King Edmund the Just straightened his crown and twitched his robe nervously. Today was the first official court session since the Winter.

All that his teachers had said, all the advice and lessons he had gotten was running through his head, but predominate was what Aslan had said after his return from the Witch's camp.

If he closed his eyes he could still envision the Lion's great, solemn eyes looking into his as He said "I will show you, Son of Adam, what is good. To do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before Me."

The words resonated in Edmund's mind as he took a deep breath and nodded for the guards to open the doors.

Not by my might, Aslan, but by Your power.

Aslan's words to Edmund are paraphrased from Micah 6:8; which I thought fitted Edmund perfectly.

Edmund's last thoughts were paraphrased from Zechariah 4:6