hello all, how goes it? YAY, this is my first Shining story!! i love the movie, and i'm in the process of reading the book right now. i hope at least one person gets enjoyment out of this fic, and i'd like to note that i've only seen The Shining ONCE, so i apologize if i'm off on some things. anywho, i hope you enjoy, and please review!!

DISCLAIMER: i do not own The Shining(the book or movie), or any of the characters. i only own Alyssa Jiroux

Alyssa Jiroux sighed as she ran down the sidewalk and down the driveway of her house. "Martha, I'm home!!" she called, looking around the house.

No answer.

Alyssa sighed and dropped her backpack on the couch, grabbing the tv remote and turning the tv on. She flipped to AMC, her favorite movie channel. A horror movie was on at the moment.

The Shining.

"awesome, one of my favorites!!" Alyssa said. she sat on the couch, and watched about an hour and a half of the movie. The phone rang and she sighed angrily, setting the DVR to record the remainder of the movie. She hurried into the kitchen and grabbed the wall phone. "hello?"

"oh good, you're home" snapped her foster mom, Martha Perkins.

"what's wrong Martha?" Alyssa asked in a bored tone.

"listen Alyssa, you have to drive down to Sam's and pick up Nate and me"

Alyssa sighed and rolled her eyes. "you and Nate both too drunk to drive home again?" she asked bitterly.

"no, we just need you to come get us!" Martha snapped in an obviously drunk voice.

"ok, fine. I'm on my way" Alyssa muttered, hanging up the phone before Martha could say anything more. She went outside and got into her car, a 1979 yellow Camaro. She started the engine and back out onto the road, heading for the local bar, Sam's. she glanced beside her and saw that her book, The Shining, was on the passenger seat. "I must've forgot to take it inside earlier" Alyssa thought. Sighing, she reached over and picked up the book, looking up just in time to see another can swerve into her lane. Alyssa screamed as the cars hit, and there was a bright flash of light before everything went blackā€¦

ok, i know this chapter is really short, but the next will hopefully be longer(and better). please review!! oh, and by the way, can anyone guess where i got the title of this fic from? hint: i got the idea from another movie title