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Jumping Jacks


"Ali, give me back my Benny," five-year-old Bella Swan cried.

Alice Cullen held up Benny the bear hugging him tightly. "He's so soft!"

The bear was snatched from her hands by Alice's older brother Emmett. He was ten. "Here you go Bells."

Bella hugged Benny tightly and smiled. "Thank you Emmy."

Emmett smiled back and held out a bag of jumping jacks. "Wanna play with me?"

Bella nodded. "You are the bestest friend ever Emmy."

As Emmett dropped the jacks on the ground and prepared to drop the ball Renee walked up and picked up Bella. Emmett and Alice looked confused. Bella stared at Renee crying.

"You and I are going on trip Bella, you'll like it so much honey," Renee said plastering on a fake smile.

Bella started to cry triggering Alice and Emmett to cry.

That was the last time Bella saw her two best friends.


I hadn't been home since '97. It had been thirteen years. My mother, Renee Dwyer, had left my dad, Charlie Swan and gotten re-married. She took me from my home and from my friends. I kept in touch with my best friend Emmett Cullen. He even invited me back to Forks for his graduation. I couldn't go, Renee did not release me. I missed his graduation four years ago. Now I am going back, only because of the new baby. I don't want to be around to bother my mother's perfect world. According to Emmett, his parents are taking in his cousin, Edward Cullen. Carlisle's brother, Edward's son. I had met Edward Senior and his wife Elizabeth but I had never met Edward. Emmett also said that his parents were adopting some twins around our age. I had a lot to go home to.

"Bells, I can't believe it," Emmett said into the phone. "Alice is like head over heels for this kid, Jasper. I want to meet him so I can kick his ass."

"You'll be back from football before I get there right?"

Emmett was in Seattle for football practice at the University of Washington. "Hells yeah Bells. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Oh and just warning Alice doesn't know yet."

I groaned. "Why didn't you tell her?"

"You should tell her," he said. "I have to go. When you get there don't be freaked out but Mom has Eddie boy stayin' in your old room."

"Okay. Bye."

Emmett hung up and I continued my drive. I just pulled into Port Angeles and I stopped at the strip. I got out and walked up to La Bella Italia. Inside I made reservations for tonight. Back in my car I finally made my way home. I pulled up in front of the Cullen's house. Esme was outside working in her garden. I parked my Jaguar XK outside the garage. Esme looked up as I got out.

"Oh Bella! You're back!"

I ran up and hugged her tightly. "I missed you!"

"Hey Mom! Jazz and I were…" Alice's loud scream echoed across the Cullen's land. "BELLA!"

I was attacked by a blur of black and white. "Ung, Hi Alice, good to see you too."

"I am going to kill Emmett. I missed you. OHMYGOD! You have to meet Jazz and Rose and Edward and Dad will be happy and Charlie misses you. Sue, Seth, Leah, Jacob and Sam and…" My hand cut her off.


A red Jeep pulled up next to my Jag followed by a silver Volvo. "BELLS!"

I smiled. "Hey Emmy long time no see!"

Emmett got out of the Jeep and he looked the same as he did when he was ten, abnormally large. He had to be at least six five and his dark black-brown hair was short. His arms were bulky full of muscles. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He hugged me tightly. I laughed and hugged him back.

"Get a fucking room," a soft velvet voice growled. I turned to see a tall God with bronze hair walk past us and into the house.

"EDDIE DON'T BE SUCH A PUSSY!" Emmett shouted.

I giggled. "God I missed being home. Er, where am I staying? Emmett said that my room was taken. Lord knows I can't go home to Charlie cause of Seth and Leah."

"You will be sleeping on the pull out couch in the library until we finish your room," Alice chirped.

I nodded and grabbed my duffel bag. Alice frowned. "What?"

"That's it?"

"Yeah, so?"

Alice grimaced. "We need to go shopping. You, me and Rose. A girl's day out."

I sighed and walked inside. The library was my favorite room in the whole Cullen house. It used to be right across from my room, but now it was across from Edward's. I sighed and walked in closing the door. I dropped my bag and looked around. Every wall was covered in floor to ceiling shelves full of books, except the large window in between two shelves. Under the window was a large black pull out sofa. The only thing different from my childhood memories was the large black grand piano in the far corner by the romance novels. I ran my fingers caressingly across the side of the shining black surface. I lifted the key cover and sat on the bench. My fingers pressed into the keys slowly playing the soft beginning to All I Wanted by Paramore.

"Think of me when you're out, when you're out there. I'll beg you nice from my knees. And when the world treats you way too fairly. Well it's a shame I'm a dream. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. I think I'll pace my apartment a few times. And fall asleep on the couch. Wake up early to black and white re-runs. That escape from my mouth. Oh, oh. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. I could follow you to the beginning. Just to relieve the start. And maybe then you'd remember to slow down. At all of our favorite parts. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you. All I wanted was you."

"You know, I usually don't let anyone play my piano."

I gasped and jumped up backing away from the piano. "Sorry, I didn't know this was yours."

Edward was standing there. His messy bronze hair shimmering faintly. He was wearing and unbuttoned Oxford shirt, his muscles exposed. I licked my lips in my mind. Yum.

"Well now you do," he said softly. "I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Isabella Swan."

"Just Bella," I corrected. "And I knew you were Edward. You look like your parents."

He glared at me. "Don't talk about them."

I flinched and backed away.

"Let's get one thing straight. You will be in here a lot, stay away from my piano and I'll stay away from you." With that he left the room.

Angry tears filled my eyes. How could one person make me feel so much hate?

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