincerely. I felt the bond twinge with pain and regret.

"Victor has been at Fangtasia scrutinizing my finances. Felipe is King and as such, must be paid a monthly tribute. Victor has finally determined my share. I wrote a check for twice the amount to assure the king of my loyalty."

"Does Felipe have your loyalty Eric?" I asked skeptically.

"If you are wondering if I am planning my own takeover, the answer is no," He stated very directly. "I am perfectly content with Area 5. My only concern is for my underlings. I do not want any more vampires lost."

As I pondered that thought, the mood lightened.

"Would you like a shower?" Eric asked, calm, tempting and effectively changing the subject. I knew it was best to not push him when it came to the whys of vampire politics. Frankly, as long as I wasn't getting beat up, staked or drained, I would rather not know.

"A shower sounds heavenly," I mewed and winked.

Eric laughed and rose, easily lifting me too. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he laid a very cool but firm grip on my backside. He carried me to the bathroom, hunger in his eyes.

"I have wanted to relive this memory for quite some time lover," Eric whispered as he placed me gently under the warm spray.

"So have I," I purred as I slid down his body. "Many Times!" Our bond hummed lust, want and need. I kneeled before his glorious manhood and looked up into those intoxicating blue eyes.

"Watch me Eric," I said seductively as I took him into my mouth and proceeded to torture him in a most gratifying way.

I brought him to the brink several times but backed off to prolong his pleasure. I never broke our gaze and the intimacy was intoxicating. My movements became more urgent and I grabbed his most perfect asset. Eric gasped, which for him is unusual cause he's dead. His body convulsed as he shouted something in his native tongue exploding into my mouth. I gobbled up every last drop like the lone survivor of a sexual famine.

Suddenly, I was in Eric's embrace. He kissed me deeply and I tingled all over.

"You are quite the little minx tonight Lover," he teased. "I shall have to keep up."

His gaze seared me as he slowly explored my flesh. He nipped my earlobes, licked my shoulders and caressed my breasts in between reverent kisses. Every cell in my body cried out for his touch. He reached my core and smiled hungrily.

Eric should have a master's degree in cunnilingus. He took complete control of my body and I found myself in sweet agony. His tongue defied the laws of physics. His long cool fingers played me like a fine tuned guitar. I writhed and moaned in absolute submission.

"Come for me lover" Eric growled, his eyes melting me as he bit my groin.

I shrieked in complete bliss. I saw stars, fireworks and every color found in a big Crayola box. Heat radiated through me.

"Get up here now!" I demanded, not recognizing my voice.

Eric moved at vampire speed and his massive member impaled me. My heart skipped a beat. He crushed me against the shower wall with quick demanding thrusts. The feeling was so intense, I nearly lost consciousness. I felt Eric sink into my neck and we cried out in a simultaneous release.

My body quivered and I couldn't move. A cool sensation not of my Viking began to awaken me. We had used all the hot water.

Eric steadied me on the bathroom rug and tenderly dried my shaking body.

"You need rest, Dear One and I would like to snuggle" he smiled. I didn't object as he lifted my sated body and placed me gently in my bed.

"Thank you," I sighed completely relaxed as his enormous frame enveloped me. He kissed my forehead softly and hummed a long forgotten melody as I drifted into oblivion.

My peace evaporated as my eyes jolted open revealing dark, cold isolation. Frantically, I reached out, searching for Eric. I began to panic. Where was he? Where was I? Was this evening only a dream and what was this horrible place? Tears stung my eyes as I tried to find a way out.

Slowly, a tiny beam of light began to pierce the darkness. Instinctively, I ran towards it. I stopped short as I saw my parents, Gran and cousin Hadley emerge. They smiled, turned and disappeared in the light.

"Wait!" I cried out, but they were gone.

I felt myself being pulled back into that horrible pit of despair. I tried to run, but something grabbed me. I tripped and fell smacking my skull against the cold, damp floor. I turned and met my hell. Uncle Bartlett, Felipe and Debbie Pelt leered at me with bloody, menacing eyes. My own personal Axis of Evil. They held me down as their claw like hands gouged my flesh. Fear paralyzed me and I prayed for a miracle.

I looked up to find Eric bathed in that beautiful light. "Help me," I squeaked.

He held out his hand but I couldn't reach and I watched in horror as he started to fade. "Don't go," I sobbed as he vanished. There was no hope left and I sank into the darkness, defeated.

"Eric, don't leave me!" I screamed as I shot up in bed. I was back in my room, alone. I wailed and thrashed completely disoriented. A river of tears flowed heavily as heartache and sorrow consumed me.

Instantly, I was cradled in Eric's arms. "Do not fear lover," he soothed. "I am here. All is well." I felt him send warmth, calm and protection as I slowly regained my sanity.

He lifted my chin and met my bloodshot eyes. "What has distressed you so?"

"I had this horrible dream you left me, in the dark, alone," I stuttered. I woke up and you were gone and I thought"..

"I am sorry I was not here when you rose," he said holding me tighter. "I had some business to conduct and didn't want to disturb you. You looked so peaceful," He said, kissing away the remnants of my tears. I took a deep breath and prayed for strength.

"I have never known what I feel for you and that includes my relationship with Bill." I said baring my still broken heart. "When you regained your memories but lost ours, it just about killed me."

"Forgive me Lover, I underestimated your pain," He remarked intently. Through the bond, I felt his sorrow and guilt mixed with tenderness.

"There is nothing to forgive Eric. It wasn't your fault," I said resting my head on his chest. "It's just; you are here now, but you have to leave and I don't know how long it will be til I see you again. Also, I can't help wondering why you came back."

"Did I ever explain the nature of my curse?" Eric asked quietly as he stroked my hair.

"No, you never got around to it," I replied closing my eyes.

Tenderly, he placed my face between his mammoth hands forcing me to meet his gaze. "I was forced to seek my heart's desire but would never know that I had found it."

Well, this was an interesting twist. I feared the next question but figured all bets were off.

"Have you found your heart's desire?" I asked meekly, dreading the answer.

Eric responded with a deep, soft kiss. "I believe I have Lover," he smiled. "The real question is, have you?"

I avoided the minefield of emotions for just a moment. "But Eric, why me?"

"Your taste is delectable, Dearest" he said, his voice laced with hunger.

"Yeah, yeah," I smirked, "Nothing like part fairy blood to give you your fix."

"I wasn't speaking of your blood," he leered, licking his fangs.

"Stop that!" I giggled playfully swatting his arm. "I'm serious Eric. I'm a nobody. Just some, crazy telepathic bar maid living in Hickville, Louisiana. And, I'm human. But you; you are so old and wise and powerful.."

"I do not like my bonded speaking so poorly of herself," Eric interjected as he placed a finger over my lips. "You captivated me the moment you walked into my bar and have never ceased to amaze me. You are brave both in matters of war and the heart. You are strong, beautiful and your scent is intoxicating . You are able to see things from a different perspective and have risked your life, repeatedly, to save me and my kind as well as witches, weres and humans. Plus," and here he smirked, "you don't take any of my shit. How could I not love you? And, as such, How could I ever leave?"

The magnitude of his revelation stunned me. I felt it all, joy, love, warmth and reverence. It touched me so profoundly that I began leaking again.

"Oh, Eric," I wept. "I've loved you for so long and I never thought you would ever."

His lips effectively silenced me.

"That is my error Lover," he whispered. "I have survived among the dead so long, I forgot what it means to live. It is I who is unworthy of you."

"Ok, so it's a draw," I remarked and I straddled his lap. "Now shut up and love me you big Viking."

"With pleasure," he smiled as he lowered me onto his gracious plenty.

We rocked together, each murmuring words of reverence. I could feel the bond expand and envelope us. The love became sweet caresses and I lost myself in the moment.

"Take my blood Lover," Eric asked and I stopped mid stroke.

"But why? I am a little sore but I assure you this does not hurt." I purred leaning in and kissing him again.

"I want to give myself to you Sookie," he responded. "Vampires by nature are selfish creatures. We take and take and take," he said as he covered me with kisses. "The last person to have my blood was Pam but it was not love. Do not fear, I will not allow you to drink to much."

His words left me speechless though my heart soared again. How could I refuse?

"Of course Eric," I sighed and began moving.

I channeled Deborah Winger from that movie Urban Cowboy, riding my Viking slowly and seductively. I felt Eric's thumb meet my nub and lost all control. I rode him hard and fast as he met me with equally urgent thrusts from below. He pierced his wrist and held it to my mouth. I drew his life force into me as he latched himself onto my breast. My body seized as we came in a moment of unbridled ecstasy. My body was a quivering bowl of Jell-O and I had never felt more loved.

"Min skon alskaren," Eric whispered.

"I love hearing you speak your language," I lamented. "I just wish I knew what it meant."

"I called you my beautiful lover," he smiled and my cheeks blushed. I left the bed and stumbled towards the bathroom.

"Another shower so soon Lover?" he asked with a devilish twinkle in his eye.

"Don't get any ideas Big Guy," I teased. "I can barely walk as it is. I just need to freshen up."

"Of course," Eric chuckled, "I wouldn't want to permanently damage you. Take your time."

I took care of my needs and sauntered back to bed. Eric had gone into downtime but reanimated as I approached.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked draping my body over his.

"You are mine," he stated. "No other will have you." I frowned a bit and he amended. "It would please me if you would not share your bed or blood with anyone but me."

"I'm not some two-timing hussy, Eric. I only want you. But if I am yours, than you are mine too. That means no more fangbangers."

Eric's steely eyes gripped me again. "Lover, I have not touched or tasted anyone else since our bonding. I am very old and do not require much blood. As such, I will feed only from you."

I was shocked! Mr. Sex-on-a-stick had been celibate for months.

"It appears I have rendered you speechless, Dear One," he chided.

"I just never expected that. I mean you're YOU."

Eric roared with laughter. "Credit me with some self control, Lover."

"I definitely do now. Gold star for Mr. Northman."

"And what do I get as my reward?" he asked arching his brow.

"I'll have to think of something extra special," I smiled as I yawned. "But now, I think I just need to sleep."

"Yes," he agreed, "it is late." He wrapped me in his arms and nuzzled my neck.

"Will you stay Eric?" I asked with slight trepidation. "I mean in the hidey hole?"

"If it pleases you, then yes I will. Now rest yourself Lover."

It had been a very long, very crazy and truly amazing night. "I love you Viking," I murmured as I drifted.

"And I you, Min Skon Alskaren."