The Weight Was Over

Word of the Week: Weight

Word Count: 100

Warnings/Spoilers: This drabble is set post Season 5 and has slight spoilers for S4 episode On the Head of a Pin and S5 episode Hammer of the Gods.

Summary: Gabriel's plan was successful... now what do they do?

Very Happy Birthday wishes to Lola Stang! Here is some Giddy!Excited!Joyful!AlmostChildish!Dean just 4 you!

And once again, I would like to thank my awesome beta, MeAzrael for her ability to unravel my sometimes jumbled ramblings and bring clarity to even the most murky of my musings!

The pressure he'd felt on his shoulders since Castiel had confirmed Alastair's accusation that he'd started the Apocalypse and broken the first seal, was all but gone.

Not too long ago, he'd been sitting, head in hand, surrounded by death, quite literally, and un-sure of their ability to pull off Gabriel's plan.

Now, with Lucifer caged, he could barely control his excitement.

If he wasn't careful, his joyfully giddy mood might make him do something embarrassing... childish, even.

Aw screw it!

When Sammy joined him, barely avoiding the ceiling with every grinning, dimple filled, exuberant bounce... the weight completely disappeared.