The Climactic Final Chapter – pt 2

A/N: Well, my lovelies, this is it. This is the final installment of Merry Month of May, being uploaded here on May 32nd! It's been a hoot. Now that this story's done, I'll have more time to focus on other WIP - of which I have plenty, I'm afraid. Thanks for sticking with me, through all the Merry days of May!


Scotty & Christine Chapel

We are no guiltier in following the primitive impulses that govern us than is the Nile for her floods or the sea for her waves. ~ Marquis de Sade (Aline et Valcour)

Scotty knew that even though he was officially on shoreleave, he really did need to try and get some sleep. Shoreleave for him was inherently different from most if only because he adamantly refused to allow the "experts" on the spacestation to meddle with his ship without his approval and his direct supervision. Which meant he'd need to be at the office of the station commander by 0900. In less than 7 hours.

He had to smile as he glanced once more at Christine sleeping next to him, her blond hair spread on the pillow like a halo. That was an apt description for her. Angelic in looks. But, he had discovered, with a untamed side to her that had delighted him in ways he had never expected. He wasn't exactly a novice when it came to the bedroom but her willingness and sense of adventure was utterly amazing. In retrospect, he probably shouldn't have been quite so surprised because he had seen the chapters of her copy of Salagsställnemgar that were clearly personal favorites. They were now his favorites as well, especially parading Platypus. Who knew?

They had gone to the station movie theater where it turned out there was nothing playing that either of them were interested in seeing. So they instead went and had a leisurely dinner, chatting about nothing in particular, except maybe those members of the crew who were also taking advantage of the delicious real food that was available at the restaurant. He finally had broached the subject of spending the night on the spacestation and she had readily agreed. 'They have Jacuzzi tubs,' she had said with great enthusiasm, a sentiment with which he whole-heartedly agreed.

He had requested a room with such a tub, trying to disguise his surprise when he heard Dr. McCoy make the same request. Christine and Nyota were busy whispering and giggling so he knew they were discussing their similar requests. He wasn't sure he wanted to know that Nyota knew that they would be enjoying the Jacuzzi tub but there was nothing to be done. The women were thick as thieves at any rate and kept no secrets from one another.

When Scotty inadvertently caught Dr. McCoy's eye, the doctor simply raised an eyebrow and shrugged, taking Nyota by the hand to escort her up to the room he had secured. Scotty was fairly certain that Chris had told Nyota to be sure and come see her the next day but that was something else he tried very hard to pretend he didn't know.

Christine and Scotty had gone up to their room, finding it plush and comfortable and oh-so-decadent. A dream come true for an overworked chief engineer and a tireless angel of mercy. Christine suggested that the tub was too good to allow it to stand empty for even one more minute, practically dragging Scotty into the bathroom behind her. Not that he was especially resistant to the idea. But things were progressing just a tad faster than he had anticipated. He supposed that made him old-fashioned but if Chris had no inhibitions, why should he let any residual shyness on his part slow things down?

Getting into the spirit of things, helped along with liberal amounts of scotch, he allowed her to assist him in removing his clothes, returning the favor. As he helped her disrobe, he felt like he was opening a Christmas gift, all bright and shiny and brand new. Silly, he knew. But fine. Very very fine indeed.

Many kisses were exchanged as they shed their clothes and made their way to the tub that was filling with steaming water, the jets inviting and exciting them in equal measure.

"Have you ever done it in a Jacuzzi?" Christine asked when they were submerged. She was astride his lap, facing him in order to continue kissing him. She was an excellent kisser, he decided, reaching up for one more – just to make sure.

"I haven't, lassie. You have?"

"I have," she giggled, kissing him again. "I'm really not as…uhm… wild as I'm sure you think by now. It's just that…well…I finally have you right where I want you."

"You have me?" he asked as he nibbled on her neck.

"Oh yeah," she breathed. "I've had my eye on you since the Captain first smuggled you on board. Doctor thinks you're even crazier than Jim but I know it's not true."

He laughed at her words, capturing her mouth. "How d'ya know that?" he asked when they could both speak again.

"I know. That's all. You are kind and selfless and smart. Really smart." She kissed him again, reaching between their slick bodies to find him ready for her. "Can I have this?"

"It's all yours, lassie," he assured her, sliding a little lower on the shelf-seat-ledge to provide a better angle of entry.

They ended up practically flooding the bathroom floor but from the number of available towels in the closet, the hotel was well aware that it was likely to happen. After mopping up, slowed considerably by kissing and touching and more kissing, they finally made their way to the bed, pausing long enough to christen the couch, protecting it with a left over, dry towel. They had standards, after all. And the medically trained part of Christine didn't fancy having their exposed flesh where others may have already been, Scotty agreeing completely.

By the time they made it to the bed, they were pretty spent, and were content to lay curled up, chatting about more of nothing important. Christine told him what it was really like to work so closely with Dr. McCoy, confirming what Scotty had long suspected – that beneath the gruff exterior lay a heart of gold.

Scotty talked about the side of the Captain few outside of the command crew ever experienced, Chris not surprised at the depth of the man they all knew mostly on the surface only.

They talked and talked until they both ran out of words. Scotty remained awake, content to lay and watch his angel sleeping next to him. And he knew when she woke, she'd put her halo aside to again convince him that it had been her idea for them to seek refuge in the comfort of the hotel. And he was content to let her believe it. Maybe she'd let him convince her to give spinning lion one more try.


Jim & Spock

The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette. ~ Woody Allen

"Jim," Spock said, rolling on his side to better see the man sharing his bed, the man with the amazing blue eyes, the brownish-blonde hair, and the smile that would melt icebergs. It had already melted Spock's heart. There was no telling what other damage it might do.

"Yeah," that same man answered, smiling the most dangerous of smiles, his eyes a deeper shade of mysterious blue.

"May I ask you a question?" Spock said, knowing the foolishness of asking to ask a question by…well, asking a question.

"Of course you can. Although you could always wait until we're bonded then you'll find out where all the answers are," Jim said, blue eyes sparkling dangerously.

"Being bonded does not grant permission to delve into the secrets of one's mate," Spock said, the soft tone making the words less harsh.

"So I can't go searching through all your secret fantasies to find the one I'd like most to try?" Jim teased.

"You only have to ask to learn those," Spock assured him.

"Good to know. What did you want to ask me?"

"How many sexual partners have you had?" Spock asked. Even as he said the words, he still wasn't sure he wanted the answer. But Jim's experience was vastly greater than his own. From a purely scientific perspective, he needed to know how much greater, quantitatively.

"Why?" Jim laughed. Spock was relieved by the laughter, afraid he would anger Jim with the question.

"My experience has been very limited," Spock said, hoping that was enough of an answer.

"It's not a contest," Jim assured him, closing his eyes for a moment. "13."

"Oh," Spock said, unable to think of anything else to say.

"You thought it was more, didn't you?" Jim asked knowingly, the smile still threatening to melt the last of Spock's Vulcan reserve.

"I… could not imagine what the number might be," Spock said.

"But if you were to guess, you would have said a lot more."

"Yes," Spock said, almost embarrassed by his answer. "I apologize."

"You don't have any reason to," Jim assured him. "My reputation as a man-whore is well known, even to me. There was a time it bothered me. Not any longer."

"You have done nothing to rectify those incorrect assumptions."

Jim shrugged one bare shoulder at that. "Wouldn't do any good. Protesting too much never helps. And people will believe what they believe. I like to flirt. Or I did," he corrected, looking at Spock. "If people think I bed anything with a pulse, I'm not going to be able to change that. Except now they'll know the only person I have any interest in bedding is right here, right now."

Spock nodded at that answer, shifting closer to kiss Jim's smiling lips.

"Anything else you want to know about my semi-sordid past?"

"Not at the moment," Spock said, mesmerized by the fact that Jim was actually in bed with him. After wanting him to be for so long a time.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to make love to you?" Jim asked in a lazily sexy voice, echoing Spock's own thoughts.

"I have no facts on which to base a hypothesis," Spock said, rewarded with Jim's laugh.

"Do you want to know? Are you curious?"

"All scientists are by nature inquisitive."

"Why do I feel like I'm back in a lecture hall at the Academy?" Jim laughed.

"I cannot form a hypothesis for that query either."

Jim laughed again, shaking his head. "I've wanted to make love to you since the first time I saw you."

"When I had you brought up on charges?"

"Yeah," Jim agreed with a smile. "I figured if I succeeded in seducing you, you'd lighten up some."

"I see. And have I?"

"You aren't nearly the hard-ass you want everyone to believe," Jim said knowingly. "I fell in love with you when you asked if I had chosen a First Officer yet."

"At that instance?" Spock asked, slightly breathless.

"Probably before that. But I wasn't willing to let you break my heart. I was afraid you'd go to Vulcan II so I refused to admit I cared. When you submitted your candidacy to be my First Officer, I knew it was safe to let my heart be in charge," Jim said, the words coming easily, soothing an ache Spock didn't know he had been feeling until it was gone. Jim loved him. Had always loved him. While it wasn't a surprise, it was most definitely a relief. "You thought I was only interested in your body?" Jim laughed.

"No. I was unaware of the depth of your feeling," Spock admitted.

"I know. And I'm sorry."

"You have done nothing for which you need apologize," Spock assured him. "I was equally hesitant to broach the subject with you."

"Because you thought I was too busy sleeping with the crew."

"I never believed that," Spock said, shaking his head. "You are too honorable to do so."

"I never thought I'd hear you describe me as honorable," Jim said with a smile.

"Another error on my part," Spock admitted, kissing him.

"So," Jim said, pulling his knees under him so that he could raise up enough to really see Spock.

"So?" Spock echoed, studying his Human's bare body with an expression verging on worship.

"If I were to discover, purely by accident, one of your secret fantasies, what would it be?" Jim asked, his right hand caressing Spock's chest and making it hard for him to think.

"I have no idea," Spock said, not caring about fantasies. Jim was there. That was fulfillment enough for one Vulcan's lifetime.

"What about mingling puffins?" Jim suggested in a seductive whisper, made all the more tempting by the teasing kisses he was barely giving to Spock.

"If it would please you," Spock responded, Jim laughing and laying on top of him, kissing him thoroughly and completely.