Summary: Edward is a single father who is single handedly raising his four-year-old daughter, who is seeking the perfect female. Bella is a little down on her luck seeking a job just like many other of the millions of job searchers out there. Maybe they are seeking each other.

AN: Okay - so I got this inspiration from a conversation my friends and I had one day about Craigslist. The two ads mentioned are actually posted on Craigslist, Edward's however I made up (I don't think I can get as creative as those people.

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I sat at the counter, drinking the last of my orange juice, staring at the pile of mail on the ground.

This is fucking ridiculous. I'm twenty five years old! The mail is not the fucking boogeyman, I told myself, Maybe I should burn some sage to ward off the evil spirits.

I sighed, staring at the growing pile. Maybe I should keep all these letters and burn it as kindling. I was going to need it soon as a way to keep warm. I chuckled mirthlessly. I stared at the pile one more time and took a deep breath, it was time to put on my big girl panties.

I gathered up the mess, noting all the different color of envelopes. Maybe it works like a traffic light, yellow means warning, red means stop. I opened up the first one.


The damn thing gave me a paper cut. It was official, my mail just tried to kill me. I could deal with the mounting bills later. Right now, I had to deal with work.

I pulled on my Keds and grabbed my apron for work. The Waffle House wasn't glamorous, and it barely paid the bills, but at least I was bringing in something.

When people talk about the American dream, most people conjures images of two story Cape Cod style homes with wrap around porches, picket fences, married with kids. Me, fuck, the American dream is just to find a job in the economy that has just tanked as I graduated college. Nobody was hiring a new grad without any experience when there were plenty of people with experience willing to work for the same pay.

I grabbed my laptop and keys and headed out the door. Just as I thought I would be able to make it without running into Mr. Reid, I heard his voice.

"Isabella, remember that your rent is due. You have two days to pay until it is considered late and I wouldn't want to have to charge you the late fine plus fair market value."

"You'll have it within forty-eight hours!" I called back out to him, lying through my teeth. Tips at the restaurant were awful. People didn't seem to understand that you were working for a living too. I didn't expect huge tips, but I got stiffed more times than I care to count.

It was another slow day at Ray's and he had to cut shifts. I was the last one hired, meaning I was the first one to get cut. Fabulous. Ray took sympathy on me though and was letting me sit in the back corner booth, which was reserved for employees anyway, to mooch some food and to use their free Wi-Fi.

I took a sip of my Diet Coke and fired up my trusty Mac Book. It was a splurge when I was in college, and looking back, I realize now I could still be in possession of at least one more month of rent if I hadn't so recklessly spent my loan money. At the time, it seemed like a good idea.

Ray came by, giving me a club sandwich that he had made, with fries on the side. I smiled at him.

"If you need anything else, let me know Bella. I feel bad about having to cut your shift again . . ."

I held my hand up to stop him. "Ray, I understand. I appreciate you letting me mooch like this. My internet was cut off last week. And I love working here, but I just don't have the hours."

"I understand Bella. We all have to look out for number one. Just be sure that if you find another job, just tell me, or give some notice. I'm not going to find anyone to replace you right now, but I would like to at least know that you are safe."

He turned, going back to the kitchen letting me peruse Monster and Careerbuilder at my leisure.

You would think that a person with an associate's degree in early childhood education and a bachelor's degree in nursing would be able to find a job! Everything ad I clicked on though required experience for teaching. I wasn't quite ready to go back to nursing yet. My license had already lapsed for it anyway, and renewing my license would take money. Money that I just didn't have.

I felt someone slid up into the booth next to me.

"Hey Angela."

"I heard Ray had to cut your shift. That really sucks. A bunch of us are talking about going to a movie when we close up. I'll pay for you if you want to come. Some table just tipped me a twenty."

"No thanks. I have a major headache and need to go lie down. I just wanted to get some time in on the internet before heading back home." I knew that Angela was trying to save for her wedding. She wasn't in a much better boat than my financially anyway, so I lied.

"If you're sure. I have a couple of minutes. Do you want to laugh at the ads on Craigslist?"

"Huh?" I asked dumbly as I picked up my now cold fries.

"Sometimes when Ben and I get bored, we load up Craigslist and laugh at the personal ads that we find on there. We can get a good laugh for real cheap that way."

I smiled. "That sounds great Angela." I opened up Craigslist and opened up the casual encounters, seeing who had ads up. "Listen to this one. Headline - Wife hates oral."

"Either he really sucks at giving it, or she won't give it to him," Angela replied nonchalantly.

"He goes on to write: She still goes down on me, but she no longer wants or enjoys having me go down on her, so I find myself jonesing and really wanting/needing some pussy to lick and pet.

"Given my situation, I'm not too particular about race/age/status/looks, but hoping to find a "kindred spirit" who still enjoys, and appreciates a good licking, but does not want or have time for a "normal" relationship. If you're married too, then you might know what I'm talking about.....I don't really like the idea of cheating on my wife, but my sexual apetite is not being properly fed. So, I'm on here wondering if it is possible to find another, with similar feelings, who can have sex, enjoy it for what it is and not feel the guilt or expect more than it is....two people satisfying one another, helping one another through it all. Hopefully this could be more than a one time thing."

I finished, grabbing another handful of fries. Angela was shaking her head. "That douche bag wanted to cheat on his wife. Oral or not, oral sex is still sex," I said disgustedly as I threw down my fries, losing my appetite.

"There is a special place for him," Angela replied. She grabbed my Mac and loaded up the page. "Oh shit, listen to this one." She cleared her throat and pushed her glasses up on her nose. "Brilliant ass smacker seeking . . ."

I laughed immediately. God, some of these people could be so ridiculous. Who the hell would want to have their ass smacked? I remember that shit hurting when I was young. Charlie never had to hit me, but damn, Phil put some power behind that belt.

"Bella, shh . . . listen to the rest of this shit. He goes on to say 'I get the feeling that I'm somewhat unique,'"

"Unique good, or unique bad. That can be taken a bunch of different ways."

"Bella, shut up and let me finish. 'But, maybe not. You tell me. I'm extremely smart and highly educated. I'm very self-motivated I've started a few successful businesses. I tend to do whatever interests me at the time, whether it makes sense financially or not. My latest venture is not a money maker, but I've done well enough in the past to support this indulgence. I tell you this as a backdrop. What motivated me to post this ad has nothing to do with business or money. But you should know that I have a fairly normal entrepreneurial everyday life.

"I posted this because I'm looking for a particular type of woman. Like me, she'll be smart and educated and probably have a fairly normal everyday life too. She might even be married or in a stable relationship. She'll be sexually submissive or even submissive in life as well. I don't like labels. I don't call myself a dom. I don't have BDSM friends or subscribe to some D/s philosophy. In everyday life I'm easy-going and laid back. I enjoy good friends, fine foods and a good laugh. I wear normal casual clothes. I don't have any leather outfits with chrome studs. However, in the bedroom I prefer to enjoy a girl dominantly. Often that means playing roughly--pulling her hair, twisting her nipples, slapping her ass (and other places as well,) rough penetration, maybe making her do embarrassing things, and generally treating her as if she's consented to be my personal sexual playground...which she has, because I would never do any of those things without first discussing them with the girl and gaining her consent to do them. This is a big deal to me. I'm not abusive. I just prefer to express my sexuality in a particular way," she continued to read.

"I'm looking for a girl that prefers the type of sexual interactions I've just described. She'll crave being commanded, smacked, tossed around, pinned down or tied up, and played with roughly. Physically, she's likely to be much smaller than me (6', 170#) and likely to be 25-35 + or -. Maybe she's thought about this but never done it."

I was squirming in my seat. "Who the hell would think about doing that kind of shit? I mean the guy is probably ugly as sin and I would probably have to wear a blindfold just to get through sex with him."

"I don't know Bella. Sometimes Ben and I like to be a little bit rough."

I started coughing on my Diet Coke. I never really considered that kind of stuff. I had one serious boyfriend all throughout college. I thought he was the one, but apparently not. Jake left me with one semester left of my associate's degree stating that he could no longer handle my "emotional baggage."

I sighed, pushing away all thoughts of Jake. Sex with him was boring anyway. I was much better off without him.

"Earth to Bella!"

"Sorry Ange, I was lost in thought," I glanced at my watch. It was four o'clock. I had a meeting with my psychiatrist at five thirty. "Anyway, what were you saying?"

"I was saying that you should check Craigslist for a job. They are a little unconventional, but most of them pay decently. My friend, Lauren, found a temp job as a secretary for a law firm on the bay. It paid her really well."

"Thanks Ange, I'll do that." I watched her walk away as I clicked out to the casual encounters section. Maybe I could find something a little less conventional in the childcare section. I didn't want to teach in a classroom, but maybe I could be a nanny.

I clicked on the first ad I saw.

Seeking . . .

Seemed intriguing. I don't know what I was thinking, but something about this ad called out to me. I quickly wrote out an email, pressing send before I could think otherwise. I shut down my laptop thinking about all the things my shrink would say about my actions today.


Damn Emmett and his ideas. I stared at my inbox trying to figure out what to do. I needed a nanny for Juliette, but I also needed someone for me. Someone who would fit into my lifestyle. I needed a new nanny and a submissive at the same time.

Then my fucking brother had a great idea: post an ad for a nanny and no-strings attached sex. At first I thought he was a being a little ludicrous, but it seemed to make sense . . . last night . . . after another crying round with Juliette . . . after three fingers of scotch . . .

.Life. There were 125 emails, each one responding to my ad on Craigslist.

As I said it seemed like a good idea last night. Searching my brain, I finally remembered what I titled the ad. I clicked on the ad, looking at my tipsy writing.

Seeking . . .

I honestly don't know why I am posting on a free website like Craigslist, but I thought I would give

this a chance. I'm looking for a woman who can fulfill all the needs of a household.

I am seeking a full-time live in nanny for my daughter. Duties would include

some light housekeeping, escorting my daughter to different play dates and lessons. But

that is not all I am seeking. I am seeking someone who can satisfy me as well.

You would not just be the nanny. Serious inquires only.

I slapped myself on the forehead. Never ever will I listen to Emmett again. At least I wasn't stupid enough to put my cell number or address on there. All the emails were going through their anonymous account. Oh well. What's done is done. Maybe I could find someone decent in all of this. If not, I would just call up the nanny agency next week for a replacement for Jane and then call up Aro for a replacement for Charlotte. Things could easily be fixed.

After an hour of deleting most of the 125 no 137 emails that flooded my inbox, I was at my wits ends. None of these women were right for Juliette and me. Emmett's idea was definitely stupid. Never ever will I drink and listen to Emmett again.

I opened up another email, hoping it would be different.

To whom it may concern:

I am very interested in your proposition. This seems to be an interesting

proposal that I would like to explore further with you. As for me,

well, what can I say. I have two years experience as a nanny, and I'm only

leaving that position because the family is moving - and my family is here. This was a live

in position as well, just without the added perks. Please contact me at your earliest


Victoria Reynolds - 777-432-0001

This one didn't seem that bad. I would just have to make sure that she would be okay with the D/S lifestyle. I quickly wrote her name and number down. I refreshed the page and gave her a call for a preliminary interview.

The next email caught my eye as well.

Dear Sir,

I have never replied to anything like this before, but I figured nothing ventured,

nothing gained. A little bit about myself. My name is Isabella Swan, but many call me Bella.

I hope that you would call me this to, as I would be living in your home, we should be

comfortable. I just graduated Golden Gate Community College with an associate's in

early childhood education, however have no previous experience. I also have

my bachelors in nursing, however am no longer practicing.

I understand the cliché of the nanny and her boss, and believe that it is rather

smart of you to address it at the get go. I suppose if there is no Madame, then

I would be okay with the proposal in theory.

Let's see, to describe myself, I'm five feet four inches tall with dark brown eyes.

I'm not what you would consider hot, by no means, and I think I am rather plain.

I know, beyond a doubt, that I could take care of your child's needs, however

I'm not completely sure of yours. I would like to meet with you in person at your

convenience to discuss the position at length. I have attached my resume for your review.

Bella Swan - 777-231-0008

I picked up the phone and dialed. For some reason, I was intrigued by Bella Swan.