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WARNING: Contains massive spoilers for Doctor Who season 5 (or 31, depending on how you're counting). The main spoiler (WHICH IS HUGE) is for Season 5 Episode 5, Flesh and Stone (as in the entire last 5 minutes, which is a HUGELY IMPORTANT FIVE MINUTES of the episode). This is the continuation of Episode 4, Time of Angels, and it just aired yesterday. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have NOT seen Flesh and Stone, I beg you, do not read this fic yet, because the spoiler is an ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC ONE. The fic also contains minor spoilers for Episode 1, The Eleventh Hour, and most likely for the other episodes in Season 5 (along with some older episodes no doubt, but those shouldn't be spoilers anymore). So, now that this excessively long warning is over, continue. Enjoy. Don't ruin the episode for yourself, please.

P.S. (A/N 2?): BTW, this doesn't really explain what's happening, I leave out those big explanations for people who haven't seen the show. If you haven't seen the show, watch at least Season 5 to get an idea, although I highly recommend the entirety of the new series, and as much of the old series as you can get your hands on. Again, if you haven't seen Flesh and Stone, BEWARE OF HUGE, LIFE-CHANGING SPOILERS.

"I nearly died. I was alone, in the dark, and I nearly died. And it made me think."

"Well yes, natural. I think sometimes. Well, lots of times," replied the man sitting next to Amy Pond on her bed. Having just returned from a harrowing adventure with near-death, Amy had brought this man, The Doctor, with her to explain what she was running from, why she had gone with him.

Amy had showed him her Wedding dress, her engagement ring, and told him about her wedding. The next morning. And now, sitting on her bed with this man, this man who she had thought of since that one fateful night when she was seven, she realized.

"About who I want. About who I want. You know what I mean?" she asked, staring into his chocolate eyes.

"Yeah." He stared right back, not letting his gaze waver until he started shaking his head. "No."

Amy still held the Doctor's gaze as she let her scarlet hair fall, framing her face and settling gently alongside her chin. She took care to enunciate her words as she repeated, "About who I want."

He agreed once again. "Oh right, yeah." Then, with a slight pause, he continued. "No, still not getting it."

She sighed, closing her eyes for a second. "Doctor, in a word. In one very simple word even you can understand..."

Any stopped speaking and placed her palm gently on the Doctor's cheek. Her fingers toyed with the hair curling around his right ear as she leaned into him, bringing her leg up onto his own. The Doctor's eyes widened as Amy leaned in, intent on pressing her human lips against his own Gallifreyan mouth.

The Doctor jumped away, over her bedpost in an attempt to extricate himself from her kiss. "No! You're getting married in the morning!"

As he jumped away from her, towards the TARDIS doors, Amy followed him. "Well the morning's a long time away," she said, pinning him against the doors of the TARDIS. She reached up to his shoulders and drew his suspenders down, smiling the whole time.

"Amy, listen to me," the Doctor said urgently, pulling his suspenders back up. "I am nine hundred and seven years old. Do you understand what that means?" He raced around her, trying to escape her wandering hands.

Amy stepped up to him again, running her hands down his wiry chest. "It's been a while?" she asked, smirking at his bewildered expression.

"Ye- No, no. No, I'm nine hundered and seven and look at me, I don't get older, I just change. You get older, I don't, and this can't ever work." He stepped out of her grasp, drawing his suspenders back up to his shoulders. He stepped back to the TARDIS, feeling its doors against his back. In the corner of his brain that was connected to the heart of his TARDIS, he felt that the time machine was laughing at his predicament.

Amy laughed, pouting at his naievete. "Oh, you are sweet Doctor, but I really wasn't suggesting anything quite so... long term." With this statement, smiling at the Doctor's still-confused face, Amy stepped up to him, pressing herself against his chest. She cupped his face, allowing her fingers to trace small patterns along his neck.

The Doctor lost himself in thought as he remembered the last woman he had let kiss him. His rapid-fire brain froze for a millisecond or two, remembering the feel of her blonde hair, her fingers on his neck in a very similar position, and her lips... Her tongue...

The millisecond or two was all it took, and Amy was on him again. Her lips pressed against his own, and he lost himself. The sensations of the present mixed with his memory and his eyes drifted closed, remembering Rose Tyler. His hands drifted to Amy's hips, caressing her until he realized that what his hands were feeling were not the same curves he was remembering.

Jerking his hands away as if he had been burned, the Doctor froze. 'On one contiuum, this is not the woman I loved. She is very different, and very much not Rose,' he thought, taking only a fraction of a millisecond to weigh his differing opinions. 'On the inverse quadratic contiuum, this is very nice, and Amy is such a very sweet young woman. However, even in that contiuum, she is a very, very young woman compared to my years.'

The Doctor finally was able to wrench himself out of the pleasurable sensations he was feeling. He gave her the very last objection, the very last interruption he had the willpower for. "But you're human, you're Amy, you're getting married in the morning!"

Amy, sensing his weakening will, pressed herself to him again. She kissed him with all she had, expressing everything to him. Her unbridled lust, her growing respect for him, her gratitude at his latest actions which ensured her continued, and past, existence. She put everything she had into this kiss, to be sure that he felt it.

And feel it he did. The Doctor melted against her emotions, open to him through a Time Lord's open psychic link caused by their touching lips. He turned her around, pressing her back against the door of the TARDIS, kissing her with every ounce of raw passion he had. Amy let herself melt into him, giving every tiny bit of passion straight back to him with plenty left over. She gave him the longing she had for him, the years of sexual frustration of being with someone like Rory, and the combined feelings from every single dream she had had of the Doctor since hs saved the world from the Atraxi and left her, yet again. She knew that he could leave at any moment and was prepared to give him every reason to come back immediately this time, or better, not leave her at all.

The Doctor allowed the kiss to go on, thoroughly enjoying the sensations and the feel of Amy pond under his hands and attached to his lips. Then, suddenly, the second half of his brain, the half that was constantly organizing and working through clues, connected two very important clues. He broke off the kiss, albeit reluctantly, and looked Amy in her slightly-glazed eyes.

"In the morning..."

Amy's brain, so recently freed of the oh-so-pleasurable kiss, kickstarted to speak to the Doctor. "Doctor..."

"It's you, it's all about you. Everything... It's about you."

"Hold that thought," Amy replied, misunderstanding the Doctor's seeming comprehension. She spun away from him and walked around the foot of her bed, sitting down and readying herself for what (she thought) was coming.

"Amy Pond," the Doctor said, still watching her and still partially stunned, both from their passionate embrace and his revelation. "Mad, impossible Amy Pond. I don't know why, I have no idea, but quite possibly the single most important thing in the history of the universe is that I get you sorted out right now." With this, the Doctor raced to Amy, whose smile only grew wider.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you," Amy said, laying back on her bed to prepare for the Doctor. She was surprised, then, when he grabbed her hand and drew her off of the bed, pulling her towards the TARDIS.

"Come on!" he said as they approached the large blue police box. He spun her towards the doors of the TARDIS, but Amy used her momentum to spin into his arms, momentarily surprising him.

Amy pulled the Doctor into her embrace, leaning into him for another passionate kiss. "Doctor..." she whispered as she started to close her eyes.

He was only able to resist because of the surprising revelation that he had just realized. Amy was startled yet again when he spun her around and gently pushed her into the TARDIS. As the DOCTOR looked back, he noticed Amy's alarm clock change to twelve midnight, making the date June 26, 2010.

'That's the date,' he thought to himself, 'the date that the cracks are coming from. But what is it?'

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