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As we continued on the road to Columbus I heard strange ringing sound coming from the car. It sounded like a electronic ring. It took me a second to realize it was coming from the the radio console.

"Percy Jackson you have a phone call. Press the radio button to take the call.'' The Maserati announced as Nico did what the car ordered.

"Hello son.'' Said a mysterious person who didn't look anything like my dad. He looked just like Kellan Lutz from the movie Immortals which is completely inaccurate in regards to Greek Myth by the way. You already knew that though. After a got over my intial reaction I realized it was my dad but why did he change his looks? Although the young musucular look suited him though.

"Dad why the change in looks?" I asked as realized Posiedon with his new form was still very musucular and appeared to be around 26 or so.

"Well I've been using the same form for centuries and I decided it was time for a change plus I felt like it. Ares and several other gods have gone the same route even Hades. Gods should look young not middle aged." My father said with his new deep voice. I have to admit his reasoning made sense.

"Okay whatever you say dad.''

"What's the purpose of your call Poseidon?'' Said Annabeth from the back seat as Nico had insisted on riding in the front with me.

"I understand your on mission to find certain objects of importance to the gods that will aid us in our upcoming rematch. It appears that many monsters are returning much faster then they should. Chiron was only partly right. Rhea has nothing to do with this. Oceanus though is partly behind it as is Hyperion and Krios. I however have a strong feeling there is more to it though.'' Poseidon told me. That was the understatement of the year. "When I have more information I will let you know.'' Poseidon continued as I wondered how decked out this car might be. I mean did it have other James Bond like gadgets?

"Thanks dad." I replied. "Keep us informed. How are things up there?'' I asked.

"Well there is a new debate going on about weather or not to use golden armor and golden weapons. The Council cannot agree." Posiedon informed. What else is new? It was a miracle they agreed on what to make us the gods of or that they managed to agree on a new staircase to the palace. I guess they were back to their old ways. Some things never change.

"Some things can't last can they." i replied 'This is probubly a dumb question but can I call Olympus with this..car's..phone?'' I questioned unsure of what to call it.

"Yes of course you can. It's voice started. It's very James Bond like. All you have to is tell the car who you wish to call and it will dial it.'' Dad told me.

"I think's all for now. Thank's dad.'' I replied and moments later he replied. "Talk to you soon son.'' and the car's videophone turned off.

"Olympus is so full of amazing stuff. I don't know how anyone could turn down the offer to become a god.'' Said Nico.

"Well it wasn't an easy decision Nico but I know I chose the right thing. I became s god along with you and Annabeth. I honestly didn't think it would be accepted by the Gods." I replied to my god best friend. I truly love that phrase and can stop saying it. It has such a great ring to it.

We talked for a little while more until we got to Ohio's capital. We were blown away by what we saw. (No pun intended). It looked like almost every building in downtown had been damaged. The high rises had survived intact but many windows had been blown out. It was pretty clear a powerful tornado had hit the city. I could see flashing lights everywhere and emergency trucks heading into the city. Weather it was related to the strange events Chiron had mentioned was impossible to say at present time. Contrary to what some mortals think major cities are not immune to tornados. Dad explained it to me like this. Take a map of the United States and a handful of darts and throw them at the map. Chances are you'll get a rural area as opposed to Dallas or Omaha for example.

"What happened here Lord Jackson?'' Asked Nico.

"It looks like a tornado. I think we should help. We are gods after all. Were stronger and could help in the rescue efforts." I asked concerned. I knew we had a mission to complete but I felt my powers as a god could be used to help people.

"Percy we shouldn't get so involved in mortal affairs. We have a job to complete.'' Said Annabeth as the map glowed again. It sure does it at conveinent times.

"What's it showing?'' I asked Lady Annabeth.

"The compass is the statehouse." Annabeth announced as we were able to get in into downtown. Downtown Columbus streets were littered with debris and broken glass. The State Capitol seemed to be untouched. It was a beautiful Greek Revival structure. Annabeth has been teaching me about styles of Architecture. We parked the car and entered the structure. It was beautiful and full of columms and arches. Maybe Annabeth could get some ideas for Olympus from this. The building was bustling with activtiy as would be expected. No one seemed to notice a bunch of teenagers in the lobby. They were busy with the business of Ohio. I wonder what they would have thought if they knew we were gods on a mission.

"So where's the compass?' Asked Leo looking around. He didn't expect it to be in plain sight did he?

"It's in the urn in front of us." Annabeth said pointing as I thought this is way to easy.

Leo took the urn of the pedestal and we opened it, inside was the compass. He took it and I just had to say "This is way too simple guys.'' I announced as I heard a sinister evil laugh and all the objects in the room appeared to be laughing. It was like the famous laughing room scene in Evil Dead 2. Was I hallucinating?

"What in the name of Olympus is happening?'' Asked Nico.

"No idea. What the frell is happening?" Leo replied.

I then heard a voice that sounded exactly like that of Alan Rickman say "Miss me Percy Jackson?''