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**Time skip 3 years**

Movement and cursing could be heard from behind the youngest resident at Mason Manor. He had been a resident for only three years, ever since his mother got rid of him. That's right, he knew his history….well he knew Randal's lies. Ever since he was left at this house he was treated as nothing but a weapon. Day in and day out he was training in magic, physical, academic and alchemy. He never knew his real name. Kenn had told them they didn't bother to get it and since he could remember they called him Chaos.

Chaos's body was covered in scars the most obvious was the scar on his face that took the sight in his left eye. As much as the doctor tried, nothing could lessen the scar. Everyone was abusive to him except for Ranata. She was his saving grace. While she couldn't stop the beatings, she would treat his wounds and help him. She was the one to convince the other adults that he needed to interact with other children so he would be able to go undercover. Ranata could be very sly when she wanted something for him.

It was because of Ranata that he met his friends. Everyone at the Mason Manor was convinced Chaos was only being friends with the Elric brothers to get information and to blend in. The truth was that Chaos was really close with the Elric brothers, often times they'd say he was their long lost brother.

Chaos had met the two blondes by accident. Everyone but Ranata had gone out of town on missions and wanting to get out of the manor Ranata took Chaos for a walk. They were walking by a river when Chaos was knocked down by a little blonde child.

"Al are you ok?" another blonde haired boy asked as he ran up to the trio.

The smaller blonde boy deemed Al, nodded as the woman helped him and Chaos up, "I'm sorry ma'am. I didn't mean to run into your son."

"I'm sorry as well ma'am. It was my fault he ran into him. I was chasing him and we weren't watching where we were going."

Ranata smiled gently at the boys, "It's alright, no harm done. Right Chaos?" she asked the raven haired boy.

Chaos nodded, "I'm alright. My name is Chaos and this is my mother Ranata Mason." He said politely with a slight bow.

"My name's Edward Elric but I prefer Ed and this is my little brother Alphonse Elric but he prefers Al." The older blonde replied and held out his hand.

Chaos grasped the offered hand and instantly they started to glow making both boys gasp in shock.

Ranata blinked in surprise and smiled secretively.

"Boys are your parents home by any chance?" She asked.

Al nodded", Our mom is. She's hanging laundry."

Ranata smiled at the little boys, "Would you mind taking us to meet her? I would like to meet her."

Both boys nodded and grabbing their hands, Al grasped Ranata's and Ed grasped Chaos's, and led the way at a slight run.

"Mom! Mom! We brought somebody to meet you!" both boys shouted as they neared a house with a woman was talking with an elderly woman and young girl.

All three turned at the shout and waited with polite smiles as the four came to a stop. Ranata held out her hand, "Hello, I'm sorry for the intrusion but we met your sons by the river and I wish to speak with you about something that occurred. She smacked her forehead, "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce us. This is my son Chaos and I'm Ranata Mason."

The brown haired young woman shook her hand, "I am terribly sorry if they harmed you or your son."

Ranata laughed softly, "Oh no. They were angels. There was a slight mishap but your boys were very polite. There is something else I wish to speak of."

"Boys, why do you take Winry and Chaos here and go play. Stay in sight though, no running off to the river."The young woman told her boys.

Ed nodded, "Ok Mama. Winry, Chaos let's go!" he shouted happily as he gently took Chaos's hand and raced to the edge of the nearby woods.

"Are you one of those Mason's over in Mason Manor?" the elderly woman questioned guardedly.

"Yes I am." Ranata replied calmly. It wasn't uncommon for people to be weary of them due to her husband and in-laws' cruel personalities.

The elderly woman studied her; her eyes seemed to reach down into her very soul. "You're not like the others in that house. Very cruel and unkind they are." She said gravely then held out her hand, "I'm Pinako Rockbell."

Ranata accepted the hand, "It's nice to meet you Ms. Rockbell. I am very sorry for their behavior, but try as I might I cannot get them to act any other way. They aren't even very kind to Chaos." She said the last sadly.

"I'm sure he's happy to have you though. I'm Trisha Elric." The young woman said kindly then motioned to some chairs in the yard placed well enough for shade but still able to see the children. "What did you wish to speak about?" she asked when all three women were seated.

"First I should ask, do either of your sons have an abilities?" Ranata asked.

"Yes, they do. Both Ed and Al have the gift of Alchemy." Trisha asked.

"Well, the only way I know to explain it is just to be blunt. It seems your elder son Ed, has the gift of magic as well. When he shook Chaos's hand it glowed gold. When one dual gifted touches another where their skin touches will glow gold. It is a way their magic reacts to another's magic. It's Fate's way for them to find each other." Ranata explained.

"That would explain why Winry's hair turn bright pink when she made Edward mad." Pinako exclaimed with a cackle.

Trisha nodded, "Yes, things do tend to happen to Ed when there isn't a reason for it."

"You accepted that easily. Usually people ask on my mental health when I give even the slightest hint that magic is real." Ranata said excitedly.

"I learned a long time ago not to be surprised about anything when it comes to my boy." Trisha replied with a girly laugh then asked, "When did you learn your son was dual gifted?"

"I didn't. My brother told me when he gave him to us." Ranata replied then quickly explained, "Chaos isn't my son by birth. My brother was dating a woman whose husband had died. She apparently thought she was over his death when she started to date my brother but she wasn't. You see Chaos apparently looks just like his daddy, except for his eyes, and for some reason she just snapped. Chaos doesn't have vision in his left eye and there is a scar that goes from his hairline to his mouth. It's thick and stands out. She was taken to a hospital and the doctor recommended she give up her son since he couldn't grantee she wouldn't have a break down again.

She wanted my brother to take him at a family of normal people; my brother could not bring himself to abandon Chaos there. He didn't know if they could be accepting of his gifts or if they'd be willing to get him the proper teachers for him. Instead he brought Chaos to us. I couldn't say no, I'm not able to have children and Chaos was in need of a mother and I knew I'd be whatever he needed."

"Wow. I know my boys could use a father figure but their father comes around when he can. I don't know if I could ever hurt my sons, let alone give them up." Trisha said in a shocked voice.

"I would like to think Chaos had gotten use to being with us after three years, but I know he hasn't. I've caught him watching the door during academic lessons, as if he is waiting for someone to enter, somebody that isn't a Mason. I get the feeling the circumstances for his arrival at our home are not completely true. I don't know why I'm tell you this when I've only just met you." Ranata said softly.

"I get the feeling you need friends as well as your son. I want you to know dear, you are always welcome at my home. It is just up the road, it's the green house." Pinako said softly, resting a hand on top of one of Ranata's.

"You are welcome here as well. It looks like Chaos is becoming friends with the boys and Winry. That's rare, Ed is very protective and while he is friendly he is always waiting to see if you are trustworthy." Trisha explained as the three women turned to watch the children.

Ed was leaning back on the tree behind where he was sitting with Chaos leaning against his side. Winry was across from them with Al sitting in her lap. They were talking, getting to know each other.

"I'm glad he's acting like a child. I was so afraid he would be uncomfortable with other children." Ranata said softly, almost to herself.

"Why is that?" Pinako asked.

"He doesn't get treated like a child at home. He has to train day in and day out when my husband and in-laws are home. He doesn't get to act like a child; if he does they punish him. I try to help him as much as I can by treating his wounds and showing him affection, but I don't think it's enough." She explained softly, her voice thick and eyes bright with unshed tears.

"Don't worry child. Chaos will be a great child as long as he has you for his mother." Pinako said as she gently hugged the young woman.

They sat and talked for a few hours when Ranata rose, "We need to get going. Kenn will be home this evening and I need to get dinner made."

"It was great to meet you. You and Chaos are welcome over anytime I'm always here." Trisha replied then turned to the children, "Boys! Winry! Time to come in!" she called with a wave.

All four kids quickly rose and raced back to the trio of women.

"It's time to go Chaos," Ranata said when the children were in hearing range, "Say your goodbyes."

Chaos slowed along with the others when they reached the adults. He turned to the three children he had gotten to know and bowed politely. "It was nice to meet you and I'm glad to have gotten to know you."

Ed caught him in a hug and ignored him tensing, "I'm glad we met. I hope you come over again soon." He said happily as he released him only for Winry to grab him in a hug.

"I had fun. You're just like another little brother to me. If you need anything all you have to do is let me know." She said with a huge grin and finally released him only for Al to hug him to.

"I like you. You have to come again. You made Ed laugh and that's not easy to do. You are ok in my book." Al said excitedly as he bounced on his toes.

Chaos smiled, "I like you as well and I hope to come again soon." He turned to the two women with Ranata, "Thank you for having us. I enjoyed myself."

"You are welcome Chaos. I hope you do come back again. I told your mother you are both welcome here anytime." Trisha said sweetly as she gave the polite boy a hug and kiss on the forehead.

"You are a polite young man and you can come visit anytime. We are just up the road in the green house." Pinako said as she too gave the boy a hug.

With a final wave the duo took off down the road.

"I hope we see them again." Ed said softly as he watched their two new friends disappear down the road.

"I think you will Ed, don't worry." Trisha said softly and hugged him to her side.

**At Mason Manor**

Ranata led the way inside and headed for the kitchen.

"Go wash up Chaos and make sure all your academics are finished. When that's done you can come help me in the kitchen." Ranata said walking backwards only to slam into something hard. Quickly she turned around in surprise only to come face to face with Kenn. He looked pissed.

"Where the hell have you been?" He growled angrily.

Ranata backed away a few steps then replied, "We went for a walk and met a few locals. I told you that Chaos needs to interact with people other than us if he ever wants to be able to blend in with new people." She said firmly, hands on her hips.

Kenn stalked forward and grabbed her arms roughly, "If you ever take that tone with me woman, you will live to regret it. Chaos! Get your ass in the training room. Now!" he snapped as he shoved Ranata away from him.

It took a few weeks, but Kenn finally allowed Chaos to go interact with the locals. The only problem was every time they came back, Chaos was happy and that pissed the other three Masons off. He was a weapon he should not have any emotions. So every time they returned they made Chaos train, which was the polite way to say get his ass beat.

Chaos had been seeing the Elrics for three months now when he showed up in the middle of the night by himself. He was covered in soot, blood and tears. He limped to the door and knocked loudly.

The door swung open to show Trisha with a worried face.

"Chaos!" she gasped when she got a good view of the young boy."What happened?" she asked as she tried to get him inside.

He fought out of her grasp, "Ranata…sh—she needs help. Kenn, he was angry. I—she was too heavy for me to carry….I need your help. Please!" Chaos was freely crying by the end.

"Alright, sweetie I'm on my way. Let me get my first-aid kit." Trisha replied and rushed into another room as Ed came down the stairs. He rushed over to the door when he saw Chaos. He didn't ask any questions, he just hugged the dark haired boy and let him cry on his shoulder.

"I've got what we'll need." Trisha said as she came back to the door with a large basket of medical supplies and blankets. "Ed I need you to go get Pinako. Let her know we are bringing Chaos's mother."

Ed nodded, "I'll go get Al and we'll run over." He replied then ran up the stairs.

"Alright, Chaos let's go get your mother." Trisha said. Chaos nodded in replied and took off in a limping run.

It took about twenty minutes to reach what was now the burned remains of Mason Manor.

Trisha froze when she caught sight of the ruins, "What happened?" she gasped out in surprise.

Chaos ignored the question as he directed her to the still figure lying under a tree about 20 yards away. When they reached it, Trisha realized it was Ranata with a blanket wrapped around her.

"I didn't want her to die inside so I drug her on the blanket out here. I couldn't take her any farther. Kenn hurt her really bad because she stood up to him to protect me. She passed out and I couldn't get her to respond. I was so mad the house caught fire. Me and Ranata were the only ones that got out. Will she be ok?" Chaos rambled as he uncovered her.

Trisha gasped at the wound that covered her stomach. It was deep, but the bleeding seemed to have stopped. The major problem Trisha noticed was the lack of movement, Ranata wasn't breathing."Chaos, let's get her to Pinako. We need to hurry." Trisha said as she looked around, "Is there anything we can use to carry her? A wagon or—"

Trisha was cut off when Chaos crouched down several feet away and transmuted several tree limbs and dirt into a cart just big enough to carry Ranata. Trisha was shocked; he hadn't used a Transmutation Circle.

"Will this work?" he asked softly.

Trisha shook out of her shock and nodded, "Yes, that's perfect. Can you bring it over here for me?" She asked.

Chaos pulled the cart over as Trisha awkwardly lifted Ranata then placed her gently on the cart.

It was about a thirty minutes trek to the green house but they moved as quickly as they could.

Pinako and Ed were waiting outside and hurried forward, "I've got a room ready."

Trisha nodded as she and Chaos stopped just outside the side door, "Chaos why don't you go sit in the living room."

Pinako nodded in agreement, "Ed is in there waiting for you. I couldn't get him to go to bed. He wanted to keep you company. When we're done with your mother we'll give you a check over as well."

Chaos nodded and headed down the hall. When he was out of earshot Trisha asked, "How do we tell him his only parental figure is dead?"

Pinako turned old eyes towards the young woman, "I don't know Trisha, I just don't know."

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