Short but I hope sweet! Just indulging myself something light!!!!

Amy studied the Doctor as he deftly flew the TARDIS. He was so skilled and it made her feel......proud?! It was a strange feeling but she loved watching him at his best, and this was one of the things that really showed off his abilities.

Sometimes she forgot he wasn't human, he seemed just, human. He looked over at her, "Oi, Pond! Sop gawking and let me teach you how to fly this thing!" he called. She looked at him doubtfully but obediently hopped up and over to the console.

"Right." He began. "This is the probability vector," he pointed at the green twirly thing, "don't touch that or it'll go all wibbly." He skipped round the console, "And this of course is where we set the destination's date," he said laughingly as he pointed to a flip clock. "Now what you're going to start with is this lever here," he pointed to a big lever with yellow bobble lights. "And what does that do?" smiled Amy. "That my dear Miss Pond is the past, present and future lever, or PPFL for short." He replied.

And so the Doctor began to teach Amy to drive the TARDIS, she was pretty good but the Doctor still insisted on helping guide her hands. Then he leant against her, guiding her arms to the right buttons and levers and as she turned to smile at him their gazes locked. The room fell still as though the TARDIS knew to keep serene. Amy's breathing hitched and the Doctor's twin hearts began to thump out an uneven samba.

And in this moment he was not a 907 year old Time Lord and she was not the Scot from Leadworth. They were just two people who could see clearly for the first time in a long time. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity and then slowly, their lips touched.

They never looked back.