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Genophobia: Chapter 7

It was late when Starrk finally close the bar, but he still called Ichigo like he said he would. Ichigo didn't sound sleepy so Starrk went over to his place immediately. Normally Starrk would go directly home from work so he could get in as much sleep as possible, but he found himself giving up more and more of his sleep and nap time for Ichigo, which didn't bother him in the least bit.

He hoped that whatever was bothering Ichigo wasn't too bad, although he knew from earlier that it was bad enough. Starrk knocked on Ichigo's door and shifted from foot to foot nervously. When Ichigo opened the door he looked tired and stressed, but he leaned up to give Starrk a chaste kiss all the same.

"Do you want something to drink?" Ichigo asked as the water began to whistle signaling that the water was boiling.

"Whatever tea you're having is fine," Starrk called back into the kitchen. He felt antsy and wanted to talk with Ichigo now, but rushing him wasn't going to do any good.

Ichigo sat down next to Starrk on the couch and frowned, fidgeting around slightly. "I don't know how to begin… I haven't told many people about this," Ichigo said almost in a whisper. Starrk cupped his jaw and kissed him softly.

"I love you," he murmured and he could practically feel Ichigo relax.

"I love you, too," Ichigo responded and then told him everything.

Starrk cradled Ichigo in his arms when Ichigo started to cry. He had never heard the full story before and his heart clenched at the thought of what Ichigo went through. He was also very relieved that Ichigo didn't remember it, although it still affected him.

He kissed Ichigo's head and Ichigo rubbed his nose against Starrk's neck before tilting his head up to brush his lips over Starrk's. Starrk didn't hesitate to apply light pressure over Ichigo's mouth and cupped the orange-haired man's head gently yet firmly. Ichigo sighed into the kiss and Starrk felt his groin throb at the noise. Los Lobos was getting anxious.

The brunet pulled away from Ichigo who blinked up at him with teary eyes in confusion. Starrk swallowed roughly. Ichigo was very vulnerable right now and Starrk was getting erect. Starrk knew that it wasn't a good time to get a hard on when he needed to be comforting Ichigo, but apparently Los Lobos had other ideas.

"You're hard," Ichigo said, his brows furrowed.

"Yeah, sorry about that…" Starrk said gingerly and tried not to show his wince when he shifted. "I can't help it sometimes, but I promise I won't push you into anything-

Ichigo kissed him again to silence him with his hand resting on Starrk's hip. "It's okay," Ichigo said a little uncertainly and pulled away from Starrk. "I-I'm not ready for anything yet, but I want to…" He trailed off and bit his lip, looking everywhere in the room except for at Starrk. "I want to watch you do it."

Starrk stared at first, not really understanding what Ichigo was asking because they had never gone that far before.

"You want to watch me touch myself?" Starrk asked to clarify and Ichigo nodded slowly with his brow still furrowed, but his tears drying up. Starrk hesitates and frowned. "Are you sure you're okay with that?"

"Yes," Ichigo said clearly. It wasn't as firm as Starrk would have liked, but Ichigo's voice didn't waiver when he said it. Starrk kissed Ichigo again and this time he shifted Ichigo so he was on the other side of the couch from him.

"We probably shouldn't be touching for this, just watching," Starrk said and Ichigo nodded in agreement. Ichigo swallowed as Starrk unbuttoned his pants and pushed down his underwear just enough to get his dick out. He did it so that Ichigo wouldn't be intimidated by his size so he could hide part of himself.

He glanced up at Ichigo whose face was flushed, but his eyes were fixated on Starrk's torso. Starrk smirked ever so slightly and began to move his hand. Ichigo glanced up quickly to look at Starrk's face and turned even redder when he noticed Starrk's steady stare. Ichigo grew uncomfortable with that rather quickly and looked away again only to watch Starrk's hand move up and down quickly.

Starrk didn't know how long he was going to last with Ichigo in the same room as a voyeur. It made Los Lobos very happy and Starrk was also very happy because Ichigo wasn't panicking or anything like that.

Ichigo's tongue darted out and he licked his lips. Starrk nearly groaned at the sight of the pink appendage and his cock throbbed in his hand. He wanted to kick off his pants and give Los Lobos and Hand-San a good meeting of slick skin, but he knew that would be pushing it. Instead he stared at Ichigo and felt his groin tighten at just the thought of Ichigo looking at him.

He came, spurting the white sticky mess onto his shirt and his hand. He could care less about that at the moment though. He was coming down from his high and Ichigo was still there so what could possibly be better than-

Ichigo grabbed Starrk's wrist that aided Hand-San and stared at the sticky white substance curiously. Then he raised the hand to his mouth and his tongue flicked out to lap at his cum. Starrk stopped breathing for a second at the sight and barely noticed Ichigo's nose wrinkling at the taste.

"It's bitter," Ichigo complained and Starrk had to fight not to laugh a little.

"Sorry about that," Starrk said uncertainly. He had never apologized for the taste of his cum before.

"Can you… put it away now?" Ichigo asked and Starrk glanced up at Ichigo's face to see that he was red but not scared.

Starrk put 'it' away, and then stripped his t-shirt over his head to wipe up the mess he made. Ichigo inhaled sharply and Starrk looked over at him to see Ichigo eyeing his body appreciatively. Starrk knew that his body was in shape, it was one of the things that he actually put some effort into other than Ichigo and his sister Lilinette.

"I don't know if I have a shirt that would fit you," Ichigo said in a distracted tone and stood up suddenly to turn away from Starrk.

"Nah, I don't need a shirt to drive in, it's not like many people will see me." He stepped behind Ichigo and wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist. Ichigo tensed at first, and then relaxed, letting his head drop against Starrk's chest.

"I don't want anybody else to see you without one, though," Ichigo said softly and turned around in Starrk's hold so they were facing each other. Starrk tried to think non-happy thoughts so Los Lobos wouldn't get ideas again about Ichigo's words. It made Starrk felt good that Ichigo was slightly… possessive over him. Also that Ichigo wanted him enough to watch him masturbate.

"I'll zip up my coat so no one will see," Starrk assured Ichigo who still frowned.

"It's so late already," he mumbled and then glanced at the couch. "Why don't you just spend the night?"

Los Lobos was already beginning to rear his head again. Down boy.

"I love you, Ichigo, so I am going to have to decline," Starrk said seriously and squeezed his boyfriend tightly before pulling away. "I'm not a saint."

"Oh," was all Ichigo said, looking both embarrassed and relieved at the same time. "I trust you not to try anything, though."

Starrk kissed Ichigo. It wasn't like the one before that was almost chaste. He nipped at Ichigo's petal-soft lips and thrust his tongue inside so they tangled together. Ichigo moaned and pressed against Starrk to deepen the kiss, ignoring the hard length that pressed against his stomach.

It wasn't something that Starrk could easily ignore, though. He wanted to grip Ichigo's hips and grind against Ichigo until they both came. It didn't help that Ichigo was hard, too. In fact, Ichigo was even pressing back against him slightly in order to gain some friction.

"Ichigo, stop," Starrk said when he pulled away. "There is only so much a man can take."

"I want you, too," Ichigo muttered and rested his head on Starrk's chest, listening to his heart beat. "It's something I'm not used to." He gently pushed Starrk and made him sit back down on the couch. Starrk was definitely not expecting Ichigo to straddle his hips and begin to tentatively rock their hips together.

"Oh fuck!" Starrk said and grabbed Ichigo's hips roughly and yanked him down. Ichigo froze and Starrk almost growled underneath his breath, but he didn't want to scare Ichigo even more. He figured that it might be easier if he let Ichigo explore and go at his own pace, but it was so damn hard for him.

After a few moments Ichigo had calmed down and he began to rock his hips against Starrk's again. It was slightly uncomfortable to just dry hump each other since Starrk was still achingly sensitive from his previous orgasm, but it felt so good that he wasn't going to complain.

"Ngh…" Ichigo moaned into his ear and clutched at his shoulders desperately. Starrk gritted his teeth and tried to distract himself by kissing Ichigo's neck.

Starrk was too close to losing control. "Ichigo," Starrk said in warning as he hugged Ichigo to him firmly. "We need to stop before I can't."

"Nooo," Ichigo whined and moved his hips faster. "I'm so close!"

Starrk snarled into Ichigo's ear and did the next best thing that would ground him. His tilted Ichigo's head to the side and sank his teeth into Ichigo's neck. Ichigo stiffened, but that was probably because he also came at the same time, his hips spasming from the pleasure while a wet spot spread in between them. Starrk came again when Ichigo shuddered against him and stroked Ichigo's hair soothingly.

"Was that okay?" He asked hesitantly and Ichigo sighed against him.

"Yeah, it felt good," Ichigo said drowsily. "If I let you stay the night, will you be good now?" Ichigo asked without bothering to pull away even the slightest bit.

"I'll be good," Starrk muttered back and then he lifted Ichigo up, carrying him bridal style into the bedroom. "Do you mind if I undress you?" Starrk asked, his thumb rubbing along the top of Ichigo's jeans.

"Uh, I think I should do that…" Ichigo said with a blush and Starrk took a few steps back, turning around to give Ichigo some privacy. His eyes found the very small reflection of a music box sitting on the dresser. Starrk swallowed as he the barest of glimpses of Ichigo's strong, lean body. Then he quickly looked away when Ichigo noticed him looking. He didn't hear Ichigo walk up behind him and he jumped slightly when Ichigo hugged him.

Just having Ichigo simply holding him felt good to Starrk. He turned around and eyed Ichigo up and down at his choice of sleep wear which was black silk pajama bottoms and a muscle tank for a top.

"Black is a good color on you, it makes your hair stand out even more," Starrk said and ruffled Ichigo's hair tenderly. Ichigo scoffed and pulled away to search through his drawers for something for Ichigo to wear.

"Here," Ichigo said and tossed Starrk a pair of baggy sweats he wore around and the washcloth he used to clean himself up with as well. Starrk caught it and smirked when Ichigo didn't make a move to turn around.

"You get to watch me but I didn't?" Starrk asked and Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"You snuck a peak, though," Ichigo said with a smug grin, but turned to walk to the bathroom, making Starrk feel a little bit put out that Ichigo wasn't going to watch.

They had taken lots of big steps in their relationship today and Starrk felt almost too excited to get to sleep. He brushed his teeth with a spare toothbrush Ichigo had and contemplated all that had happened today. He knew now why Ichigo was so afraid of sex and that her boss might be responsible, something that Starrk intended to fully investigate. Ichigo also had started to feel comfortable doing some sex stuff with him which was a very big leap.

He rinsed his mouth and went back to the living room to see what Ichigo set up for him. Nothing was there. He frowned and went into the bedroom where Ichigo was already tucked in bed.

"Do you have a spare blanket and pillow?" Starrk asked and Ichigo cracked an eye open then yawned.

"Just stay in here, it'd be stupid for you to sleep on the couch when something like this doesn't bother me anymore."

Utter adoration clenched Starrk's heart as he slipped into the bed and snuggled up behind Ichigo, laying his arm around Ichigo's waist. Ichigo made a pleased noise in the back of his throat and sighed heavily before they both drifted off to sleep in contentment.


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