"Fiona!" The terrible screech rang through the entire house. Fiona jumped backwards as the bottle of juice that had been in her hand just seconds ago hit the table, cranberry juice flying from the opening, and clattered to the floor. Claire had jumped back as well, staring at her cashmere white sweater in horror. She looked up suddenly, zeroing in on her sister, eyes flashing.

"You just ruined my sweater!"

Fiona looked up to meet Claire's, still not quite absorbing what had just happened. Her eyes flicked down to the red stains on Claire's sweater and it quickly dawned on her that it was not the wrath of her mother for the sticky floor that she had to worry about.

"This is my favorite sweater!" Claire continued, voice still in a high screeching tone. "You mushroom!"

Fiona looked back up, an unwilling smile creeping onto her lips. Claire had some pretty creative insults that she liked to use, whether the situation was ridiculous along with the insult or not.

"Mushroom?" Fiona repeated, the humor coming through her tone. Claire's eyes turned hard, practically murderous, but Fiona didn't notice. "That's the best you could come up with?"

"Imbecile!" Claire bellowed, face turning red. Fiona found herself laughing.

"I'm shivering in fear!" she threw back, completely casual.

"Oh, my gosh, Fiona, you have such a black heart!" Claire yelled, throwing her hands in the air. Fiona could only keep laughing, though she felt something squeeze around her heart painfully. Claire stared incredulously at Fiona for a while, fists clenching and unclenching at her side.

"I hate you," she bit, voice low and quiet. Fiona's laughter died down, though it still danced in her eyes.

"You know what? I hate you, too," Fiona replied, her tone light and careless. Claire shook her head, almost dismissively.

"Screw you," she said, batting an arm at Fiona and walking away. Fiona watched her go for a moment before yelling out at her.

"You know something else, Claire? I wished you'd never been born! You're just a cry baby and a pain in the butt!"

Claire kept walking, not turning to acknowledge her. Fiona watched her fling the front door open, storming out and slamming the door shut behind her. The loud bang almost sounded like a shotgun, ringing through Fiona's core strangely. Fiona stared at the door, a chill suddenly running down her spine.

Maybe... Just maybe this once she could've... not let the fight go so far...

A/N: Dedicated to my own sister who, yes, has called me a mushroom before. Several times.

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