Spartans' First Step Toward Freedom for All

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"Normal speech."



Flashback or Future yet to come.

"Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be , what you can be, what you will be." - General Douglas MacArthur

0=0=0=(Story Start)=0=0=0

As Leo and Hawk teams' pelicans head off toward Chris' location that few miles away from their current location, Lara contacted Dragon team notifying them of their reinforcement.

Chris took initiative by carefully hidden himself on top of the trees of the forest, he carefully creep along the through the treetops as few Purists' Sutherlands scout around the area. The Purists who's scouting the area split up and went farther from the main group in attempt to find the 'last' Spartan. The Purists are anticipating Chris would attempt to rescue his team.

Bad news for the Purists, they were right, as Chris carefully creep through the treetops sneaking up on a lone Sutherland from the rear. He took out a E.S. blade and extended it to full length, he took a deep breath before leaping onto the Sutherland's cockpit impaling the blade through the roof and the pilot's head killing him before he could make a sound.

Chris force open the Sutherland's cockpit, then toss the dead pilot onto the ground. He got in and closed the hatch, he move to the main group while preparing the assault rifle.

"Reinforcement ETA in ten minutes." Lara informed as Chris is closing in on the main group, before stopping just seventy yards away.

A Sutherland turn toward Chris' direction before being shredded by a hail of bullets, the rest of the Purists quickly turn their weapons at Chris as he kept firing upon them.

The Purists who were assigned to watch over Benji and Kite at gunpoint turn their attentions. They learn not to the hard way as Benji and Kite sprung to action.

As Benji rear back his right fist before slamming it against one of the Sutherlands leg toppling it over by the sudden force. The other Purists turn toward their 'captives' before being taken down by concentrated fire from both Spartans' MA5Bs. Just as the Purists who avoided from being fire upon by the Spartans, two were hit by slash harkens as one decapitating the left arm while the other right leg. A purist appear on Chris' left side fires a large cannon, Chris moves his knightmare back but loss the right leg while evading.

Chris turns the knightmare around so the back was facing the Purist who's reloading his cannon. The insane Spartan activates the cockpit ejection system, send the cockpit flying at the Purist, just as the cockpit was sent flying Chris took out his blade and cut an opening at the side before leaping out. The Purist brought up his cannon just as the ejected cockpit slam into him, he accidentally fired his cannon as he was tumbling to the ground, sending himself flying before falling on his back.

Benji jump onto a Sutherland's cockpit, then punch his left fist through the cockpit and into the pilot's skull. Kite duck under a cannon fire just as the Purist reloads his cannon.

Just as Kite was about to shoot at the knightmare, a blade flew right into the side of the cockpit stabbing through it killing the pilot by impaling through the heart from the side.

Chris who just threw his blade took out two more blades, before charging three Purists who's firing at him. He dodges every shot but few were able to nicked his shield just as he slice one Sutherland's leg off. He threw his left blade into another Sutherland's factsphere, before leaping on the cockpit. Chris thrust down his remaining blade then pulling it out just in time to avoid being hit by a stream of bullets.

Just as Chris about to charge at the third Sutherland, a red laser punch through the cockpit before it explode.

Two armor figures appear from the forest armed to the teeth, one on the left was small comparison to her companion on the right.

The small slender figure cladding in Gungnir chest armor attachment, UA/Multi-Threat shoulder armors, with Tactical/TACPAD on her left forearm, attached on her left thigh is a Tactical/SOFT CASE, and on her head is a Recon helmet with gold color visor. She heft her Spartan Laser onto her shoulder, attached to her back is a SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, and one M7S SMG attach to each of her thighs. Her armor's primary color was steel, while her secondary color is silver.

Her companion is a slim built figure cladding in Mark V armor with a modified AA helmet, on both of her shoulders is the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/FJ/PARA variant, on her knees is MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mk. V G variant knee guard, and attached to her left forearm is a Tactical/TACPAD. The primary color of her armor is violet with a secondary color light blue. She is carrying a modified M301 40mm Grenade Launcher, with a mod M6G Magnum Sidearm on her right thigh, and on her back is a mod M45 Tactical Shotgun.

Chris' HUD shown their names as Joan and Mathilda. They ran into the open field heading toward the closes Sutherlands' remains for cover.

But a Purist turn his attention toward the smallest Spartan who's lagging behind of the bigger Spartan. He was about to fire a grenade at Joan, until a small cylinder object bounce off of his Sutherland's factsphere, the small object emitted a sound of tea kettle whistling. It exploded short circuiting the knightmare's system just before being blasted by Joan's Spartan Laser.

Mathilda reloaded another grenade round into her modified grenade launcher, then firing it over toward the closest Sutherland to Benji. The grenade impact it cockpit and emitted an EMP blast short circuiting.

Another laser blast through the Sutherland from a different direction. Then another pair of Spartans came from the direction of the second laser.

Krom who fired the shot is wearing MJOLNIR/HP/HALO chest armor with U/A multithreat utility, his shoulder armor is Commando shoulders, and on his head is CRBN Gungnir helmet. His whole armor color is crimson red. He carries a Spartan Laser on his left shoulder, on his back is a M41 SSR, and on his right arm is a portable T261 Lucifer Arm-Mounted Gatling Gun.

Krom start raining death upon the Purist in a hail of HE rounds tearing the knightmares apart.

His partner, Jin, is clad in teal color MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/C variant, his visor color is silver, on his shoulders in FJ/PARA shoulder pauldron, and on his knees is Grenadier knee guards.

He ran pass Krom carrying a Gravity Hammer in his hands charging at a Purist, who's arrogant enough to believe the hammer won't do much damage, stood his ground and had his cockpit sent flying like a baseball or a grifball when Jin strike the Sutherland's chest.

The Sutherland behind the knightmare Jin had struck was knock onto it's back from being hit by a forcibly ejected cockpit. Then was destroyed by a laser fire from Joan behind cover.

Silvano appear in a silver colored armor with similar EOD armor's chest piece, wearing a recon helmet that appears to be on fire in blue flames, on both of his shoulders is recon shoulder pauldron, on his left arm is a Tactical/TACPAD, and on his left thigh is a Tactical/TRAUMA KIT. He's carrying a SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle in his hands, while on his back was a M41 SSR.

He fire two 14.5x114mm APFSDS rounds from his sniper rifle at a Sutherland who came back early from scouting, one round went into a factsphere and the second into the large pod he assumes is the cockpit.

The cockpit was lightly armor as standard, which allowed the 14.5mm round to punch through, and into the bottom part of the pilot's right lung.

Yumi charge into the a Sutherland few yards away from Benji knocking it off balance, before finishing it off with a round from the grenade launcher attachment on her MA5C assault rifle. The grenade round blew off a chunk of the cockpit including the part of the pilot's left side from the liver to the guy's leg.

She's clad in MJOLNIR Mk. V base helmet with gold visor, with Hayabusa chestpiece and shoulder pauldrons, on her left wrist is Tactical/TACPAD, attached to her left thigh UA/NxRA utility, attach on her knees is Grenadier knee guards. Her armor's primary color is blue with a secondary color of black.

Then another Spartan drop from the sky and squash a Sutherland's factsphere. Benji instantly recognize the Spartan to be his friend, Julian.

Julian was in his EOD helmet with his golden visor, with CQC shoulder armor on his left, on his right is Commando shoulder armor, Assault/Commando chest armor attachment, Tactical/TACPAD on his left forearm, with Tactical/HARD CASE on his left thigh, and Grenadier knee guards. His whole armor is blue color. He's carrying MA5B with grenade launcher attachment in his hands, with combat knife hidden under his gauntlet, on his right thigh is a M7 SMG and on the left is a M6G Magnum.

He charges in with his team right behind him ready to shred the Purist Faction.

Jax wearing his Gungnir helmet with HU/RS attachment and silver visor, Gungnir shoulder armors, Tactical/LRP chest armor attachments, Assault/Breacher on his wrist, and Gungnir knee guards. The armor's primary color is cyan with a secondary color of teal. He carries a MA5B with grenade launcher just like his team leader, on his right thigh is a M6G Magnum, and attach to his left shoulder is a combat knife.

He fire off a flashbang before splitting off from the group while reloading a frag round into the grenade launcher attachment.

With Jax is Afanasi in his khaki color Grenadier helmet with silver visor and shoulder armors, Collar/Grenadier, and Grenadier knee guards. He carries a M90A Shotgun in his hands, M7 SMG on his right thigh, and a combat knife on his left shoulder.

Afanasi threw a frag grenade at a random Sutherland, it blew up at it factsphere damaging it.

Jenny in her EVA helmet with it silver visor, EVA shoulder armors, and on her chest is Tactical/Patrol chest armor attachment. The armor's primary color was sapphire and secondary color orchid. She carries a BR55 Battle Rifle in hands, on her right thigh was M7 SMG, and a combat knife.

She fires her Battle Rifle drawing a Purist's attention before he was blasted by a grenade launch by Vivi.

Vivi in her blue AA helmet, UA/Multi-Threat shoulder armors, on her chest is a Assault/Commando chest armor attachment, attached to her left arm is a Tactical/TACPAD, and attached to her left thigh is a Tactical/SOFT CASE. In her hands is a MA5B with grenade launcher attachment like her two teammates, on her her right thigh was a M6G Magnum, and a combat knife on her right shoulder.

To the right of five newly arrived Spartans was the last two of their team.

Chad in his Mark V[B] including a silver visor, with Gungnir shoulder armors, Grenadier knee guards. Attached to his back is a MA5B, a pair of SMGs attach on his hips, and another pair of combat knives on his shoulders.

He ran under few Sutherlands tossing plasma grenades at their cockpits, while Ray distract them with gunfire at their factspheres.

Ray clad in olive color Scout helmet with silver visor, Commando shoulder armors, and on his chest is Assault/Sapper chest armor attachment. In his hands was a DMR, on his right thigh is a M6G, and a combat knife on his left shoulder.

The surviving Purists' will to fight crumble as they witness more Spartans appear and tear their comrades to shreds. They quickly retreated as the Spartans stop slaughtering the Britannians.

The Spartans relax as the remaining Sutherlands disappear into the forest. Yumi and Julian walk to Benji who's sitting on the ground. Benji had a small smile knowing that some of his friends are still alive and he is reunited with them. Julian help Benji up as they nodded in a friendly greeting.

"Benji what happen to your team?" Yumi asked as Benji turn to her and was about to answer, before a massive pain erupted in his mind echo in a screeching sound. He grip his head in his hands as the pain continues to grow, his brain is throbbing in agony.

"Vivi, Silvano get over now!" Yumi ordered as Yumi and Julian were by Benji's sides helping him up.

Just as Vivi and Silvano reach to them, a explosion sounded off from a distance. Kite look toward the dark smoke from his position, until the headache return without the memory in smaller dose, the pain was still great as he try to stand, but fell onto his knee. Chris reach to his japanese friend before the same pain return, but Chris withstood the pain as he help Kite to his feet, and together walk toward their down friend.

Yumi place her left index and middle fingers to her helmet, activating her comm "Gavin! We need a extraction. NOW!" Yumi ordered with Benji leaning on her right shoulder in agony, draping his left arm over her shoulders. Draping his other arm over Silvano's shoulders as they help him to stand.

"Yumi I'll be there in ETA five minutes." Gavin said as he piloting their pelican toward them.

Yumi nodded as Silvano and her carried to a shaded spot under a Sutherland's wreckage. She let Benji down before turning toward the idle Spartans "Listen up people! Our extraction arrives in five minutes, before that happens we'll leave a parting 'gift' for these bastards." Yumi informed as the group already understood what she had in mind, Julian went to his team to assist. She turn her attention back to Benji as he takes off his helmet, he runs his hand through his white hair parting one side enough to reveal his right eye. He look at Yumi with a friendly yet tired face as the pain dulled "So Yumi how are ya?" Benji offered a small smile even as Yumi remain stoic, but to her fellow Spartans knowledge she's relieve to find more of their friends alive.

She shakes her head at Benji's laid back atitude after being rescue. Yumi look at the remaining members with her right eyebrow quirk slightly with a questioning look in her eyes. "Where's the rest of your team?" Yumi asked looking back to Benji only to receive a sorrow expression on him.

Understanding the look on his face, Yumi felt a bit of regret for asking the question. She place a hand on his shoulder in a somewhat comforting manner, but still remaining emotionless in outer appearance. As they sit there enjoying each others company, the other Spartans move around the area planting explosives of any sort including the remaining 102mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank Shaped Charges. Just then a pelican flew into the area and landed close to the Spartan leaders as the two other Spartans reach to their leader.

A Spartan appear as the hatch open, his identification appear on the Spartans' HUDs reading Gavin-H300, he was wearing a all white armor that consist of a Pilot helmet, ODST Bracers, and FJ/PARA knee guards. "Oi did someone order a pick up." Gavin said with a australian accent. The Spartans didn't say anything as they got on the pelican, the rest soon got on after finishing their assignments. The last three Spartans were middle of the field, they were Afanasi, Julian, and Krom. They're working on the last finish touch on their surprise with a mostly intact knightmare's cockpit next to it. Julian was activating a distress signal in the cockpit, while Afanasi was writing a large message in blood on the cockpit above the explosive device that Krom is working on.

They quickly jump in the pelican as soon as they finish, then all the Spartans speed away from the site as the Britainnians close in on the open field in forces.

The Britannians didn't notice the pelican that flew away, as they move to the distress signal. They kept heading toward the Spartans' last spot, before only encounter a field litter with remains of Purist's Sutherlands. They cautiously move toward the center of the field, until they come upon a seemingly intact cockpit.

A Britannian pilot got out of his knightmare and moved to assist the pilot in the intact ejected cockpit. Only to find it empty, so he move around the cockpit until he came upon a bomb set with a timer middle of countdown with few seconds left.

A message in blood was written on cockpit above the bomb 'Have a nice day bitches.'


With the Spartans...

(Song: Short Change Hero by The Heavy)

(A/N: Sorry can't help it, I just love the Borderlands 2 intro song)

As the Spartans fly away to their HQ, a giant explosion erupted before being follow by smaller explosions from their previous location. Few random Sutherlands' parts flew up into the air from the explosion, before falling back down.

Benji and Chris smile at the explosion, before fist bumping each other. Kite just took peak at his friends and sigh while resting his head against the interior wall of the pelican.

On the opposite side from them was Chad who's sharpening his knives not giving the explosion a second glance. Ray checking his DMR and counting remaining ammunitions on his person. Vivi was talking to Jenny and Jax taking short glances at Dragon team's new armors and Kite's sudden growth spurt of height. Afanasi was pointing at the explosions, while laughing his ass off. Julian just gave the one finger salute to the distancing unaware Britannians knowing they can't do anything about it.

Next to Dragon team was Hawk team. By the hatch is Krom who is leaning back against his seat with his arms crossed. Silvano was trying to flirt with Joan, before being swatted over the head by Mathilda for cutting her off in middle of her conversation with Joan. Joan just laugh lightly at her friends attics. Jin just sits by the cockpit's door staying quiet. In the cockpit Gavin was flying the pelican making any necessary adjustments to reach HQ without a problem. Yumi sitting behind him in the co-pilot's seat just look over a review of information her friends had collected while being in this dimension.

(Song end)

"So guys what you been up to?" Julian asked Dragon team as they took off their helmets.

"Just finishing this fight." Kite said nonchalantly still resting his head against the wall. "Well we're fighting for people's freedom, protecting the innocents, and now I'm guessing from our latest stunts we're participating this war." Benji said as Chris nodded his head while smiling like a insane man. "So what same old same old." Julian said before Yumi walk back in.

"Listen up people! When we land at Dragon's HQ we're going to assist in building your facilities, then start pumping out some troops and supplies." Yumi said as the Spartans just nodded in confirmation.

She turns to Dragon team with a blank stare "You guys obtained three of the Britannian mechs and did you make plans to mass produce them?" Yumi asked only for the three Spartans looking sheepishly at her. Yumi just sigh before shaking her head then head back into the cockpit. The three Spartans just let out a breath they unconsciously held in "Glad we dodge the bullet on that one." Chris whisper to his two teammates who just nodded they heads "Yeah don't want to end up like Georgia." Ben whisper which got Kite's attention "Who's Georgia? And what happened to him?" Kite asked which Benji and Chris just look at each other before turning to him "No one you know." Chris said "And you don't want to know." Benji said while Kite has a curious look on his face "I seriously want to know." Kite responded as the trip back to HQ was enjoyable as the Spartans talks amongst each other catching up with their brothers and sisters Spartans.


Minutes later at Tengoku Jizen...

The pelican landed by the entrance of the Tengoku Jizen Fortress' hangar door.

The Spartans jump out stretching their limps before heading in. Lara was standing in the middle of the hangar waited for their return "Lara how's progress while we were out?" Benji asked walking pass her, she just smile at her spartans, relief of their well-beings "Well besides having friends dropping by with extra supply of resources, I nearly finish with the bioroid facility." She said Benji nods.

"That's great, hopefully with some troops backing us up we could turn this war around." Benji said but Lara cut in.

"But that still present a problem of creating human bodies, this base has limited knowledge of flash cloning even with the frigates flash cloning systems, cloning a entire human being is impossible as they will died eventually from various neurological and physiological diseases." Lara explained before an idea pop into her mind, she then has a certain look on her face which cause Benji quirking his eyebrow at her.

"I have an idea, but I need more time, so why don't you Spartans help build the factories, while I do a bit more research." Lara said before leaving giving the Spartans no chance of having a say in it.




"I... guess we better... start working, come on everyone." Julian said herding the group to the incomplete factories. Leaving Benji behind for a moment before he join them.


Hours later in hangar...

"Phew... that was tiring." Kite said wiping off some sweat from his forehead. The others were taking a break from the labor. They already finished up all the factories and started up their production of salvaged firearms from the decease soldiers of JLF and Britannia. The factories produced many assault rifles of both countries. A few factories were larger than the rest built Sutherlands from the blueprints of their current number of knightmares. While all that was happening Benji was on a terminal setting up few dealings already with some resistance cells.

"Hey Yumi would you mind coming over here?" Benji asked without taking his eyes off the screen. Yumi walked over to him and look over his shoulder at his work. "Let me guess. You set up some orders already and want me to deal with them." Yumi said in more of a statement. Benji could only scratch the back of his head trying not to look sheepishly. She just sigh before accepting the position, just as she was about to head back to her group Benji spoke up "Oh and you'll need to be in civvies when you meet them." Yumi just pause a moment before continuing on. Most of the Spartans start packing up the weapons into crates, before start loading up onto a pelican.

Except Vivi, Silvano, and Yuna who just drag Benji, Chris, and Kite to the med bay to run diagnostic.

"Are you sure you three never experience such thing before?" Vivi asked while Yuna was performing a full body scan on Dragon team.

"We're sure." Kite said a bit impatient as Silvano checking off somethings on a terminal.

"Hmmm... From what I just detected Dragon team got a slight boost in their augmentation, nothing note worthy at all." Yuna said still scanning Vivi then just thought up on something.

"You three said you all got into that pod thing and it simply upgraded your armors , then giving you a slight physical change." Vivi reinstated as the three just nodded only for her to 'hm' again. "Well I think it might be the your new armors, but just to be sure let have Mathilda and Jenny take a look on them." Vivi said before the they take the new upgraded armors to a small laboratory.

Mathilda and Jenny arrived into the room, before been inform why they were called. They began to work with the assistance of Yuna, the work was quick with just a scanned on the armored suits and found loads of information of it capabilities.

"Ok the scans states the armors increases combat efficiency by twenty percent, but it also put a massive strain on the wearer the longer the duration of wearing it." Yuna said looking at the data they just collected from the armors.

"Great a double edged." Benji stated while massaging the bridge of his nose. Mathilda just nodded to the statement, Kite and Chris share a look before turning to the others.

"So does this mean we can't use it?"

"You can use it, but it should probably be as last resort kind of thing."

"I guess we're back to our old armors huh?"


Chris and Kite are satisfied with the answers, before leaving the lab. Benji just look to Yuna before asking "Is the factories capable of producing Spartan's armors?" Yuna just smile and nodded.

"You be surprise of what the systems is installed into those factories." Yuna said still smiling.

"I guessing some form of fabrication system?"

"From when we were assembling the interior of the factories I sure of it." Mathilda said with Jenny nodding in support just before they left the room. Benji soon follow as Yuna disappear back to the hangar.

Just as Benji arrive Chris and Kite both started messing with the consoles to a factory producing their new old Spartan armors. This time they changed their armors' colors, before they putting them on. Benji change his colors to primary to blue and secondary to silver , Chris to green and white, and Kite to a blue and steel. Benji and Chris look at their armors with a small smile on their faces.

"It has been a long time since we worn these colors hasn't it?"

"Yup, I'm just glad we're not part of that 'project' anymore."

"Yeah you were so close to attempt on the Director's life."

Kite look at his friends with a even more curious look "What are you two talking about?" he asked. "Nothing for you to worry about... I hope." Benji responded only saying the last part quietly to himself. They quickly join the others in loading the remaining crates onto the pelican.

"Hurry up guys, these guns and ammos needs to be deliver right away." Yumi said loaded a crate before heading back to grab another.

"Who are we supplying for anyway?" Gavin asked as he loading a crate full of weapons onto the pelican.

"The resistance cells, the Japanese Liberation Front, and whomever we can help." Benji explained before loading a crate full of ammunition.

The Spartans kept loading more crates onto the pelican "Jane how's the knightmare production?" Julian asked as Jane pop up from a nearby holotank with a smile on her face "Well it's good, but not fast enough for an army unless we have more factories." Jane said before Lara appear next to her.

"Good news everyone I reverse engineer the Forerunner pod that contains my body, turns out the pod creates my body so as long as it has a sample of DNA of the person it creates a blank body, until someone puts in the body's characteristics." Lara explained with a smirk on her face.

"So you basically applied that tech to the bioroid facility in finishing it." Benji said realize where this is leading, Lara only smile on that.

"You guess right. And you remember those gems that contains your DNA"


"I could use your DNA and start producing bioroids immediately-"

"For some reason I'm hearing a but coming."

"-but accelerating their growths to a certain point still takes time."

"Alright we're going to have to wait that's ok."

"So leave your DNA here with me."




"You're going to be late for school." and that cause Dragon team to groan making the others laugh.

"What are you guys laughing some of you are going with them as well." that cause the room to go total silence. "Some of you are age appropriate to still go to school, so no point in arguing." that sentence just cause Silvano, Jin, Joan, Julian, Jenny, Vivi, and Afanasi shoulders to slump.


Hours later at Ashford Academy...

The Spartans walk into the academy with even more attention than usual, since the academy has more 'transfer students' than before. Only reason nobody was suspicious of them was their backgrounds composed by Lara.

At the student council clubhouse the usual members gather for their regular everyday morning with Milly plotting some grand scheme. The sudden appearance of more new students drew Rivalz's attention.

"Who are these people?" Rivalz asked to no one particular as more 'transfer students' came to Ashford Academy.

'They're suspicious, they seemed to already know each others, it's probably my imagination from the stress of being Zero.' Lelouch thought as he return to try relaxing before Milly bring up a daily event.

As for Milly Ashford, she got a grand idea that involves the transfer students, while she mess around with Shirley again, as Nina still working on her secret project.

"Lelouch seems a bit stress today Miss Sayoko." Nunally said as she was push into the student council room in her wheelchair by Sayoko.

"Yes he does." Sayoko responded as she help Nunally to her friends.

To Be Continue...


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