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Lost But Not Forgotten- Chapter One

Amu's POV

One evening, Amu walked in the park, alone. Her eyes were gray and dull, not the bright and golen color they once were. She was wearing some dark black skinny jeans with a My Chemical romance tee. She wore her black converse as well. To complete her outfit, she had a black bow in her hair. Her charas disappeared when she had gone into depression after Ikuto had left, and to add more to it, her parents were no longer the loving and caring people that they once were.

After a week of Amu moping around, her parents started to get mad at her, and began to hit her. At first, Amu would cry and be scared of the beating, but now, after 6 years, she was used to it. She had hidden all of this from her friends. A bunch of foundation would cover up the bruises and scars.

She missed him so much. He hadn't called or texted her since he left. The promise he made still lingered in her head. But she began to loose hope. I mean come on; she hasn't seen him in 6 WHOLE YEARS! For all she knew, he could have moved on and would never come back.

She sighed and continued to walk. This all started because he had to leave." I wonder if he still remembers me…" she would say mostly to herself. It hurt to talk about Ikuto. Her friends knew this. You could see the pain in her eyes when anyone mentioned him, even when she would try to fake a smile. It was always there.

She began to think about him. Tears that would never fall began to brim her eyes. I have to stop thinking about him... Amu sighed to herself before continuing to walk through the park alone.


It's been 6 years since I've seen her. I've missed her bubblegum hair and her honey-colored eyes. The thing I've missed the most? Her blush. It was cute when I would hug her from behind, or show up on her balcony. I wonder how she has been.

I found father. He was doing pretty well. He's been in America all this time. He was even in his own band. He seemed pretty happy to see me. I told him about Utau and how her career was going. He was happy to hear about that. Then I told him about Amu. He smiled and chuckled at how I babbled on and on about her. "Well son, you need to go and get her." He had told me. I had nodded and smiled.

I've kept my promise. Knowing her, she probably thought I would move on or something. I don't see how she could think something like that. I love her and only her. Although she is so dense, she probably hasn't even realized that just yet.

I tease her so much. That's probably why she didn't take my confession seriously. I guess I can understand that. I'll show her how much I love her. I will make her fall for me. I'm positive of that.

I just hope she is happy. I wonder if she had moved on. I knew that Kiddy king and her had liked each other. Maybe the two of them are going out. That made my heart break a little bit. I began to think about how Amu has been and how happy she will be to see me. I hoped she wouldn't be mad at me or anything. But knowing Amu, she will be her cheery and blushing self again.

An announcement interrupted my thoughts. "Flight 357 to Tokyo, Japan is now boarding. If you are on this flight, please get to gate 8 immediately. I repeat, flight 357 to Tokyo, Japan is now boarding at gate 8. If you are on this flight, please get on the plane immediately", they announced. I sighed and ran to gate 8 before getting onto my plane.

I looked out the window as the plane flew up into the air.

I'm coming home, Amu.

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