One day Harry was cutting himself with the glass from the mirror Sirius gave him when all of a sudden Snape rushed in to the room.

"No," he roared at Harry, "you cannot do this to yourself. Look, look what I did in the foolishness of my youth!"

Snape showed Harry the thin lines criss-crossing along his forearms.

"Is that my mother's name by your elbow?" he asked.

"Never you mind that, Harry," Snape replied. "Don't you see what a fool you are to be doing this to yourelf?"

"I-- I think I do, Sevvy. Won't you hold me for the night?"

"Yes. That I can do."

Author's note: Well, that's chapter 1 of a very special fic dedicated to my tasteless friend Ryuuichi009. Coming up, some graphic man-love and m-preg. What hole do you think the baby should come out of?