"Oi Da, you wanted to talk to me?" Jack asked, walking into the Main Hall of Shipwreck Cove.

Teague didn't notice Jack. He was sitting in his throne, busy playing his guitar. Teague didn't even look up when the door slammed shut.

Jack took a deep breath. "DA! YOU WANTED TO TALK TO ME?"

"Jackie, I'm not deaf. I can hear you." Teague said, still not looking up. "I'm just busy."

"You wanted to talk."

"Oh fine." Teague, rolling his eyes. "Jackie, I've been thinking."


"Have you seen any women you'd want to spend the rest of your life with?"

That question caught Jack by surprise. "Pardon?"

"Jackie, you're going to need to settle down at some point."

"Da, why would I do that?" Jack asked. "I wanna have fun while I'm still young."

"Jackie, you're going to be fifty in about three years. You're not young anymore." Teague said, setting his guitar against his throne, before getting up and walking over to Jack. "What are you waiting for?"

"The perfect lass."

"Obviously your idea of 'the perfect lass' doesn't exist." Teague said flatly. "Jackie, I want to see my grand kids before I die."

"You're not dying."

"Yes Jackie, I'm not, but you never know." Teague said. "When I heard you got the Pearl back from Barbossa, I never expected the kraken to eat you." Then he thought of something. "I also never expect you to take this long to get here from Tortuga."


"I bet you could've gotten here faster in an old dinghy."

Jack laughed nervously. "Yeah..."

"Anyways Jackie, you're getting married next week." Teague said, pulling some papers out of his jacket pocket. "I've arranged with a friend of mine for you to marry his daughter."

"I'm not marrying some lass I've never met."

"I know you're not." Teague said. "I've invited her over for dinner tonight. I was hoping I could tell you a week ago, but at least you're here now."

"Yeah. I'm going to...go on a walk." Jack said, walking away.

An hour and a half, in an old tavern...

Jack sat at a table with a sheet of paper. In front of the table was a sign saying: 'Crew Member Needed. Very Limited Space.'

'Poor lass. Having to deal with my angry Da. I should probably go back.' Jack thought, about to give up.

"Excuse me." A boy said to Jack. He was very thin with pale skin. He had short brown hair and ocean blue eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, a red vest, a blue sash, a pair of black trousers, and a pair of brown boots. "Are you still hiring?"

Jack looked up at the boy. "Lad, I'm not hiring for cabin boys."

"I know." He said. "Please, I just need to get away from here."

Jack gave the boy a good look. "I like you. What's your name?"


"Just Alex?"


"Well, Alex, meet me at the docks at dawn." Jack said, getting up. "And make sure you bring anything you think you'll need."

Alex nodded. "Thank you so much." He said, before running off.

Alex ran to the other side of town, to a huge house, before climbing a tree and into the window to a bedroom. The room was white with a bed, a dresser, a vanity table, a chair, and a full size mirror. There was a dress laid out on the bed.

And a man with short dirty blond hair sitting in the chair. "Alexandra, I can't believe you!"


"You snuck out again!"

"What about you Andy!" Alex said. "It's rude for a man to enter a lady's room before knocking."

"And it's not rude to disobey your parents?" Andy asked. "Father was furious when he found out you weren't here!"

"Where is he?"

"Looking for you?"

"Who's else is here?"

"No body else."

"Good." Alex said, taking off the wig. She walked over to the mirror and ran her hand through her wavy yellow hair. Or tired to. "Hand me that brush."

"Alex, you're crazy if you think someone is going to hire you." Andy said, handing her a brush. "You're too skinny."

"Someone already did." Alex said, throwing the brush into a sack. "I'm packing because we leave tomorrow."

"Who would hire any one as skinny as you?"

Alex stopped packing for a moment. "You know what? He didn't tell me his name."

"I still can't believe you." Andy said, walking around the room. "You act as if you're still a teenager. You are almost twenty one. Do you realize that?"

"I realized that when I checked the calender." Alex said, continuing to pack.

"Yes, this is a great idea! Go running off just because father wants-"

Alex stood up to look Andy in the eye. "Andrew, in the past twenty years, I have never had a chance to live my own life. Now, are you going to stop me?"

Andy watched in silence as Alex finished packing the sack and pulled her wig back on. Just as she was about to jump back into the tree, Andy stopped her. "Take this." He said, handing Alex his dark blue jacket. "It does get cold at night."

Alex kissed Andy's cheek. "Thank you." She said, before jumping into the tree.

Andy watched Alex until she was on the ground. As she ran off, he felt a chill run down his spine. "Oh Alex, little sister, please be careful."

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