Title: Hero
Author: Cindy Ryan
Pairings: Jellie
Spoilers: season three
Summary: When an earthquake strikes Los Angeles Ellie finds herself in danger
Notes: As always many thanks to kuryakingirl for the beta and encouraging me to post :)

Former NSA agent John Casey allowed himself a moment to enjoy the mid-day sun as he entered the apartment complex courtyard. The last few weeks had been more rain than sun which was typical for winter in southern California.
Being a civilian again had a few perks.
Barely any to register but Casey was able to return home for lunch. He hadn't acquired much furniture since the government had reclaimed everything. So the apartment still had a sparse feel to it but it had become home.
Much to Casey's stint in Burbank had been one of the longest in his career and John realized there could be worse places to have been stationed.

Almost to the fountain John saw the water sloushing over the rim. It was only then that he felt the ground rumble and roll under his feet.

Potted plants shattered and fell from balconies. Light bulbs shattered.
Outdoor furniture toppled.

Casey started to head back to the parking lot which was a more open area when he heard a scream.
A scream coming from Ellie and Devon's apartment.
One that was followed by a loud crash.

Instincts took over and John sprinted across the courtyard diving out of the way of a small decorative stature that had fallen from one of the upper apartments.

Kicking in the door John called. "Ellie?"

The normally neat living room was a flatscreen tv was in shards on the floor.
Knick-knacks and photo frames littered the hardwood.

It was only after he rounded the corner of the sofa that Casey saw Ellie. The young doctor was pinned underneath one of the newly acquired wall to ceiling bookcases. The bookcase was at an angle wedged against the sofa. Books were strewn everywhere. The only visible portion of Ellie was her brown ponytail and one sneakered foot.

"Ellie."John repeated as he skidded to a stop near her head.

When silence answered John gripped the edge of the bookcase. He paused as the earth shook once more causing plates to rattle in the kitchen.

"Ellie, its John."Casey stated as he redoubled his efforts on the bookcase. "I'm going to get you out of here."

The wood groaned as John hefted the oak bookcase. He had only made it a few inches when he spotted the blood pooling by Ellie's right side.

Casey sucked in a breath and bit back a curse. It bothered him on more levels than he cared to examine now that she was hurt.

With renewed determination john lifted the bookcase and managed to prop it on the sofa. He checked her vitals quickly before gently grabbing Ellie by the shoulders and pulling her free.
Her pulse was a little weaker than he'd like.
Gently John turned Ellie onto her back. He spotted the source of her injuries. A large jagged piece of clear glass was sticking out of Ellie's right thigh.
Her upper leg was covered in blood.

Standing Casey ran to the kitchen and grabbed all of the towels out the drawer next to the refrigerator. Returning to Ellie he quickly made a tourniquet out of the yellow towel and tied it around her leg. The glass had cut an artery and he needed to get the bleeding under control. John had seen his share of shrapnel injuries and had suffered some of his own. They were never pretty.

Once the tourniquet was in place John pulled out his cell phone and started to dial 911. It was only then that he realized with the magnitude of the quake they'd be triaging calls. With a grunt John tossed the phone on the sofa and turned his attention to Ellie. Her face was pale and skin was starting to be clammy to the touch. All classic indicators that she was going into shock from the blood loss.

He had to get her help.
However he couldn't move her with the glass still in.

"I'm sorry Ellie."John said softly even though he knew she couldn't hear him. "This is going to hurt."

Taking one of the other towels John grasped the shard of glass and as quickly and gently as he could pulled it free.
Thankfully it came out smooth he'd been afraid it would the towel aside John placed the last clean one on Ellie's thigh as a compress. He stood and picked the young doctor up.
Pausing only to grab his phone Casey left the apartment.

"Hang in there, Ellie."John whispered as he crossed the debris littered courtyard and headed for the parking lot.

Westside Medical Center was a zoo. The waiting room was standing room only as John maneuvered his way through the crowd.
He tried not to think of the blood on his BuyMore polo or on his hands. He kept steady pressure on Ellie's wound. She hadn't woken at all during the drive which had upped John's worry level a notch.

The fact that Ellie was still in her light purple scrubs coupled with a nurse recognizing her saved John from having to use force. He would have refused to move from the ER if that's what it would've taken to get Ellie looked after.

"What happened?"The blonde middle-aged nurse asked as two orderlies wheeled a gurney over.

"Bookcase fell during the quake. Piece of glass hit an artery."John explained as he reluctantly let Ellie go.

The nurse gently maneuvered Casey out of the way. "We'll take good care of her. Has her husband been notified?"

John grunted negatively. In his rush to get Ellie help he hadn't given Devon a thought.

"I'll take care of it. She mentioned something about him going out of town with friends."The woman replied as she looked Casey up and down taking in the blood and slight scrapes on his hands. "Are you hurt?"

Casey shook his head his gaze never leaving Ellie as they moved her to another part of the ER.

The nurse placed a gentle hand on John's left arm. "I'll update you as soon as I know anything. Have a seat."

Casey remained where he was long after the nurse left. He knew he should try to reach Chuck but he Sarah and Shaw were on a mission. He hadn't overheard enough between Morgan and Chuck at the BuyMore to know where the Intersect was heading.
This wasn't the type of thing you left on a voicemail or in a text message.

Pulling his attention away from Ellie the former Colonel walked a few steps into the waiting room which was a cell phone safe zone.
Taking out his cell Casey dialed a familiar speed dial. He wasn't surprised when Chuck's voicemail picked up.

"Call me when you get this. It's about your sister."

Closing the phone and putting it back in his pocket John returned to his previous place of vigil and leaned back against the wall. Folding his arms across his chest he waited.
Waited and hoped that Ellie would be alright.