The moon was a more desolate place than he'd imagined.
Previous asteroids had residents; albeit, most were foolish old men. But the fact remained that the moon was uninhabited, and it was not made of silver as he'd imagined. It was a disappointment, definitely.
Silent puffs of dust shivered with every step, settling on his ankles and the cuffs of his pants. No flowers grew there. On the other hand, there were no baobab trees either.
'But then there's no lamb to eat them.'
The place was cold, with no friendly volcanoes. It was utterly silent. But there were high points.
'I like these big canyons and mountains. They're very... imposing.' And then the boy began to feel a bit intimidated. He started to long for the cozy smallness of his own asteroid, where he could watch a sunset anytime he so wished, or he could clean the volcanoes, or he could tend to the plants. He felt a sharp pang then, remembering why he'd left.
The boy turned and found himself faced with the majestic sweep of a rocky hillside. He tightened his resolve and began scrambling up the skree.
'Majesty is all very nice, but it's nothing more than a big pile of rocks really. There are worse things. I can deal with this.'
He slipped many times, and once grazed his elbow. He had to stop then to extract a pebble from his skin. But eventually the boy found his was to the peak, and stood in triumph atop the hill. He smiled briefly, and then realized that he hadn't really beaten anything. Just a little hill.
Then he looked up.
The orb was blue and green. Great whorls of white traversed its surface as it hung in the sky, seeming almost close enough to hold in his hands. He was awed by the Earth, seen in all her splendor. The Prince found himself deposited on the top of the hill, mesmerized by the sight.
'It must be an awful long way from home... but I ought to go and see it.'