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Summary: Lily used an untraceable potion on James to get him to marry her and not sence his mates. When Harry was born a prophecy was made. Lily was looking for a way to prevent Harry from being in the lime light and that quest was answered when Daisy was born. The attack did happen on Halloween but Lily was home with her lover. Before anybody arrived after Voldemort was demolished Lily sent Harry off with her lover to be left with her sister only to leave Daisy with the title Girl-Who-Lived. Randal changes the plan and hides Harry in a different place, a different world. James has been looking for Harry ever since…. This is their story.





Lily stood in the doorway to the nursery where two of the Potter children where napping. She walked over to the crib below the window with pink lining where her precious joy was sleeping. Lily had just had the beautiful little girl two months before and following with the tradition in her family, named her Daisy Lynn Potter. The red haired woman smirked as she thought about when she told James she was pregnant know fully that Daisy wasn't a Potter, but a Lestrange.

Lily had been dating Randal Lestrange, Rudolfus and Rabastian Lestrange's half-brother, for several years when he convinced her to get Potter to marry her to help support their Master. She never expected to only be allowed a small allowance once every month. She could only be allowed to extract extra money for the children. It was an old spell placed on the vaults by the Potter ancestors back when most wives were arranged and the contracts were only made for power and money. What Lily didn't know was that the spell only activated when a wife had cruel desires and were only in the marriage for the money.

Lily turned toward the other child in the room and glared. Sleeping in the crib was a dark haired little boy. Harry was just over a year old and Lily hated him. He looked just like James but had her eyes must to her disgust. What had made her so hateful to her middle child was that he had his Father's creature abilities. They had found that out when he "fell" from a third story window at Potter Manor and a few feet from the ground black wings ripped from his back and though it didn't stop his fall, he slowed enough to live almost unharmed from the fall. James had screamed at her for hours when he realized she had left Harry in that room on a window seat with the window open. But, what pissed her off even more was right after Harry was born a prophecy was made claiming Harry or a boy named Neville Longbottom.

Lily was jealous of Harry's gifts and possible fame. She was the smartest graduate from Hogwarts. She was the one outsmarting the entire Wizarding World making them believe she loved James. She should be the one in the limelight. Lily had gone to a Seer when she found out she was pregnant with Daisy to look into the future and see if Daisy was going to be big in their world. She learned Harry was going to be very important in the future and Daisy would eventually fade into the background.

Ever since that reading Lily had been trying to come up with a plan to make Harry disappear and had failed at every plan.

Knocking from downstairs broke Lily from her dark thoughts as she quickly made her way to the door. James was away on an Aurora's mission so Lily had invited her lover over. Opening the door she broke out into a huge grin when she saw Randal on the other side.

"You seem surprised to see me, My Sweet." Randal drawled as he stepped inside.

"I wasn't sure if the wards would allow you in. James has been so secretive about them; I don't even know what they are." Lily said with an irritated huff. "I was also surprised you could get away from your brothers. They have been so possessive of you these last few weeks."

Randal gave Lily a dominating kiss then elegantly seated himself on the couch, pulling Lily down next to him. "There is no need to be so jealous, My Sweet. I was given a mission by our Master and they have been aiding me in the completion of it." He stated simply.

"Can you tell me of the mission?" Lily asked with a "coy" look on her face, but only succeeded in making herself look constipated, but Randal smiled at her effort.

"I was assigned to get a person under The Old Fool's thumb to trust me and make them join our side. They will be a spy of sorts since they will go to meetings he has with his loyal followers and tell me what the Old Fool is up too so I can relay the message to our master. He also wants me to try and figure out who the spy is in our ranks. He thinks maybe the spy could tell me." He explained with an inward smirk. 'She will not know it was her that was my mission until it is too late. By that time hopefully I'll have the Mudblood as my wife, she may be dirty blood but she is powerful and a right good lay. If our daughter turns out powerful she'll make a great addition to our ranks. If she is a weak witch I will not claim her or acknowledge her as my own or maybe kill her.'

Lily gasped in surprise, "I'm so excited that out Master has given you such an important task! Can you tell me who the spy is?"

"Of course I can't tell you, My Sweet. That Old Fool could easily read your mind and he would know you are on our side. It is better this way, My Sweet." Randal said with a slight mocking sound to his voice.

Lily dropped her eyes and lost her smile, "Of course, Love. I should know better."

Randal smirked, "You're forgiven. Why don—"

Randal was cut off as the front door was blasted off its' hinges. In the doorway stood a black cloaked man wearing a hood, shielding his face from view.

Lily jumped up from the couch drawing out her wand," Who the hell are you!? Get out of my house now!" she screamed as she rounded the couch to block the stairs.

"Calm yourself Mudblood; I am here for your children." The cloaked man growled.

"No!" She screamed "You cannot take my baby!"

"Baby?" The cloaked man mocked, "I was under the impression there were two Potter brats."

Lily paled and thought fast. "There are—"

"Potrificus Totalus!" was screamed but from what direction she did not know. Instantly she fell to the floor unconscious.

"Thank you Randal. She is most annoying and a hindrance." The cloaked man said angrily.

"I aim only to please you My Lord." Randal said with a bow.

"Where are the brats?" He asked Randal.

"Up the stairs, last door on the left right beside the Master Bedroom." Randal directed as he lifted Lily up and laid her on the couch.

Quickly the cloaked man seemed to float up the stairs and down the hall. Stopping outside the door said to lead to the Nursery, he pushed the half closed door open the rest of the way and glanced inside. He took note of both children's locations before he walked inside. Swiftly he walked over and grabbed the baby girl then carried her over and dumped her in the crib with the recently awakened green-eyed boy .Harry shifted up instinctively and cuddled his sister to him much like he'd do with his stuffed wolf.

The cloaked man raised his wand, "You would have been a good weapon Harry, but I cannot chance you turning on me. Your sister here will just be a casualty of war. Avada Kedavra!" he yelled the last. A green light shot from the end of his wand and shot towards the babies. Just as the spell was to his a silvery glow surrounded Harry and Daisy bounce the spell away from them and towards the man. He ducked just in time to only for the spell to blast the wall and start the house on fire. The man snarled as debris hit his arm, "You will regret this boy! I will make sure of it!" As the wards fell the man disapparated.

Downstairs Randal heard the crack of disapparated and pulled out his wand. "Ennervate." He said softly waving his wand at Lily.

Quickly the red haired woman jerked up."Randal?!" she asked in confusion then everything came rushing back. "Daisy!"

Lily hit the stairs at a dead run only to stumble to a jolting halt when she reached the top. Fire was everywhere and the floor was in bad shape. Randal caught her just before she felt through a loosened board.

"Randal, I have to get my baby!" Lily sobbed as she clung to his shoulders.

"Alright, follow me. I'll get you to her." Randal said.

Quickly but carefully Randal picked and creaked the way through the hall, dodging holes and fire until they reached the door. He opened the door and shot a few augamenta spells, trying to tamp down the fire.

Lily rushed into the room and cried out when she saw Daisy's side of the room burning. "No! Daisy!" Randal grabbed her arm just before she dove into the fire and pointed her towards Harry's bed.

"She's there!" Randal yelled to be heard over the fire.

Lily rushed forward. Harry was curled protectively around the baby girl; most would see he was protecting her from danger; all Lily saw was a monster touching her baby girl. Lily reached down just as she felt an alarm ward she had placed on the gate to alert her of James' arrival.

Quickly she grabbed Harry and passed him to Randal, "Take this monster. Get him out of here. Take him to my sister's. I never want to see him again. He will not ruin Daisy's life. Go! Now!" Lily said quickly as she dumped the unconscious child carelessly into Randal's arms.

"What are you going to tell Potter?" Randal asked as he carefully adjusted the baby he held.

Lily did some quick spell work and transfigured a pile of rubble into a baby that looked eerily similar to Harry, except this clone looked dead.

"James will think his son was too weak to fight or died for Daisy." Lily explained as if it made perfect since. Lily heard yelling down stairs.

"Lily! Padfoot check out back! Frank check the lower floor, Remus you're with me!" James's voice yell through the noise of the destructive fire.

Quickly Lily grabbed a jagged piece of wood and carelessly slashed at Harry and ran her hand through the blood only to magically transfer some blood to the clone.

"There, he now smells like him too. What are you still doing here? Go!" Lily all but screeched at Randal.

Quickly Randal disapparated away, Harry in his arms.

Lily gently lifted her little girl and then the clone of Harry, forcing out fake tears Lily rushed out of the room. She met up with James and Remus halfway down the hall. Quickly both men sent out a patronus to alert the men to get out of the house.

James lifted Lily up and carried her and the babies downstairs and out into the yard.

When everyone was a safe distance from the house James placed Lily on her feet.

"How are the babies?" James asked his voice full of fear.

"Daisy seems to be alright. She's just sleeping but Harry….he won't respond!" Lily finished with a sob.

James gently lifted the still form of his baby boy and held him in his arms." Harry?" James called softly and when he didn't respond he called a little louder, "Harry?" his voice catching on a sob.

Sirius knelt down beside him and pulled out his wand, "Ennervate!" he shouted, tears streaming down his face as his godson remained still.

A man cloaked in emerald robes rushed up and knelt down beside the sobbing men, "Is everyone alright? James?" The cloaked man asked when James remain silent. James looked up at the man with tears streaming from lifeless eyes.

"He's gone. Harry's gone Tom." James said as he cuddled Harry closer to him.

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Randal appeared in the center of a forest just outside of Lestrange Manor. He looked down at the little baby boy in his arms and remembered Lily's orders.

"Take him to my sister's"

He may hate Potter, but he would not curse a child to the life Lily wanted for Harry. He knew of some people that he could give Harry. If all things turned out right Harry would be turned into a fighter for the Lestrange family. He smirked to himself as he thought of the possibilities.

Readjusting the baby in his arms he reached down and grabbed a small twig. "Portus."

After a quick five seconds he disappeared once again.

**Somewhere in the Alchemy Country**

A small group of adults were gathered in the front yard of a large manor. They were sitting around talking when just outside the stone entrance a man landed gracefully on his feet with a small bundle in his arms.

"Randal Lestrange it has been too long!" A woman with long blonde hair exclaimed as she rushed towards him."Come in, come in. Why don't you join us?" she asked when she reached him only to stop in shock. "Is that a baby? Is he yours?" she asked as she stepped closer to get a peak.

"No. He is my lover's and her dead husband's." Randal lied as he pulled his cloak away from the child to show her his face. "She can't stand to look at him since he is an almost perfect image of his father. She went wild in grief and tried to kill him. The doctor thinks it's best for her to give him up. She wanted him to go to her non-gifted sister and I just couldn't do it. He will be powerful, Renata. In both of our skills. I can't take him since I'm with his mother but I was wandering if you'd know of anybody that would take him and train him?" he asked grinning to himself at the elaborate lie.

Renata stepped closer to look at the child her half-brother held in his arms and gasped at the gash across his face. It ran from his hairline over his left eye and ended by his mouth, it wasn't a smooth line but rather jagged and thick with several separate lines. "His mother did this?" She asked in shock. When Randal nodded Renata looked back over her shoulder and motioned to her husband, "Kenn, would you please come here?"

The only light haired man of the group walked over to his wife, "Yes Re?"

"Can we take him in?" Renata asked her husband as she motioned to the little boy sleeping in her half-brother's arms.

Seeing the condition of the child and given a quick version of the story from his wife, Kenn looked his brother in law in the eye and read the real reason for them to take in the child. Renata was a naïve woman at times when it came to Randal and his connections in the world where he now resided in.

"Alright. We will take him in." Kenn replied with a knowing look to Randal.

Instantly Renata gently took the child from Randal, "I'm going to take him inside and contact the doctor. I hope we can save this eye." She said the last bit to herself and she started back towards the house.

Once Renata was inside the other two adult went over to Randal and Kenn.

"What is the real reason you want us to take him in?" Kenn asked once the other two joined them.

"I never could pull the wool over your eyes." Randal said with a smirk, "He is a very strong wizard and I can feel the gift of alchemy in him as well. His mother wanted him with her non-gifted sister. I couldn't do that when we could train him as a fighter for our families. Can you imagine what we could accomplish with that kind of power backing our families?" Randal exclaimed.

The three nodded when the woman introduced herself, "I'm Rochella and this is my husband Kincaid. We will help make sure he gets trained in both powers." She said with an arrogant air about her.

Randal studied the woman for a moment. While she was pretty she wasn't breath-takingly so. She was average height of about 5'6" tall with a slender body and porcelain skin most women strived for in the Pureblood circles of the Wizarding World. Her blonde hair was pulled back from her face in an extremely tight French braid. Deep red gloss graced her cupid bow mouth and just a hint of black shadow graced her blue-brown eyes. The man known as Kincaid was a perfect match to her light looks. He was tall reaching about 6'2" with broad shoulders and a lot of muscle. His dark brown hair was bound at the base o his skull with a leather cord. His deeply tanned skin complimented his grey eyes and chiseled features.

Kenn was almost identical to Kincade except for his hair was white and his eyes were icy blue. Ranata was the only oddity in the group. She was 5'8" with the body of an athlete. Her dark auburn hair was bound in an elegant bun in hopes to tame her wild mane of curls. Pale pink gloss graced her pouty lips with a hint of grey shadow graced her baby blue eyes.

Randal raised a brow mockingly at the woman, "You seem so sure of yourself, when inside you should be quaking. I can feel your magic level and it's nowhere near his. You may be able to teach him the basics, but quickly you will be surpassed and forgotten as he grows stronger and stronger. Know your place woman and mind your tongue."

The sound of skin connecting with skin echoed in the air.

"You think you have the right to speak to me about power Half-blood!?" Rochella snarled, "You who are nothing but the results of a lust potion? It is you who should know your place."

Randal reached out and grasped her throat, squeezing it he growled, "Half-blood? You stupid bitch should know your facts before you try to know down your betters. I may be a result of a lust potion, but I am a Pureblood. Touch me again like that and you will learn why so many fears the Lestrange name." He shoved her away, slamming her into her husband. "You should keep your bitch on a tighter leash else she loses her tongue."

Kincade nodded, "I apologize Lord Lestrange. It won't happen again, if it does you are free to punish her." He added with a glare to his wife.

Randal turned back to Kenn, "Keep me posted of his progress for the first few years. I'll let you know when we need him." With that parting comment he disapparated with a loud crack.