Well, hi. Welcome to my latest work of madness.

I'm not sure if I can really explain this, but I'll try. There's something that circles the Internet (or at least - it's on a few sites I've seen) called the "100 Pic Challenge," giving you a word or phrase for you to draw a picture of. I thought this a neat idea, but I can't draw. At all. :)

So I changed one word in the title and challenged myself to 100 fics instead. I'll upload the better ones here.

My subject is Drakken, in case you couldn't guess by the title, but just about every other character on the show will pop up sooner or later. Story is rated K+, but a few segments may border on a T. I'll post a warning before those, and if anyone thinks I should change the rating, let me know and I will.

No real order to these. There could be a story about him all reformed after Graduation, and the next one may be about him as a seven-year-old. Just so you know.

Is that it? I think so. Okay - enjoy.


When she reached up and pinched his cheek, his heart started to pound. Hard.

When she smiled at him - that gap between her teeth was kind of cute - his stomach felt like he'd swallowed a whole colony of butterflies. And on the hovercraft ride home, they were kind of squeezed together, so she leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder. He didn't know it was possible for hands to sweat, but they did. Oh, man, they did.

At first, he thought he was coming down with the flu. Only when Shego started teasing him did he realize what was going on.

She still hasn't let up, though. "Drakken and Amy, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

He flops down into a chair. "Knock it off, Shego."

"First comes love, then comes marriage -"

"I told you to knock it off!" He can feel the tears threatening, and he hates that.

"Then comes Drakken with a baby carriage!"

He squinches his face up as hard as he can to keep the tears from rolling out. His cheeks feel all warm for some bizarre reason. Maybe this is the flu after all. "Shego, keep that up and I will dock your paycheck!"

Shego leans down in front of the chair, eyes sparkling. She's not the least bit put off by that. "What's the matter, Dr. D.? Never had a crush before?"

Crush. It's a bizarre word. Makes him think of Eddy and the way he wants to smash everything in his path. He never understood that. Eddy's mom - his aunt - always said it was just him being male. He's not sure; he's male, after all, and he's never gotten the urge to crush much of anything. Except Kim Possible. But she doesn't count.

But they shouldn't call it a "crush." The word is too heavy, too dull, too fierce-sounding. They should call it something much more accurate. Like a warmth. Or a flutter.

Of course, the word is probably the least confusing part of all of this. Give him a doomsday device, and he can dissectit and know exactly what each part does. He can't really explain it (words aren't his strong point), but he knows it. This - this is something bizarre with no rules set in stone, no pattern that can be traced, nothing scientific that is steady and sure.

He considers Shego's question again. Sure, he's had crushes before. There was that nice little girl in first grade - they took turns pushing each other on the swing at recess. She even kept the dandelion he'd picked for her until it wilted.

And his seventh-grade science teacher who told him he was her best student. For the next two months, every apple Mother bought at the grocery store wound up on her desk.

And that pretty girl back in high school who said his glasses were cute. At the class Christmas party, someone had shoved the two of them under the mistletoe decoration. She was ready. He wasn't. So he blurted out something about needing to go to the bathroom really badly and hightailed it out of there.

"Doc? Doc?" Shego snaps her fingers in front of his face. "Earth to Drakken. Paging Drakken. Come in, Drakken."

"Stop it, Shego!" he spits out. "I was just -"

Her mouth twitches. "Daydreaming about DNAmy?"

He slaps his hands over his ears. "I can't hear you! La-la-la-la-la-la!"

That's a lie. He can still hear her laugh and say, "Yep. Consider yourself crushed."

He clamps his hands tighter. "Still can't hear you!"

Then she reaches up and bats his ponytail, and he has to take his hands down to swat her away. No one touches the tail.

DNAmy comes in then, carrying a plate of - are those gingersnaps? His stomach rumbles. She is about perfect.

"Baked some cookies for you, Honey-Bunny," she chirps out in that sweet little voice of hers. "I heard you like them."

Shego snorts. "That's an understatement."

"I-I-I." His mouth is malfunctioning. He swallows hard to get some saliva going. "I do. I love cookies."

DNAmy gives her nose a playful wrinkle and hands him a cookie. As she does, her hands brush against his sweaty ones for an instant.

His knees go weak.

Consider me - fluttered.

Note: I'm not an avid shipper of any particular couples (except K/R), but I thought Partners was an adorable episode, and, hey, nobody writes Drakken/DNAmy - so I thought I'd be different. :)