All credit for characters goes to Rick Riordan. Credit also goes to Queen Hotaru who co-authored this story with me.

"Grover Underwood for your bravery and sacrifice you will be named to fill the vacancy on the Council of Cloven Elders.'' Dionysius said to Grover who immediately collapsed or should I say fainted. Same thing I suppose. He had after all just been given every satyr's dream.

Athena looked at Annabeth. "You my daughter have gone above and beyond all expectations. You have used your wit, your strength and courage to defend this city and western civilization. However this city is in need of reconstruction." Athena looked about the room, "We could easily rebuild it exactly as it was but many of the gods believe it could use a fresh look. We therefore offer you the position of Architect of Olympus.'' Athena proclaimed.

Annabeth looked up stunned. She would be given the chance to design the city of the gods.

''My lady? Me?'' Annabeth stammered.

"You are an architect are you not? Who better to design a city to last for many eons to come?"

"I get to build whatever I want?" Annabeth asked stunned.

"Yes, you do." Athena said

''Then I of course accept your offer my lady.'' Annabeth said, bowing to the goddess.

"Percy Jackson step forward." Poseidon commanded me. Everyone's eyes were on me as I walked forward. Yeah, everyone- the gods, demigods, Cyclopes and spirits. It was quite intimidating… but really who wouldn't be?

I bowed to Zeus before I knelt at my father's feet.

''Rise my son.'' Poseidon said.

"A great hero deserves to be rewarded. We will grant you one wish and one very special gift." Zeus told me. What would I ask for? There were so many things I wanted. I thought for a moment. Then I remembered why this war had started in the first place and I knew exactly what to ask for.

''I ,Perseus Jackson, ask that all of the children, of all the gods, be recognized. No more undetermined demigods past their 13th birthday. The minor gods are to also have a place at camp. All Demigod children are to be brought to camp to be trained. And Hades should have a cabin as well. Nico may be the son of the god of the underworld but he deserves to be treated equally. That is after all a western ideal that all men and women are created equal. Also no more unclaimed demigods being crammed into the Hermes cabin wondering whom their parents are. They will all have their own cabins for all the gods. The peaceful Titans should be pardoned, and the pact of the Big Three dissolved. It didn't work anyway. Thalia, Nico, and I have proven that even your children can be heroes. Father, this war wouldn't have happened if so many demigods hadn't felt abandoned or unwelcome by their parents. That is my wish. That all demigods of all the gods be respected and claimed. I want you to swear on the River Styx.'' It was quite a lot to be asking but I felt confident the gods would allow it all.

"You ask much Percy. But we will grant it. It is so ordered. I swear on the river Styx.'' Zeus said as a tremendous clap of thunder shook the room slightly. He really should be the God of the Theatre.

"And now Perseus Jackson we offer our gift to you." Zeus' eyes were unusually bright and my palm's were sweaty. "We offer you the greatest gift of all immortality. You shall be made a god. Immortal and undying serving under your father for all time. Such an offer has not been made to a mortal in many thousands of years. Of course the choice is yours." Zeus told me. I didn't know what to say.

"Me? A God?" I murmured, stunned.

"Yes Percy." Zeus said. I didn't know what to say. I would be immortal. I would have amazing power. I'd be a teenager for eternity. I'd never age, never die and never be buried. I'd be powerful and in perfect condition forever. That alone made me almost say yes but then I looked at Annabeth. I realized how much I cared for her. I loved her very, very much.

If I become a god I'd likely never see her again. It would break her heart if I become a god and left her. I saw it in her face. I also though about Nico and how strong our friendship had become. I'd have to leave him too.

I didn't want an eternity without the two of them. I was about to say no but then I reminded myself how many chances at being a god do you think you'll get? How could I pass up such an offer? Then an amazing idea came over me. I could ask for Annabeth and Nico to become gods too. I could have everlasting love. Annabeth and me would never age and we'd be together for all time while Nico could stay my friend forever.

"Percy, we don't have all day. What is your choice?" Zeus said. I then thought of something. I love Annabeth. She loves me. What if I said yes but with a condition?

"I accept with a condition." I said. Annabeth looked like she was about to cry.

"What might that be?" Zeus growled.

"I love Annabeth and Nico is a very good friend. I don't want to have immortality without the two of them. So I therefore ask that Annabeth and Nico become gods along with me." Then I realized that they might not want to become Gods… I hadn't even asked so I amended my statement. "But only if they want to! However, I will not become a god unless they both want to." Annabeth looked like she couldn't believe what she had just heard. Nico's jaw looked like it was about to drop to the floor.

"I love you too Percy!" Annabeth exclaimed, "And yes, Percy, I will become a goddess with you."

"You'd ask them to make me a god?" Nico asked stunned and slowly. "Well then how can I not accept?" Of course that would mean he'd be twelve forever but I guess that didn't bother him. Which was crazy. Being a teenager forever, I could understand but twelve?

Zeus gave me a look like I was crazy. I was, after all, making conditions about accepting a gift that very few had ever been offered. I knew they would say the gift was for me alone but then I'd have to turn them down.

"Very well, if that is what you desire. We shall grant it." Zeus announced. My face split into a grin, they actually granted my request!

"Nico, Annabeth, if would stand next to Percy please." Zeus told them. The crowd told us to keep in touch and come visit. The Demigods, the Cyclopes, everyone.

"Prepare yourself." Zeus said as he stood up and towered over us. He raised both his hands and bent his fingers slightly. The last thing I remember before blacking out is a beam of light striking the three of us and feeling like my body catching fire.

I woke up with bright light in my face. My eyes quickly adjusted to the light. I was in a beautiful room with several windows and the most lavish and ornate furniture I had ever seen. The furniture was like that of Victorian Mansion but I was okay with this. It was plush and beautiful. The bed was like something the Queen of England would sleep in. I also felt very warm burning hot. Was I dead? Had Zeus tricked us and sent us to Elysium?

"Is this Elysium?" I said softly.

"No silly it's Olympus." A familiar voice spoke as I looked at who was at the edge of the bed. It was Nico! He was wearing a muscle shirt and black pants. His black sword was in its sheath. He looked different though. For a twelve year old he was buff. It sunk in. He was a god… and so was I! But then where was Annabeth?

"Good morning." A female voice said from beside me. I turned and noticed Annabeth was in bed with me and I was shirtless.

"Hey Annabeth… are we…" I questioned amazed.

"Yes, Seaweed Brain, Zeus granted both your requests. The three of us are now gods and Nico is even going to be living on Olympus for a while." She grinned a smile full of white teeth, "I love you, Lord Jackson." Annabeth said and kissed me.

"I love you, my Lady Annabeth." I said.

We broke apart and Annabeth grinned at me. "Oh and Percy? You might want to look at yourself in the mirror." Annabeth said. Wait, Gods use mirrors?

I got out of bed and went to the mirror. I was speechless at what I saw. I was buff. Buff like that werewolf from Twilight buff… Taylor Lautner? Who cares what his name is, I was buffer! My arm muscles were huge; I had full 8-pack abs and so on. I was rock solid muscle. I walked over to the window and looked down on Manhattan. Me, Annabeth and Nico had the power to influence the lives of the people down there and not just in Manhattan but the world over.

"Percy?" Annabeth said as she walked over to me, "Thank you," she said.

"For what?" I asked scratching my neck.

"For doing what you did. That was a very selfless act. I almost cried when they offered you godhood. Who could say no to that? I knew though it would mean I would lose you forever. I know how you do things without thinking." Annabeth said.

"That was why I did it. I almost did say no but then I thought how many chances at godhood would I get? I loved you and couldn't break your heart. I would regret becoming immortal without you and Nico." I said. Annabeth opened her mouth to reply but Nico cut her off.

"I'm really glad you gave me godhood too. But why did you include me?" Nico asked.

"You're my friend, Nico and a very good friend at that. We couldn't have won the war without you. I figured the first son of Hades in a generation should have that honour bestowed upon him."

"Thank you Percy. You and me will be friends forever." Nico said as he ran over to me and hugged me. I had true love and friendship now. What more could a guy ask for?

It was still not decided what the three of us would be gods of. We couldn't live on Olympus and not be the god of something. My thoughts were perfect timing because my father entered the room. He was human size and wearing a Hawaiian shirt and linen pants.

"Morning, Percy. I see we've put some muscle on you and Nico." Poseidon said. "Get a shirt on. Its time for the Council to decide what the three of you will be the gods of."

The three of us followed my dad to the throne room. I knew what Annabeth would be made the god of but what about Nico and me?