Author's Note: Several people mention how I messed up on keeping Harry's age and school year consistant. I apologize; Harry is 16, and is in the 6th year. I also know that Lucius was 17 (in his last year in Hogwarts, or graduated even) by the time that Lily, James, Remus, and Sirius were in Hogwarts. Yes, I knew when I started writing this story that there was years difference between The Potters and Lucius, but I changed that for plot purposes. So again to sort things out for you guys (because it's my fault).

Harry is 16, and in 6th year both in 1972 and 1996 (I will eventually get around to posting the edited chapters to make sure that's all straightened out).

Lucius is 17, a 7th year and was born (I'm changing his birthday) in 1955 - which is only a years difference

Lily, James, Remus, Sirius, Severus & Peter are all 16, 6th years (though Lily and Remus are taking both sixth and seventh year classes) All were born in 1956

Regulus is 14, technically a 4th year but takes 6th year classes (advanced placement) and was born in 1958.

Molten Silver Ch. 6

Herbology was messier than Harry remembered it. He was covered from toe to thigh and finger tip to shoulders in the thick hot mixture of clay, sand and moss which the Hornet Flower (which wasn't actually a flower at all but a rare swamp cacti which had needles covered in a sap that had the same effect as a hornet's sting and was very good for stabilizing potions) grew in. Harry was just glad that the stuff didn't stink and that Professor Sprout had warned them in advanced to either look up cleaning spells or bring a spare change of clothes.

Regulus had partnered up with him, and was just as filthy as him, and some where during the class, had removed his shirts, like several other boys in class had. Harry had found himself staring at the other Slytherin's forearms; Regulus, like Sirius, had a healthy tan to his skin, unlike Bellatrix and Narcissa. He wasn't as muscular as Harry first thought either, and there wasn't very much hair on his arms.

"How old are you?" Harry asked, a disgruntled look on his face as he carefully pulled the three foot red and yellow plant from the oil drum sized container to put it in to one about the size of a book shelf with several others, Regulus working in the other half, planting the red and orange versions of the plant.

Regulus looked up, eyes startlingly pale in the green house light. Regulus grinned, reaching up to wipe sweat from his face with the back of his hand, only to smear dirt across his nose and cheek. "Why are you asking?"

"No reason... I just noticed a few things." He looked down at the cactus in his hands, thinking of Hermione, who would tell him about how she felt ignored in third year by older students in the classes that she took. About how they talked to her and were nice to her so long as she knew the answer to their homework, but at the same time after a while they got annoyed that someone younger was smarter than them, so they ignored her.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to figure it out." Regulus said. "I'm a fourth year," He explained and Harry's eyes went wide.

Regulus was only fourteen. Harry's eyes lowered to Regulus' forearms again, unblemished skin on his left forearm - no Dark Mark and there wasn't a charm or potion that could hide the mark as long as Voldemort was in power. Harry looked back up to meet the other teen's eyes and smiled.

"Guess that makes sense." Harry said and Regulus' smile turned in to a cocky smirk. "What?"

"You've taken such notice in me Parker, I'm touched." Regulus said, leaning closer to Harry who's eyes went wide and he leaned back. "But I like to be the cute one in the relationship, it'd never work out between us." He added seriously, staring Harry dead in the eyes for a long while before he returned to his work like nothing had happened.

Harry struggled for an excuse, tripping over his own tongue until Regulus' laughing made his mouth snap shut and his entire face turn pink. "I was only joking, relax Parker." He said with a shake of his head.

Harry looked down. "I... I'm not stalking you or anything." Harry finally explained. "I-I just... I've been here a few months now and... Never mind it's nothing." He shook his head and went back to work, ignoring Regulus' attempts to engage him in further conversation. Harry was the first one out of the green house when Sprout dismissed them, casting cleaning charms on himself as quickly as he could speak them, forgoing the change of clothes he had in his bag then rushing to the castle before Regulus could catch up.

Harry skipped Potions, despite desperately needing to ask Snape about the latest assignment and needing to steal more Boomslang skin because Ms. Norris had scared him and made him drop the first jar. He went to the Ravenclaw room, knowing it would be the only place where no one would find him (except for Lucius who was not on his mind ). When the door closed and the echoing voices from down the hall were cut off, Harry finally released the breathe he hadn't known he'd been holding. He slumped back against the door, then slid down to the floor. His knees pressed in to his chest, and he forced his eyes shut.

He was lonely.

It was stupid, he knew. He'd spend months at a time during the summers completely and utterly alone, his relatives doing everything in their power to avoid and ignore him expect for when they ordered him to do something. But he hadn't been lonely, he had Hedwig to keep him company during the night and letters from his friends every week (care packages of home cooked meals and treats from Mrs. Wealsey charmed to stay fresh - even hidden under his bed and floorboards.)

But here, he didn't have anyone. Sure he'd sat with Anna in Care of Magical Creatures, but it was the only class he had with her and whenever he saw her anywhere else Harry always psyched himself out of going to sit with her. Snape was a disgruntled potions tutor, his attitude reflected it constantly and Harry didn't want to push his luck by changing anything by befriending the man. It was worse with his mother, every second he spent with her made his heart ached. Every time he heard her laugh, or every time she touched his arm or shoulder to get his attention during the tutoring was painful; it made him realize all the amazing moments with his mother that he never got to have, all the smiles she was meant to show him.

He saw Remus, Sirius and his father every day and they didn't even know he existed

Harry sobbed, covering his head with his arms and curled up in a ball and cried until he fell asleep.

Regulus tapped his fingers against his potions book, standing outside of the Runes classroom that Lucius was currently in, jaw clenched and shoulders tensed. As the door swung open and students filed out, his agitation became more noticeable until Lucius came strutting out.

"We need to talk." Regulus stated, when Lucius noticed him.

"About what?" The blond asked.

"Not here." Regulus replied, eyes scanning the hallway. Students walked by, easily ignoring the two Slytherins who were standing against the wall, all having their own conversations. Lucius raised an eyebrow.

"Fine," He made his way down the hallway with Regulus following him quickly until he found an empty classroom and went inside. Regulus warded the door heavily behind them and Lucius knew how serious it was then.

"I think Parker knows about the student Death Eaters." Regulus said quickly, then amended the statement. "No, I know that Harry Parker knows about the student Death Eaters."

"How? There are only the two of us, the students themselves and The Dark Lord himself. All of the students have been sworn to secrecy and the mere mention of them being Death Eaters will result in their immediate death. I know that the two of us haven't said anything and I'm positive our Lord isn't spilling the news. How can Parker possibly know?"

Regulus grimaced, crossing his arms over his chest. "I have no idea, I just know he knows."

"What proof do you have? If I tell this to the Dark Lord he will be furious." Lucius reminded him, and Regulus winched at the thought alone. "I need proof Regulus."

"He actively avoids those who are marked, most of them anyways. If there's more than six of them in the common room at a time he will leave, he sits as far away from them in class as he can and he examined my forearms quite thoroughly in Herbology this afternoon."

Lucius sat on the edge of the teacher's desk and ran his fingers through his hair. "Are you sure he knows?"

Regulus nodded. "I've been checking the last few weeks just to make sure before I brought it to you." He explained. "I've had some of the Death Eaters move in the common room to test what he does. He will stay when there are less then four but the moment he feels he's outnumbered he will leave the room. He will clutch his wand under the table in the Great Hall during meals when they sit to close to him and he won't take his eyes off of them. He KNOWS Lucius."

This was not good, it was not something he wanted to have to bring to the attention of the Dark Lord, but knew he would have no choice when he left for Yule Break, Voldemort would find out the moment he stepped in to the manor. "How is this possible?"

Regulus pulled a scrap of parchment from his pocket and held it up to the blond. "I lifted this from his things while he wasn't looking." He said as Lucius read the paper over.

"You don't think this is actually true do you?" He asked looking up at the younger student, who shrugged.

"It fits Lucius, it makes more sense than the half-assed story he's told about why he's here." Regulus said and Lucius clenched his jaw. "What are we going to do?"

Lucius looked up at him. "For now, nothing," Lucius said folding the piece of parchment then putting it in a interior pocket of his robes.

"What about when we're sent home for break?" Regulus asked. "The Dark Lord will realize we're hiding something like this from him."

Lucius took a deep breath, taking down the wards. "Keep watching like you have been Regulus, and leave the rest to me, I'll figure Parker out before we leave for break and we'll know then if the Dark Lord needs to be informed."

"How far do you think he's come?" Regulus asked, and Lucius shrugged.

"We'll have to figure that out as well, won't we?"

Harry was well used to the feeling of slipping in to Voldemort's mind, after two years and several months of it. It hurt, like apparation gone terribly wrong. It was like he was dreaming, but everything felt askew, he couldn't get comfortable because he always hurt. He felt his own emotions plus Voldemort's - complete opposites of the spectrum. When Voldemort found amusement and pleasure from torturing muggles until they screaming their throats bloody, Harry wanted to vomit and the only thing that kept him from screaming out and begging Voldemort to stop was knowing if he made himself known then Voldemort would find, torture and kill him.

So when Harry opened his eyes, to find himself staring at an unfamiliar street in the middle of the night, with a cold wand in his hand that didn't feel like his own, Harry knew he was witnessing the world through Voldemort's eyes. His heart was racing - Voldemort's heart was racing. Harry's hand clenched around his wand til his knuckles turned white. He was moving fast, up the stone walk-way and a curse already on the tip of his tongue. Death Eaters move ahead and behind him, spreading down side streets and down on to other blocks, silent until the moment is right. This community of wizards and witches had embraced muggle living, sympathizers were not tolerated, pure-blooded or not an example must be made.

At the center of town, Voldemort stopped and looked towards the sky then raised his wand. "Morsmordre!" He hissed, and the Dark Mark illuminated the sky. Over the rest of the village of Harmoore a dozen more skulls opened their jaws and let snakes slither from their mouths.

Harry felt sick at the sight, then watched as he turned his wand on the nearest building, a potions shop where the owner lived and brewed. "Bombarda Maxima!" Voldemort shouted, and the front of the store exploded inward, destroying potions and ingredients. "Incendio." The smell of burning potions filled the air as more explosions broke the silence.

Then the screaming began and Harry wanted to cover his ears and he wanted to close his eyes as Voldemort went building by building destroying and when people managed to escape their crumbling or burning homes he killed them in the streets. He saw Death Eaters as they ran passed, causing mayhem. He stopped to watch two of his followers torture a man in an alley, taking turns to see which of them could come up with the most unique way to cause him pain.

An off duty Auror tried to fight back, even managed to send out a Patronus, a begal, that Voldemort had to destroy, before killing the man by beheading. Voldemort took the time to step on the man's wand as he walked past.

By the time they were done, ninety-six people were dead, twelve of them Aurors sent unknowingly up against a larger number of enemy. The sun rose and fires still blazed, blocking out the sun with smoke. The snow on the ground was dirty and parts were stained with blood. Three of his followers were dead, but they'd been of no import to Voldemort and Harry found no comfort in the fact.

Voldemort was pleased with himself, and Harry woke with vomit already climbing up his throat that he didn't even have time to uncurl from the fetal position that he'd fallen asleep in. The unpleasant taste of acid filled his mouth and he sobbed as he threw up on his legs unable to move them fast enough, the second heave of his stomach landed on the floor thankfully and he groaned, screwing his eyes shut. His stomach was empty by the third heave and he coughed and spit trying to catch his breath. The smell of burning potions still burnt his nose and stung his eyes.

There was a lingering glee from the destruction of that village in the back of Harry's mind that wasn't his own, and no matter how sick he felt it wouldn't go away.

When he calmed his breathing, Harry forced himself to roll over, away from the mess and pushed himself back upright. He pulled his wand from his back pack and cleaned himself off, then the floor before looking at the clock. It was Sunday morning, just after three. Harry groaned, letting his head fall back against the door as his spine and limbs ached.

He dug around in his bag for the small case Lily had given him after his fourth batch of perfectly brewed Calming Draught. It was about the size of a text book, but weight about the same as a feather. It held twenty-four doses of the calming draught in vials all spelled to be unbreakable. He took one from the case and uncorked it with shaking fingers and drank it quickly. It sloshed unpleasantly in his empty stomach, but didn't try to come back up. Harry sighed as his body went pleasantly numb and the throbbing in his head lessened. He pulled himself off the floor and in to the bathroom.

Harry stripped out of his clothes and forced himself in to the shower. He may have fallen asleep under the soothing hot spray from the shower head, but he couldn't bring himself to care when he stumbled in to the bedroom five hours later.

He took another two potions and collapsed on the bed, and didn't stir until his alarm clock went off the following morning.

The Great Hall was filled with loud chatter when Harry managed to finally make his way to it. Apparently, Voldemort was riding an emotional high after the attack last night, and it was near impossible for Harry to block him out, try as he might to remember the Occlumency lessons that he'd begun with Snape in his own time.

It was working, but just barely and it was draining to maintain. He forced himself to eat a decent meal, though he didn't taste any of it, and when he finished it was time for class, and he followed the wave of students. History of Magic would be easy enough for him to sit through, and to concentrate on keeping the Dark Lord's emotions from influencing him.

He did the same in Care of Magical Creatures, thankful that Professor Basket didn't call on him and Anna seemed content to just sit quietly and draw in her notebook when the lecture had ended and they'd been given free time until lunch began.

"He killed three of the top aurors the other night." Whispered a girl behind him, terrified.

"The Death Eaters burnt down a whole town Victoria." A second girl replied with a tisk. Harry clenched his jaw, but there was also a spark of pride at the fear in the girls' voices. It made him sick, it was Voldemort's pride, and he clenched his fists, nails biting in to his palms to ground himself.

"I know, but what are we going to do if an auror is beat like a first year?" Victoria replied. "What chance do we stand if we come across them?"

"Just pray that we never do."

Harry's eyes snapped open and he bit his tongue, at the words that wanted to bubble out of his mouth. 'Praying wouldn't help you either you pathetic girl,' Then Anna grabbed his hand, and squeezed it. He looked at her, and she gave him a comforting, but sad smile.

"Its okay, you're safe here." She whispered, and he shivered. "Death Eaters hurt your family didn't they? Hurt you?" Her thumb ran soothing circles on the top of his hand. Her eyes stayed trained on his, soft but serious. "They can't get you here, and HE can't get to you."

Harry lowered his head, but kept a tight hold on her hand, something to keep him grounded in the swirl of his own emotions and Voldemort's. When class finally ended, Anna walked with him to the kitchens to get something to eat, then took him to Ravenclaw common room, so they could sit in peace, without the noise of the Great Hall worsening Harry's migraine.

"There's something about you," Anna said after a hour of silence. Harry looked up from the goblet he'd been staring in. "I've had strange dreams since you've come to Hogwarts Harry," continued the Ravenclaw, she didn't look up from her book, or even turn her attention to him. "Things here are going to get very interesting, I have a feeling they always do when you're around. And even though I know how dangerous it could turn out, I'm not frightened."

"What are you talking about?"

She looked up at him finally, and smiled. "You've more Gryffindor in you than any one I've ever met before. The best heroes always come from Slytherin when they've got a Gryffindor heart." Harry frowned, baffled but Anna just patted his arm briefly then returned to her book.

Harry dove for his wand the second the door opened to the Ravenclaw tower, and pointed it at the person who'd entered. Lucius looked surprised for a moment, before his face melted in to cool indifference and he held up his hands to show he was unarmed. Harry took a few deep breaths and lowered his wand.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I was coming here to relax, study for mid-terms seeing as they start in a few days." Lucius said, looking at the books that Harry was quickly gathering up. Time Travel, potions, enchantment. Regulus was right then. Harry Parker really had come back in time.

Lucius just needed to find out how far back he'd come now.

"Oh, well then I'll leave you too it then." Harry replied, but Lucius stepped in to his path, with a relaxed, disarming smile.

"Why don't you stay, I gave you the password because I thought someone as tense as you could use the peace. I'll not bother you." Lucius explained, though Harry looked unsure. "Come on, everyone needs a study partner every once in a while."

Harry exhaled slowly, then nodded, packing the books he had been reading away, along with a stack of notes that Lucius would kill to get his hands on at this point, but would have to wait to see until after his plan worked. "Alright, I should probably study for History of Magic and Runes anyways." Harry mumbled and Lucius grinned in victory.

"I'll have you know I've been on the honor roll for every class since first year, I'd be more than happy to help if you needed it." Lucius said, transforming the small side table in to one big enough for two plus all their books and work and another spell had two comfortable chairs for them as well.

"I'll be fine thanks." Harry said sitting down and putting his books on his left and notebooks on his right.

"Just thought I'd offer." Lucius said.

They worked for hours in uncomfortable silence until the sound of Harry's grumbling stomach broke it. Harry blushed and Lucius laughed, before he called a house elf and ordered food for the two of them.

"Thanks." Harry said after the elf had come with food then left again.

"Not a problem, you really shouldn't skip meals you know." Lucius said, sipping his tea slowly as Harry ate.

"Just been distracted," Harry said with a shrug.

"I bet," Lucius said with a grin and Harry looked up at him suspiciously. "Getting used to Hogwarts and catching up with all your classes I mean, can't be easy."

Harry nodded, looking down. "Yeah, it's not." He said quietly.

"I'd like to help, if I can." The older boy said after a few minutes of silence. "You don't have friends here yet, besides Snape and Evans." He said and Harry's face scrunched up a bit, like he'd been expecting something different. "And that odd Ravenclaw girl."

"I-... I don't want to get to attached is all." Harry said looking away nervously and Lucius hummed. "I-I not really good friend material and wi-with the war you never know when they'll be gone."

Lucius hummed. "That's a rather bleak outlook on life don't you think Parker?"

"I've learned the hard way." Was his clipped answer. "Excuse me," He said quickly after and went to the bathroom where he shut the door loudly and didn't come out for nearly ten minutes.

Lucius found he couldn't bring himself to put the truth potion he'd brought with him in to Harry's drink. They spent the rest of the night in silence.

Lucius spent the remaining week leading up to break finding ways to 'run in to' Parker and spend time with him. Today, it was by accidentally bumping in to him in a small potions shop in Hogsmeade.

Harry scrambled not to drop the different jars of ingredients he was balancing in his arms.

"Sorry about that." Harry was quick to apologize. "Oh, it's you," He added after he looked up to see Lucius smiling down at him.

"Ouch, that was harsh." He said, though he was still grinning. "Christmas shopping are we?" He asked, eying the mix of ingredients collected in his arms. It was an odd mix, one that couldn't be for any regular potion.

"Who would I buy gifts for?" Harry snapped and Lucius grimaced. He'd been trying to make a joking conversation, but hadn't thought it through carefully.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." Lucius said. Harry gave him a strange look, and Lucius only smiled lightly letting the smaller teen study him, hoping he'd relax enough to let his guard down. Harry shook his head, and after a quick glance at Lucius' arms he turned his back to him to keep looking for whatever ingredient he was still trying to find. Lucius frowned, and rubbed his forearm, glad that the Dark Lord had thought it best to not mark him so if the students were found out, he would still be safe and able to recruit without worry.

"Can I keep you company?" He asked after a few minutes, following Harry down the isles as he searched for yet another ingredient.

"I have a feeling you're going to even if I say no." He replied tersely and Lucius chuckled a bit.

"You're cute when you're angry." The blond Slytherin said and Harry glared at him briefly.

"Thanks... I guess," grumbled the slighter teen, Lucius chuckled.

"You're actually cute all the time," He continued and Harry stumbled over his own feet, nearly dropping the jar he'd pulled off the shelf.

"Not used to compliments are you?" Lucius asked, watching the red blooming across the back of Harry's neck.

"No," He admitted and Lucius found himself grinning, then Harry sighed.

"Can't find what you're looking for?"

"No, I wasn't very hopeful of finding it here anyways, but I didn't want to have to order it specialty." He said and Lucius raised an eyebrow. Browning's Potions was a very well stocked store, whatever the ingredient was most likely hard to come by or very expensive.

"I see, what are you going to do then?" Lucius asked.

"Order it, I need it to finish my potion." Harry answered simply, then headed towards the counter to pay. Lucius raised an eyebrow at the price and how easily he, someone supposedly disowned and now poor, spent the money he had. As they walked outside, Harry shifted, obviously unsure of what to do next.

"Would you like to get lunch?" Lucius asked and when Harry looked ready to protest, he quickly added. "I insist, you're much to thin. It'll be my treat, just something quick at the inn."

"Sure," Harry finally relented, shrinking his pouch and putting it in to the pocket of his robe. Lucius smiled and lead the way, making awkward small talk with the other teen, who as they walked made it ever more obviously he wasn't very socially graced. Any pure blood would've been groomed from a young age for social situations, for mingling at balls or work.

The Hogsmeade Inn was packed with students, gathering one last time before they left for winter break. They took a small table in the back and Harry squeezed himself in the seat against the wall, which gave him a good view of of the door and most of the room.

"Order whatever you'd like, my treat." Lucius said, and again he got a confused look from the other boy. "I'd suggest the potpie,"

Harry nodded. "Alrighty then."

Lucius smiled. They spent the the meal mostly in silence, Lucius tried to hold a conversation but Harry kept his answers short, and didn't start up the conversation himself after it had tapered off. He thanked Lucius quickly after they'd finished and left. He was no where in sight after Lucius had paid and went outside. He sighed.

He had four days before he was to leave for break.