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Chapter One

Rachel sighed as she got off the plane and into the terminal. She grabbed her luggage and glanced at the awe-struck townies at the airport. The brunette sighed again and flicked her over-sized black Prada sunglasses down from their spot on the top of her head and over her eyes, continuing to make her way through the small town airport and out to the rental car she had called in.

It was no secret to Lima, Ohio's town people that Rachel Berry hadn't been back here in over five years; not for the holidays, birthdays, or even when her father's renewed their vows. She hated the small town with a passion for multiple reasons and it wasn't just because her father made her move there when she was 5- hell, she was just a toddler then. But she did remember moving from all-the-time sunny California to nobody-knows-of Lima, Ohio.

After graduating William McKinley High School at the age of 18, she left this life behind and moved to New York City to achieve her dream of Broadway. It wasn't easy moving from a place you knew you're whole life- had family members, friends, and relationships there, to New York City where you had to start all over. It sure wasn't easy, but Rachel was determined. Rachel got a full scholarship to New York School of Performing Arts and after three years there, landed an audition for the Broadway musical, Spring Awakening.

While still attending school, she participated in several workshops that Spring Awakening set up for herself and the cast mates and after two years of ongoing singing lessons, dance classes, and running her lines with the entire cast and crew of the musical, they had opened the first show to a sold-out crowd and only got positive reviews.

Spring Awakening fast-forwarded Rachel to instant stardom and screaming, adoring fans. With her on and off stage romance with the male lead role, Jesse St. James- the fans only loved her more and critics loved it as well, claiming their chemistry completed the show and had the audience feeling what they felt.

Now, in their second year of on-top Broadway success, they were allowed a three week break. Rachel and Jesse were planning on going south for their break but after Jesse had popped the question last night, Rachel had to sort out things back home.

"I'll come with you, babe!" Jesse argued, watching Rachel continue to neatly fold several sweaters into her suitcase.

Rachel shook her head and turned to see Jesse leaning up against the doorframe with crossed arms, "It's okay- you don't have to. Besides, I really think I should do it alone."

"Rachel…" Jesse trailed off, unfolding his arms and walking to stand in front of his now, fiancé, "We have to share these things. We're engaged now," His voice softly spoke as he let his hands run up and down her arms soothingly.

"I know," Rachel sighed, trying to relax but failing.

"I haven't even met your fathers yet," Jesse reminded, his face flashing with sadness.

"I know," Rachel repeated.

"So shouldn't I be there when you inform them of your recent relationship status?" Jesse blinked innocently.

"You should," Rachel agreed, "But you're not going to be."

Jesse let out a high, frustrated sigh and flopped down on the bed, "Why not?"

"I haven't been back there in so long," Rachel admitted, shrugging and turning back to her closet, "I just think it'll take them way beyond surprised to see me back home and then tell them that we're engaged. Last time I saw them was for the holidays last year- and even then it was for an hour after the show, it'll just be better for me to do it alone," Rachel sighed, going back towards the suitcase to place a couple pair of jeans in it, "I just think it's for the best."

A few hours later, she was in said 'home' and was now stuffing her black suitcase into the trunk of the black Lincoln town car. Rachel shut the trunk with a loud breath and looked around at the staring townsfolk.

"May I help you?" Rachel huffed out, placing her hands on her red satin pencil-skirt clad hip and cocked her head to the right.

It also wasn't a lie that she was in the public eye, constantly being written about in New York tabloid magazines and Perez Hilton's blog. No one truly believed how big she made it out of this little town in Ohio and was constantly questioning whether she lied about her background. But seriously, who would lie about living in a small town?

The warm August sun beat down on her barely covered shoulders as she ignored the staring people and got into the car, slamming the door shut. Since she retrieved the keys from back in the airport, she placed them in the ignition and started the car, pulling out quickly and making her way through the parking lot and onto the small town highway.

Rachel let the window down and stole glances now and again at the farmland and small houses. The slightly cool wind felt good on her tanned shoulders and blew carelessly through her dark locks. She bit her lip and looked in the rearview mirror, seeing if she needed to fix her make up before doing what she came here to do- no, she was good.

Pulling off the highway at the exit that informed her 2 more miles until Lima and quickly passed the sign that informed her she was now in Lima, Ohio. Still driving, she surveyed how the place looked now to how it looked when she left almost 7 years ago and noted that it didn't change much. They now had a Dunkin' Donuts and there was a daycare beside the high school now- no doubt due to the amount of pregnant teenage girls during her senior year. The bar that was beside the old, wooden bridge was still run-down with a couple pick-up trucks in front of it and there was still only one grocery store in the small town.

Rachel breathed out, "Welcome to my hometown, ladies and gentlemen."

After driving for about 5 minutes, she came to the other side of the town and took a left down 'Pine Street' and then a right down 'Lorne Lane'. Rachel licked her dry lips as she continued to drive down the still, all too familiar road. Coming to the very end, she pulled into the dirt and gravel driveway and turned the car off.

Rachel shuffled around in her purse and pulled out the large, yellow envelope and got out of the car. Her red stiletto heels dug into the driveway and she could hear Dexter barking away. She fixed her white ribbed tank top so it didn't show too much cleavage and tried to push the nervous butterflies away.

"Oh shut up!" She heard his voice come from the inside of the house, sounding closer as he continued to yell at the dog.

Rachel took a deep breath and glanced around at the houses; it was the middle of August which means that the Parkers were vacationing over in Europe, the Fitzgerald's were at their cottage and the Schuester's were in New York or Florida, Rachel couldn't remember. What she could remember was that this house wasn't her fathers' and it still made her so nervous she could throw up.

The sound of the screen door shook Rachel out of her thoughts and took in a sharp breath as she took full sight of the tanned, muscular body that came from the house still yelling at the sand-colored Great Dane.

"May I help you, ma'am?" He smirked, not hiding the fact the he was checking her out.

Rachel immediately forced her lips into a straight line and tried to even out her breathing as she removed the sunglasses from her eyes and rested them on top of her wind-blown hair. The man's mouth opened in shock and he dropped the beer he was holding, making it spray all over the deck.

"Yes, actually," Rachel stated, placing her free hand on her hip and holding out the large envelope, "You can start by signing these God damn papers and give me a divorce!"

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