Rosalie stayed with Emmett, as he gave her a tour of the woods. They went out and found a bear for dinner, and made their way back to the cabin; after they finished drinking the bear dry. Rosalie being secretly aware; worried they might run into someone, as they climb back up the mountain. Whom Rosalie saw, was someone she didn't expect or want to see. It was another ghost, with her fading skin and her transparent self that reeked of various drugs. It was Tracy, the ghost who haunted Rosalie's old home; seeking her mother's attention. Tracy looked upon Rosalie with jealousy. Rosalie was the daughter Lillian was looking for, while Tracy was the girl who showed up along the way with the desire to be mothered. She stood outside the cabin, with her inch long fingernails folded against her chest smoking. When Tracy stopped and threw the cig against the ground, there was no ember but the scent remained.

"What are you doing here?" Rosalie asked.

"I've got a message," She said rolling her eyes. "They are under the impression I am worried about your safety."

"What's the message," Emmett asked, knowing Rosalie annoyance with her.

Rosalie hated this ghost for a number of reasons. One was her wild ways in life, which she seemed to promote after her death. Another was her hatred of vampires; she hung out with gangs making herself vulnerable and unmissed, in which one could take advantage of. The third and final reason that really deeply bothered Rosalie was the ghost; Tracy had attached herself to. It seems this Tracy has gotten to her mother, to the point where Tracy considered Lillian Hale her own mother. She has also made her spirit needy enough to have her mother devote time to her. When she had so much hatred for her other daughter do to what she is, and that being it.

"You're not going to care," Tracy sighed.

"What makes you say that?" Rosalie asked.

"Because, vampires don't care about anyone but themselves," Tracy answered. "I am proof of that."

Tracy remembered begging that vile being to stop as blood drained form her body. The vampire who attacked her showed no remorse. She knew many people, who were related to vampires. Lillian and Frank, she tolerated. Tracy thought Thomas Cullen was a liar, as well as the others he connected to Lillian too. And those Spaniards and Slovaks; she didn't believe them either considering other ghost had claimed them to be lies. Tracy believed the Subbcomb victims over the Subbcomb relatives. They were all the same, whether they were the vampire of Thomas's museum ghost friends all connected to a leach infected clock tower, or the Mexican ghosts Julia was connected with in Texas. The ones who were trying to form treaties on behalf of their vampires to give them peace. They were all the same blood-thieving monsters; no different from the one whom took her life. Tracy didn't expect, Emmett or Rosalie to be any different.

"Just tell us what they want," Rosalie snapped.

"Emily and Agape can't be found, but they contacted Corinna. She is the cousin of some Italian that turned Emily's siblings. Apparently, Galenos's son is their co-ruler, along with Agape's father." Tracy shrugged. "Amunet came and told me this afternoon, she thinks I should return to Rochester."

"She is very smart, who is she?" Rosalie asked.

"She's the sister of some vampire in Egypt, she stays with her mummy in the Rochester World History Museum." Tracy shrugged, not caring. "She was forced out after relatives of some vampire her brother created started to threaten to destroy their home by wind, fire or flooding. She hates that vampire, but her brother is attached to him."

"Thank you for telling us," Rosalie said, caring even less. She and Emmett then went back into the cabin, as Tracy disappeared with a sleek smile. Rosalie helped Emmett clean the cabin some more; while he fixed up the doorpost, and repaired the fireplace. Rosalie went to clean the years of dirt off the windows, making them clean and clear once more. She rubbed hard against the mud, flicking the dry mold to see through the cracked glass and open the window for fresh air.

Rosalie saw that girl again it was that previous fair hair toddler that someone had slaughtered millenniums ago. She was in the back yard; sitting at the mountainside meadow that was a downward sea of green, with splashes and splashes of wild flowers. The girl was sitting there, with her white dress stain with the wild flower pollen, and her blood covered cheeks deep in the scent as her fingers touched the blooms. The girl looked up, and saw Rosalie. The girl's face widen, she stood up and started running to Rosalie. She then disappeared.

"Tracy," Rosalie called, turning her attention towards the reason they came here. "Has Frank ever mentioned were his son might be?"

"Maybe?" Tracy answered, in a sly like manner. "I have more connections than you think."

"That's obvious. Is that why my mother sent you?" Rosalie asked.

"But it won't stop us from sending you back," Emmett warned frustrated.

"I was sent to help you, but it wasn't by your mother." Tracy said as she disappeared then appeared on the other side of the cabin. "Lillian had a visitor after you left; one that's also loyal to Thomas Cullen, but more loyal to Lillian Hale. And, she's more loyal to him also. I was asked to help with this current situation. Lillian sent me to help them, which brought me to this land."

"Who?" Rosalie asked.

"Someone who's been watching," Tracy answered twirling her hair. "I'm not allowed; to reveal who it is though. I only agreed to go, because I pleaded loyalty to her after my death, to protect me from what happens to those harmed by your kind. Like…well, never mind."

"Tracy, has Lillian or Thomas reviled anything to you about my family?" Emmett asked.

"Maybe," Tracy answered becoming a pale, see through, white, twirling her hair.

"What about my niece Ruth McCarthy?"

"What about her?" Tracy snapped.

"Is she still alive," Emmett asked her.

"Yes, but he isn't." Tracy answered. "She is in good shape, like others we once knew."

She glanced towards Rosalie. "Emmett!" "Emmett," She heard them coming over the mountain; echoing as the sun begun to set; turning the sky to dusk. Then the first star appeared in the night sky, Rosalie heard wind coming against the window.

'Emmett." It shattered against the window. It was then, Rosalie saw a man. A tall muscular man who stared at Rosalie, with piercing blue eyes; furious beyond anger, and started to approach her. He then disappeared into the moon ray's light. Rosalie shut the shutters, knowing it wouldn't do any good.

Emmett stood back, thinking of Elijah, wondering if he should visit the old man in the nursing home. He has changed so much. And this cabin has revealed to him the main source of the change. He went to a picture of his sisters, remembering what old Eli said about their children. Did they really want to turn this place over to the development company? It shredded Emmett's spine, thinking of this mountain; being handed over to be developed.

He looked in the mirror, and notice that girl was behind him. She was dressed in what seemed to be medieval peasant dress, staring at him as she sat on top of the black iron stove.

"I know what you're thinking?" She said, as Emmett turned to see the girl. She had a familiar face, but was clearly a ghost.

"What?" Emmett asked.

"How could people you love change so much?" She answered in a questioning tone as Emmett nodded. "The living, vampires and humans alike move on and change over time. Years or centuries later, they are someone different. Those who were the sweetest beings can become the most evil."

"How do you know?" Emmett asked her.

"I just do, I have watched my brother and sister from afar for over a thousand years. They are unaware of me, and have almost no memory of me. I would like to blame the source, which they claim as their savior. However he is protected, he wanted to change me too. I guess have nothing better to do than help you, Emmett," She said. "You want to know what happened to your family, I will help you with that."

"What happened to Elijah's daughter?" Emmett asked, wanting to comfort his brother.

"I will help you find what you need to answer that question." The girl answered. "Don't mention that you saw me, I will only appear to you." She then disappeared.