I Love You

After a long six hours of running between the helm, his daughter's bedside, and the Misty Lady, Barbossa was finally about to get some rest. He was ready to sleep for the next six hours with no interruptions. So of course something would stop him...

That something was the six year old girl curled up in his hammock. Barbossa walked over to her, half awake, and gently poked her shoulder. "What are you doing here, Little Missy?"

Juliet looked up at him and smiled. "Sleeping."

"And why in my hammock?"

"I like it." Juliet said, snuggling closer to the dark blue blanket. "It smells like you."

'Great. The only woman I've managed to get into my bed is a little girl who transforms into a cat.' Barbossa thought, staring at the little girl. The idea that this little girl liked him this much was a shock. He never really gave her much attention before then. "Really?"

Juliet nodded again. "It smells like apples, the sea, and that stuff in those bottles Captain Jack likes. Just like you."

"Oh? And you like that?" Barbossa asked, smirking as he rubbed the top of her head.

Juliet smiled, playfully tossing the blanket over her head with a scarlet blush covering her face. "Cause I love you."

Barbossa's jaw dropped. "You love me?"

Juliet pulled the blanket from her head and stood up to look Barbossa in the eyes. "Yes."

'Brave kid, I'll give her that.' Barbossa thought, looking into the little girl's bright green eyes. A lot of grown men on board the Pearl were too afraid to even look at Barbossa's face, and yet this little girl was standing on his hammock, looking straight into his eyes with absolutely no fear. "You're not afraid of me?"

Juliet shook her head. "Why would I be?"

"No reason." Barbossa said, as he placed his hands under her arms to pick her up. "Now, off you go. Back to your cabin." He gently place her on the floor, before laying down in the hammock. After a few moments, he looked over. "You're still here?"

Juliet stood there, fidgeting with her toy mouse in her hands. "My cabin's too empty. I get lonely."

In reality, Juliet's cabin was an old storage cabin near the Rum Locker, where everyone kept random junk. There was even a collection of jars full of dirt that Jack started after Calypso was released. Of course, to keep the six year old out of everybody's way, Juliet needed her own cabin...

Barbossa sighed, lifting the blanket. "Get over here."

Juliet's face lit up as she quickly got back on the hammock. She snuggled as close to Barbossa as possible. "Thank you." She said, before falling asleep.

Barbossa looked down at the little girl who was practically on his chest, unsure of what to do. After all, his only child was already twenty one before he met her. The only child Barbossa could even remember taking care of seemed completely insane now. Barbossa then sighed, instinctively wrapping his arms around the girl, doing the first thing he could think of...


A note from Captain Roxxi... XD

Finally...the end...I thought it'd never come...

So, after the Christine series (Be With You/All I Need), I decided 'Ok...how about this time I write about Ancient Egypt mythology. AKA: something I actually know something about.' Luckily, I spent about seven years obsessively studying Egypt, stopping when I was fifteen (the second book I ever read was about Egyptian mummies). Back then, I wanted to be an Egyptologist. I think a part of me still wants to be and Egyptologist. I still love studying Egypt, as I've realized while looking through my books...

Chapter 30 was inspired by a scene in chapter 50 of Viz Big Edition of Fushigi Yugi (there's supposed to be a ̂ over the u in the last word but the computer wont let me add it...). In the scene the main character, Miaka (which is where I got Maat's mortal name from) is completely frozen as a test to prove that she is the Priestess of Suzaku. That scene was so shocking to me that I kept turning back to it, and I decided to recreate it in here, with linen cloth instead of ice (cause we're not going to find much ice in the Sahara...). Also, Miaka does survive in Fushigi Yugi...

Jack's death was inspired by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, when Jacob is squeezed by the vampire. I felt so bad for him...seeing him in pain like that...so I decided to write about it. Actually, now that I think about it, it's kind of like a cross between that and the scene in The Mummy when Imhotep tried to sacrifice Evie.

And I just realized that my logic is very illogical...

Actually, I think the funniest thing about this story is that I thought of it on the school bus...


Moving on...

As promised, the playlist:

1. A Hero Lies In You by Mariah Carey

2. Alice Human Sacrifice from some Vocaloid thing*

3. Theme From Armageddon (I also use this as Teague's theme)

4. Livin' On The Edge by Aerosmith (I grew up with Aerosmith music. I still love it)*

5. Eien no Melody by Tomizawa Michie (from Sailor Moon R)

6. Drugelis by Mango*

7. Fireflies by Owl City*

8. God Knows... from Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu (English version)

9. Major Tom (Coming Home) by Shiny Toy Guns*

10. Marry Me (the clip of the song from when Jack and Elizabeth are floating with one of the Dutchman's sails) by Han Zimmer*

11. What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts*

12. Temple of the Black Pharaoh by Nox Arcana

13. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

14. The Gallow's Jig by Nox Arcana*

15. He's a Pirate Chris Joss Ship Ahoy Tribal Mix*

16. Golden Queen Galaxia Orgel from Sailor Moon Stars*

17. Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright*

18. The Plagues from The Prince of Egypt

19. You Raise Me Up by Lena Park (Romeo X Juliet translated opening theme)*

20. Dark Empire Remix 2.0 by X-Ray Dog (half of this was the trailer song for At World's End)

21. Suna No Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima (Vampire Knight end theme)

22. Tsukihana by Nana Kitade (Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae opening)*

23. Fearless by Taylor Swift (just for chapter 35)

Song marked with a * are actually songs that were also on the playlist for the Christine Series...

Believe it or not, I'd sometimes go through that playlist several times before deciding to take a break...

So, for this story, I did lots of extra research. For an example, I had no idea that the top of the ao dai was just a long shirt. I always thought it'd be called something more...complicated...Also, as far as the plagues, I had no idea which order they went in, besides the fact that it starts with the Nile turning to blood and ends with the death of the firstborns... Also, besides Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Seth, I couldn't remember any other gods...

I actually wrote part of this story, possibly most of it, while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender...that show's awesome...even after watching the episodes several times...

My cat is so strange...she keeps staring at my Jack Sparrow poster...though I should probably thank her as well. She's always right next to me. She eats with me. Sleeps with me. Even waits outside the bath room for me (you all probably didn't need to know that). So I decided to take advantage of that fact and watch her. Very closely. To the point of where it's fair to say I've learned a lot about cats...

Thanks for reading this story and I hope you'll continue reading my stories!