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Prologue: Great War—Subspace node between Delta Serpentus and Sol System

The Shivan super destroyer, the SD Lucifer, is a behemoth. Measuring nearly three kilometers in length, she is a half again the size of the largest ship in the Galactic Terran Alliance's (GTA) or the Parliamentary Vasudan Navy's (PVN) arsenal. Her forward photon beam cannons can rip through the hull of even the mighty Orion and Typhoon class destroyers in mere secconds. And with her powerful shields, she is practically invincible. She has one weakness however, shields cannot oporate in subspace, and armed with this knowledge, a hand full of brave fighter and bomber pilots are the last hope Earth has.

"This is alpha 1 to all bombers: We have 15 minutes before the Lucifer exits subspace over Earth. That gives us 15 minutes to take out those fusion reactors. Delta and Epsilon wings, cover our asses. Things are about to get a lot more interesting." The pilot looked ahead to the massive ship. Even with her a distance of several kilometers, she was intimidating. "Stay with your wingman!"

Behind him, were the other fighters and bombers. They engaged their afterburners and raced towards the enemy vessel. "This is Alpha 2. Alpha 1, I've got your six." Alpha 2, manuvered his bomber so that it was almost next to Alpha 1.

The bombers and fighters moved in close delivering their payload of fusion and antimatter bombs into the Lucifer's five fusion generators. It wasn't long before the Shivan fighters exited the hanger space and moved toward the ships attackers. They moved like locusts swarming the allied pilots and overwhelming their defenses.

"This is Delta 1," said one Vasudan: the pilot's translation device overlapping the Vasudan's speech. "We'll hold them off as long as we can."

The battle raged on for most of the fifteen minutes. Fighters and bombers on both sides darting this way and that. Pilots screaming their as their craft were incinerated. The battle was utter chaos. Yet somehow, all but one fusion reactor had been destroyed. Alpha 1 swung into the gap between two turrets and loosed his last Tsunami bomb into the final reactor just as the timer on his HUD reached zero. The reactors going critical, the Shivan destroyer began to exit into realspace. What remained of the strike force, a mere handful of brave men and women, Vasudans and Terrans, launched out into the space above Earth. The Lucifer, never made it out of subspace. Partially in and partially out, the ships reactors exploded destabilizing the subspace node and severing all contact with extra solar civilizations. Still, they had accomplished their mission. Exhausted, the pilots prepared to dock with the nearest Arcadia space platform. Alpha 1 finally allowed himself to relax. Earth was saved.

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