Five Years After The Ghost of Rochester

It was a cold windy night; Carlisle and Esme were completely alone in the house. They were embracing each other with their cold stone bodies together. They had their hands tightly clutch together as the sound of a heavy wind beating against the glass windows. They were alone in the house. They could only hear each other breathing despite the loud thunder from the outside storm. It was a beautiful sound, they were completely fascinated with each other as they heard the pitter patter of hail beating against the roof.

"Do you think the children?" Esme asked looking at the window.

"They'll be fine," Carlisle answered. "Alice and Jasper are in Seattle, Rosalie and Emmett are visiting Edward and Bella."

They began to kiss, Esme than heard a soft sound of leaves crunching through the woods. They stopped for a second; someone was out there, they heard the sound of footsteps in the leaves.

Was it a human? They couldn't smell the temptation of human blood. So, it could not have been a human. Was it a vampire? They couldn't smell the fresh floral scent ether, nor could they smell the wet dog scent. It was strange; this person clearly had no scent, it was as if this mysterious visitor had no body to produce a scent. They heard the soft footsteps coming up the stairs, followed by a harsh tap on the floor that caused pain in their ears.

"Who could be out there?" Esme asked clutching to her husband as they came down to the living room.

"I don't see anybody," Carlisle said as looked out towards the window.

"I can certainly hear them?" Esme said as she came by his side.

"I do, too." Carlisle informed her; listening to the footsteps, coming up the stairs at a soft, slow pattern. A hard knock came across the door with a soft voice calling "Would you, please let me in?"

"Who is it?" Esme asked.

"You know, who I am. Now, let me in." The voice was strangely familiar, but could not be placed. It was a strange voice, with a high-pitched tone that matched perfectly with the soft wind.

"Why are you here?" Carlisle asked.

"I came to see my daughter. " The voice answered, "I have terrible news. And, can only be told in person."

"Email? Phone?" Carlisle whispered to Esme; as she nodded, confused as well.

"My condition doesn't allow me to use technology," The woman said in a lingering tone.

"May, we ask who you are?" Esme said fearfully. They saw another face come through the door. Lighting struck, they saw the figure instantly that was horrifying. She was a shady white-gray with a large red bloch that covered her head; staining her blond hair as it ran down her frozen face. She was wearing what appeared to be an old prison uniform that was rip and covered with snow, even in the middle of summer. It was only a short second, but the image was so gruesome that anyone could have memorized it. The lighting struck again, and the figure of a woman that they had known as Mrs. Hale appeared in their living room. Becoming the whole elegant woman that would have snubbed them back when they lived in Rochester.

"Mrs. Hale, you can call me Lillian because I would assume you consider me family by now after living with my daughter and son-in-law for so long." Lillian said as her transparent violate eyes peered to them. "It is very nice to see you again, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen."