A Day of Study

This is the first chap...ENJOY!!

The day was hottest on record,no kids played on the sidewalk, nothing Todd sat on his bed staring blankly at his bedroom walls, his best friend,Harry, was on a date at the movies and that left vlad alone waiting for Nelly's shift at the hosipital to be over. Vlad attempted to keep his thoughts from wandering to the matter of his once girlfriend (and still love) I bet she's on a date, or maybe partying, Vlad then let his thoughts wnader over to Nelly and Otis. Nelly had been super sad ever since Otis had suddenly left with no explanation, she was peppy around Vlad though and often encouraged him to hangout with his friends, and he did. Though Vlad really only went to THE CRYPT to drink Snow's blood, he did this every other day and he rarily did anything else. Harry was also never around, and when he was he always made Vlad feel worse.

Vlad suddenly realized that now was the perfect time for him to go over the prophecy Otis left for him, it was written it Vampire language but Vlad could easily decode it, in english it read One will come who will save our souls and ones heart, they now behold the power and is chased by the enemy. The first part made sense, somebody will come, they'll save the world and marry someone but the one? That part made no sense and which enemy were they refering to, Vlad had so many. He decided to go to his vampire book collection and pulled out a large pile of books, when all of a sudden he noticed his elongated fangs and so ran downstairs to grab a bloodbag, he only gllanced only once at Nelly's puffy,red eyes and tissue filled hands. He spent the rest of the night scouring the books and finally passed out at two in the morning.