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CHAPTER TWO!!!! (sort of)

"Jeame!" Lelouch and Suzaku both took off into the other room, seeing several men and women with helmets that shielded their eyes. Lelouch grabbed up Jeame and turned to run from the room but found himself surrounded.

"Give him to us, Lelouch." one of the men said, approaching Lelouch.

"No. Who are you and what do you want?" Suzaku stood in front of his loved ones.

"That is not important, and we want the child. He could be useful to us in many different ways." a woman spoke and pulled out a knife. "Now, if you don't cooperate, I'll just have to eliminate you both and take the child by force."

The amount of time Lelouch and Suzaku had spent with their son, neither one of them had seen any sign of Geass among him until this night where their lives were threatened. Jeame screamed and hid his face against Lelouch's neck, shutting his eyes tightly.

"Wh-where am I!?" the girl closest to them who held the knife dropped her weapon and stared off into the distance. "No! Stop it!" the girl could see everyone in the room, moving toward her with knives similar to the one she was holding. The people had wicked grins on their faces and began slashing at her stomach, face and chest. She screamed in pain and fell to the floor.

Lelouch, Suzaku and the others watched in disbelief as her body was torn apart before their eyes. The hallucination she had became reality and killed her, leaving her body in a pool of blood on the floor.

"Get them!"

"Run!" Suzaku shouted and shoved Lelouch and Jeame out the door. Suzaku's arm was grabbed and before he knew it, he was unable to follow behind his boyfriend and son.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch stopped and went to turn back but was told to keep going to protect their son.

Lelouch ran through the living room and to the door to leave.

"Daddy wait!" Jeame reached for the bear on the couch. Lelouch grabbed it quickly and dashed out the door, leaving his shoes behind.

Lelouch ran across the school campus, not seeing anyone that could help. He bolted through the front gate, feeling completely drained. Not only because of his low stamina, but the fact that he was carrying a child and running with no shoes.

In the distance Lelouch spotted a girl with long blonde hair, walking with a bag full of things.

"M-Milly!" Lelouch ran up to her. "Milly," he gasped for air, "W-we need help."

"Over there!" a few people shouted and began running toward them.

"What's going on?" she took Jeame.

"They're chasing us, they want Jeame." Lelouch dragged her away and could feel his legs wobble beneath him. "W-we need...need, a car..." they spotted a limo driving east.

"That's your brothers limo." Milly ran to the intersection and into the road, causing the car to slam on the breaks. "Help!" she ran over to the driver, pointing to the people that weren't that far away.

The man shook his head and began to drive again.

"Please!?" Lelouch stopped the window from rolling up and spoke to the man. "My son is in danger, please help us."


He turned toward the voice and saw his older brother, Prince Clovis, holding the door open and gazing at him.

"Clovis!" he ran over with Milly and Jeame and got into the back of the car. "Drive!" he yelled at the limo driver.

"Lelouch! I-I thought you were dead!" Clovis looked over his brother and smiled. "Look how much you've grown!" he hugged him tightly.

"Y-yeah..." he frowned and picked up Jeame who was now crying.

"Who's this?" Clovis smiled.

"He's your nephew..." Lelouch avoided making eyecontact with his brother.

"No way, you're joking, right?"

"I'm not joking. You know that project you were working on with C.C.? Well, Jeame is a result of many things that have happened..."

"Is he her son?"

"Ew, no." Lelouch frowned and sunk back in his seat. "He's mine...and Kururugi's."

"The honorary Britannian? But you're both men. How did that happen?"

"Long story, I'll tell you in the morning...But right now, we need to protect my son, and rescue my boyfriend..."

"Wait, so you're telling me...you got pregnant by this power..Geass, that I've been so interested in? And you obtained this, Geass, from the girl that I had captured and you let go while in the ghetto? Shit, this is quite strange." Clovis poured two cups of tea and handed one to Lelouch. "But, that wasn't that long ago. When did you say he was born?"

"Yes, that's how it happened. He was born a few months ago. He's growing very fast. Well, he was- now he's stuck at about four years old."

"He's an adorable child, really. Now, tell me more about what you know concerning Geass." he crossed his legs and smiled.

"I have the ability to control anyone to do anything, but only once. C.C. had the ability to make anyone love her and adore her. I don't know what other types of Geass are out there but last night we discovered Jeame's power." Lelouch's mind wandered to the images of the girl laying dead on the floor in a pool of her own blood, untouched by anyone in the room, destroyed by her own mind.

"Tell me more." Clovis blinked.

"Before I continue, what are you going to do about Suzaku?"

"Ah, I've alerted the military and they're on the search for him currently."

"Yes, understood. Jeame somehow made a girl hallucinate and whatever she saw in her mind, happened to her body. She died on the floor with what appeared to be knife wounds."

Clovis looked over at Jeame who was playing make believe with his bear. "He looks so...innocent. If he had done that, he must have imagined it. He doesn't seem like the type to picture things like that."

Lelouch explained to Clovis how smart Jeame was. He appeared sweet and innocent on the outside but inside his mind, he was constantly planning things out, imagining things and always learning.

"No if you want some tea you should go ask them yourself, I wont do it for you." Jeame spoke to his bear then frowned. "Fine, but only this once. You need to learn to get to know uncle Clovis and talk to him like a big bear." he picked up the bear and ran over to Lelouch and Clovis, smiling wide. "Kuma wants to know if we can have some tea, please."

"Kuma? What a cute name. What does it mean?" Clovis smiled and handed Jeame a small cup of tea.

"It means bear, it's Japanese. My daddy taught it to me." he sat on the floor and sipped out of the cup, pretending to share with his kuma.

"He is very smart." Clovis smiled and looked at Jeame. "Do you like to color?"

"Not really, I don't find it particularly fun...But I do enjoy painting."

Lelouch zoned out, losing himself in thought about Suzaku; where he was, if he was okay...

"Lelouch?" Clovis tried talking to his favorite little brother but received no response.

"He's thinking about daddy..." Jeame frowned and toyed with the ear of his bear. "I want to go take a bath..."

Lelouch stood up, still lost in thought, and lifted Jeame into his arms. They walked to the bathroom that was connected to the room they were staying in and he placed his son on the floor. He turned on the water and dumped some soap into the stream.

"Yay, bubbles!" Jeame removed his shirt and ran over to the tub.

"I'll let you two alone for now." Clovis closed the bathroom door and returned to his own quarters. Clovis was a more caring brother to Lelouch than the rest of their family. He loved Lelouch sometimes more than a brother, but their family was always quite strange when it came to the topic of romance. But all of that love for his younger brother caused Clovis to send out as many search parties as possible to find Suzaku to make his brother happy.

"Woosh!" Lelouch smiled as he swung Jeame up into the air and plopped him into the tub.

Jeame giggled. "Do we have toys?"

"No sweetheart, I'm sorry." Lelouch began helping Jeame with his hair.

"Daddy what's this?" Jeame lifted up his ankle, falling over backwards into the water.

"That's..." Lelouch ran his fingers across the small red mark that was upon Jeame's right ankle. "...Geass..."

"What's that mean?" he shook the water from his hair and stared at Lelouch.

"Nothing, sweetheart. We'll talk later..." Lelouch rinsed the soap from Jeame's hair and washed him up. "Are you going to stay in here and play for a while or would you like to get out now?"

"Play!" Jeame smiled and scooped up some bubbles, blowing them out of his hands.

"Okay, call me when you want to get out and I'll come get you." Lelouch left and laid down in bed. His head hurt badly and he just wanted to see Suzaku... Lelouch closed his eyes, dozing off to a time when he was a child, running around with his now missing boyfriend.

"He's asleep, I don't know where Jeame is though." Clovis walked into the bedroom with his younger sister, Euphie, trailing behind him.

"Are you sure it's alright for me to know about this...? Wont brother be angry?" Euphie looked over at her older brother who was fast asleep, clutching a pillow. She hadn't seen him in years, assuming he was dead due to the war. She could hardly contain her excitement but did because her youngest older brother was overly tired.

"It's fine~!" Clovis danced to the bathroom. "Jeame? Are you in here?"

"Yes I am. Is daddy sleeping? I called him a bunch of times and he never came...The water is cold, my skin is getting icky and I'm bored." he pouted.

"Awe, okay come here then." Clovis grabbed a towel and lifted Jeame from the tub, helping him dry off. "Do you have any clean clothing? You're so tiny!"

"No~..." Jeame pursed his lips and held the towel around him, running into the other room. "Oh...Hi." he looked at Euphie and cocked his head. "You're my daddy's sister? You look a lot like him...Except your eyes and hair. You're more happy too!" he smiled.

Euphie smiled. "Oh you're just too cute. How old are you, Jeame? My name is Euphie."

"I'm uhm..." he turned to Clovis who nodded, letting him know it was alright to tell her. "I'm only a few months old but daddy says that I'm actually about four right now...I stopped growing too but my mind is still growing...Um, do you have anything I could wear?" Jeame looked at Clovis again.

"We'll get you something right away." Clovis stepped from the room, finding a maid and asking her to run some errands for him. "Hopefully your father wakes up soon Jeame, I have to tell him something."

"I'll wake him up. Daddy~!" Jeame pretended to cry, and did a very good job at it.

"Jeajea? What's wrong?!" Lelouch woke up and jumped, grabbing at Jeame who had now stopped crying. "Oh now that's not funny." he frowned and looked at his brother and sister. "E-Euphie!"

"Lelouch!" she smiled and threw herself at him, embracing him in a large hug that basically smothered him with her breasts. "I'm so sorry that I have to reunite with you and leave so suddenly, but if I don't get back to my duties, Cornelia will have a fit!" she smiled.

"It's alright, I've missed you very much and am just glad that I got to see you at least once today."

Euphie left, closing the door behind her after saying goodbye to her bothers and nephew. Lelouch dressed Jeame into a nice striped t-shirt and some jeans, combing his hair out while Clovis talked about things to do with Suzaku and hiring protection for Lelouch and his son until everything was straightened out. Lelouch agreed and lifted his son into his arms, walking with Clovis to the tea room to meet up with their new protector.

"Lelouch, this is Gino Weinburg. I understand that he is close friends with your Suzaku. They work together and his family was also influenced with your mother." Clovis smiled at the very tall, blonde haired boy that was before him. "Mr. Weinburg, under the order of the Holy Britannian Empire, you are assigned to care for and protect Prince Lelouch vi Britannia and his son, Prince Jeame vi Kururugi."

"Yes, your highness." Gino bowed and turned to Lelouch and Jeame. "I will do everything in my power to protect you and your son until dismissed."

Jeame smiled and reached to Gino who received a nod from Lelouch to take him. "You're very close to my daddy, aren't you?"

"Yes I am."

Jeame smiled and twirled the braid in Gino's hair.

"You must be very close to Suzaku if Jeame took a liking to you so quickly. You don't have to be so formal with us, I haven't been a prince in about eight or nine years now. I'm going to the library to make a phone call or two, feel free to spend time with Jeame considering he likes you so much." Lelouch smiled and kissed Jeame's forehead. "Behave."

"Okay daddy."

Gino walked down the hall while holding onto Jeame's hand, showing him where everything was inside of the large palace. The small boy enjoyed opening new doors as they rounded corners and even ran across Clovis' art room.

"Can I paint something?" Jeame walked into the room and picked out a brush.

"That's up to your uncle, maybe we should go find him?"

"But I want to paint now...he's got a big pad there," Jeame pointed before picking it up and finding a blank page, "I only want to paint one."

"Okay kid. Just one, we don't want to get into trouble."

Jeame smiled and laid the paper on the floor, grabbing several more brushes and some oil paints.

"What are you going to paint?"

"Um, I think I want to paint me and daddy the other day under the trees." he picked up a brush and began painting figures. He painted blurred people in the background along with some buildings and light pink trees. More toward the front of the picture was Lelouch sitting under a tree, smiling as he watched Jeame run after a fallen blossom. The painting, (even still wet), looked just like a photograph that had been taken. The detail was done perfectly and everything Jeame could remember that time was in the painting.

"Wow...this is, amazing..." Gino looked it over in awe. "Where did you learn to paint like this?"

"I didn't learn, it just happens." Jeame leaned it against the wall to dry. "I want to find uncle now and show him my pretty painting of me and daddy."

"How old are you Jeame?"

"Four~..." he opened the door and took a hold of Gino's hand again, walking with him to find Clovis. "How old are you?"


"Are you going to get married when you're older?"

"That's a very personal question, but yes I hope to."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Me too, though. Only if I grow up...I'm done growing as far as we know and I think it might be weird marrying someone at my age of four...Hey, would you marry me, Gino? You're very nice and I like you..."

Gino laughed. "I don't think your parent's would approve of that. Especially if you stay four."

"Please~!?" Jeame smiled and lifted up his arms to Gino who gladly picked him up.

He laughed again. "You're moving kind of fast, we only just met about two hours ago. But sure, unless we fall in love with other people first, I'll marry you."

"Don't make such light promises, Gino." several people emerged from a hallway, wearing the same masks of the ones who were after Jeame. "Especially ones you might not be able to keep." they held up guns and pointed them at him.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" he clutched Jeame.

"That's for us to know and for you to never find out."

Gino turned and ran through the closest door to him. It was a small guest room that had a shared bathroom. He ran through the bathroom with the strange people behind him. He took off through the other door and into the bedroom that led back into the hallway. They ran quickly into the library only to find Lelouch, held from behind with a knife to his neck.

"Daddy!" Jeame screamed.

"Your highness!" Gino froze, trying to figure a way around this situation.

"Give us the child." Gino backed into the corner. "Or we'll shoot you, and his highness here." they now held a gun to Lelouch's head.

"D-don't give him to them!" Lelouch cried.

"We warned you." a woman fired her gun, aimed at Gino...but missed.

"Damnit! You missed you stupid fuck up!" one of the men began fighting with the woman.

"Jeame!" Lelouch struggled away and ran over to Gino and Jeame who were now down on the floor. "No, no no...please no..." he pressed his hand against the small bleeding hole that was through his sons chest. "Jeame, talk to daddy...p-please..."

"Either way, we're still taking the child. Studying his brain would be quite interesting."

"N-no..." Lelouch lifted the small lifeless form into his arms and sobbed heavily. "Daddy's here..."

"Oh...Lelouch..." Gino teared up. "I'm so sorry I can't be sorry e-enough."

He ignored Gino and played with the hair the draped in Jeame's face. "Don't leave me...You're one of the only things I have left..." he cried into Jeame's shoulder, holding him tightly.

But in Jeame's unconscious state, he was growing angry. He could see his father, Gino, and Suzaku who was now being dragged into the room. They were all lined up in the corner, getting ready to be shot while Jeame's lifeless form would be dragged off with them, leaving his new friend and his family dead.

"J-Jeame..." Suzaku knelt down for his final goodbyes with his family.

"You were all uncooperative and need to be punished for such." at the cock of the gun, Jeame's eyes snapped open.

"Leave- my- family- ALONE!" Jeame screamed, his eyes turning a bright, angry pink. One by one, the people in the room began catching on fire, their skin, hair and clothing melting as if acid had been poured on them.

"Holy...shit..." the three teenagers spoke together, unable to hear each other due to the loud screaming that came from their dying enemies.

"L-let's go!" Lelouch grabbed Jeame and ran out of the room, Suzaku and Gino not too far behind.

"What's going on?!" Gino shouted as they ran, Lelouch falling tired not even halfway down the hall.

"J-Jeame... I'll...later...." he gasped and stopped running, handing Jeame to Gino while he climbed up onto Suzaku's back.

"What I want to know is where is security? This palace is never this unprotected." Gino looked at Suzaku as they now slowed to a walk.

"They're dead. Most of them, others are locked up. We have to get a hold of the military, we can't risk saying that that was everyone in their group, because even though I was with them for a while, I don't know."

"By the way, nice to see you again, Suzaku." Gino laughed and found an emergency button that contacted a good portion of the military, (mostly the ones who worked for Prince Schneizel, including himself.)

A window popped up, containing a television. "What seems to be the problem?" a man wearing dark sunglasses appeared and cocked an eyebrow at the odd group of people on the other end of the screen.

"Is his highness Prince Schneizel available?" Suzaku questioned.

"His highness is quite busy, now if you'll excuse me this line is for emergencies only." he lifted a finger to hang up.

"I demand to speak with him!" Lelouch stepped forward and glared at the man.

"Says who?"

"My name is Lelouch vi Britannia, I am the eldest son of Empress Marianne, eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the seventeenth heir to the throne. Now, if you please, I'd like to speak with my brother."

The man gulped and nodded. "Y-yes, your highness..."

"My my...Little brother how you've grown." Schneizel sat down, smiling. "I can't believe you're still alive! Now, please tell me. What seems to be the problem that you had to activate an emergency alarm system?"

"The security system has been breached at the palace, more than half of the guards are dead and our lives could be in danger if we have not made sure that the...terrorists... have been eliminated."

Schneizel looked at the group before him, laughing. "Oh young Lulu, I didn't know you were old enough to have a child!"

"Well, I am." Lelouch smirked. "I will talk with you later. We have some catching up to do. Maybe a game of chess is in our future?"

"Yes, yes." he clicked off the screen.

Time was moving quickly, and things had been straightened out. Nunnally, Lelouch, Suzaku and young Jeame, had all moved into the palace. Lelouch and Suzaku had found Geass marks on their bodies, giving the sure sign that they would be immortal along with their child.

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