John Winchester was driving on the I-95 towards Bangor, Maine after hearing about a possible ghost hunt in the small city the day before. His sons, Sam and Dean, ages eight and twelve, were in the Impala's backseat. They'd recently awakened from the slumber they'd fallen into two hours earlier and were now starring out of their windows in boredom.

When a Volkswagen Bug passed Dean's window he suddenly got inspired. He grinned as an idea for fun formed in his head and turned to Sam. "Hey Sammy, how about we play Punch-Buggie?"

"What's that?" Sam questioned with curiosity.

"It's a game," Dean started to explain. "You look out the window and watch the cars go by and when you see one of those Bug cars you punch me and say punch buggie. I'll do the same when I see one."

Sam looked confused. "Bug cars? Do you mean like Herby?"

"Yes! The Bug can be any color though. Not just Herby's color."

"What's the point of the game?" Sam asked.

Dean shrugged. He wasn't sure. "There is no point, I guess. Besides just to pass the time and punch somebody as much as you can."

"Okay," Sam decided.

Dean and Sam returned to looking out their windows with intense expressions.

John who'd overheard every word his sons had spoken glanced into the rearview mirror and felt his mouth twitch at the sight of them.

When John returned his eyes to the road ahead of him Dean spotted another bug.

"Punch buggie!" he declared happily as he punched Sam in the left arm.

Sam punched him hard back.

"OW!" Dean complained. "Not so hard! You're supposed to only hit me when YOU see one. Don't return my hits!"

Sam blushed a little. "Sorry, Dean."

Just then a yellow Bug car passed his window and he smirked before punching Dean. "Punch buggie!"

Dean soon saw a red one and grinned after hitting his brother in the arm. "Punch buggie!"

Sam saw two Bug cars five minutes later in a row and then Dean saw one three minutes after those. Each time the boys punched each other in the arm and yelled out the game words.

They continued to punch each other until John got annoyed. "That's enough boys."

"Sorry Dad," Dean said sheepishly.

Sam unfortunately had been too focused on the game to hear his father. "Punch buggie!"

Dean winced and looked over into the mirror to his father to see how angry he was, hoping he wasn't furious.

Dean wasn't expecting what he saw in his father's expression. John wasn't angry but rather amused.

John met Dean's eyes in the mirror and they burst out laughing. Sam starred at them both wondering what was so funny and Dean punched Sam playfully in the arm.

"Hey!" Sam protested. "You said not to return punches!"

Sam's comment made Dean laugh even harder and he struggled to catch his breath.

John just smiled and shook his head. Kids.