"Oh looky! I picked up a note!" I sang out to my fellow ne'er-do-dwells, waving around a note that looked really weird.

I mean, it has a flame!


And it's not burning! How cool is that?

"Ma?" asked my oh so cool gay best friend, even though he doesn't go 'You stupid bitch!'

"Really! I have it right here! And the flame doesn't even hurt!" I said, waving my hand through the flame.

"I wonder if this piece of paper is related to….what his bucket? Mickey? Dickey? Huey? Doey? Loey? Yako? Wako? Dottie? Pinkie and the Brain?"

"It's Tamaki." Deadpanned my sensei.

"Who's Tamaki?" I asked.

"No! It's milord! You should only address me as MiLord or as King!" Shouted out the Wet Noodle.

"Did you just feel hot air pass through?" I shouted to the twins, who are awesome cause their sharing the DNA that each other have and stuff.

"Just read the note." Said my sensei who I know is secretly trying to kill me. I mean, seriously, who else gets paired up with my long lost sister who tries to kill me?

No one else but my sensei.

Nuff said.

"Oh the note! It says that there is a sequel to my life and it's called Not So Japanese or does that say My Life as Liz 2? They look fairly similar….."

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked my oh so cool human stuff bunny.

"No idea. It just to read it now or else the melons suffers. We can't have the strawberries suffer."

Hunny and I nodded solemnly. "So Mote It Be."