I, Kayla Blue, stared out the window of my upstairs bedroom. Stars sparkled in the deep indigo sky, and a white curved slice of moon glowed a bright unearthly shade of silvery white down on the world below. I sighed, running my fingers through my dark brown hair. It hung down to my shoulders, where it curled slightly inward.

Another fight with my brother, another grounding, and another couple hours seething in my room. More like a half hour seething, a half hour feeling sorry for myself, and then an hour boredom. I picked up my iPod touch - its back was smooth and cold - but quickly put it down again when I realized I'd forgotten to charge it. None of my books sounded interesting, either. My eyes fell on my DS lite. It was completely black in color, and the tips of my mouth turned slightly upward. Might as well get in another 20 minutes of gaming before the grounding really takes off.

I positioned myself cross-legged on my bed after retrieving the DS, resting against two comfortable sky-blue pillows. I flipped the handheld device open, turned the sound down all the way, and flicked the on switch. In a few seconds, Nintendogs came on, my virtual shiba inu and chihauhau scrambling to meet me. I briefly thought of popping in Animal Crossing: Wild World instead, but decided against it as the irresistable chihauhau puppy on the screen bowed playfully.

I lost track of time as I fed the puppies, cleaned them, took them for walks, and ensued in endless other activities. With dinner already eaten and my teeth already brushed, I had no reason to leave my room. After an hour or so, I saved my game and set the DS aside. I changed into my favorite fluffy winter pajamas, turned off the light, and settled into bed, carefully tucking in the creamy-white sheets.

As I drifted off to sleep, I promised myself with a faint smile on my face, Tomorrow I play Animal Crossing.

If only I knew...

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