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by Yih

The next great adventure/1940

"I shall miss you," Albus said, leaning in his armchair with his cup of tea in his hand. "I am glad that Hogwarts will remain open. I just wish the price hadn't been you resigning from Hogwarts to serve Ambassador Malfoy."

"I hope being in Paris will serve a purpose," Harry stated. "I hope it is not in vain."

"It will be for the greater good," Albus said. "You must believe in yourself and that you will do good deeds."

"I wish I knew what was coming."

Albus took a sip of his tea and then rested the cup on his desk, leaning forward toward Harry. "That my dear boy would be dull, if you knew what would happen next. It's the mysteries of life and living each moment that makes each day special."

Harry set his cup down too. Did Albus even realize the gravity of his words? Harry, in a way, did know what was coming. At least, he had known what was going to happen. By going back to the past, he had indefinitely changed the future and hopefully for the better. In a way, each day was special because each moment was getting him farther and farther from the future that he once knew.

Septimus Malfoy was not what Harry had expected. He had assumed that the platinum colored hair had always been a trademark of the Malfoy house, but perhaps not. Septimus definitely carried himself like he was from an old and prestigious pureblood family and his pale skin contrasted with his striking black hair.

"I am pleased to meet you at last," Septimus said in a low, cultured voice that sounded like a matured version of his son, Abraxas. "I have heard much about you over the years."

Harry bowed stiffly, not really used to the proper etiquette that the Old Pureblood families practiced. He felt awkward and out of place, but he wanted to show his respect at the same time. Abraxas had done them a huge favor by speaking up in behalf of keeping Hogwarts open.

"I am honored to meet your acquaintance," Harry said.

Septimus curved his lip slightly upward, but it wasn't exactly what Harry considered a smile. "Did my son tell you anything about what you'd be doing as my assistant?"

Harry slowly shook his head.

"My son and I are very close," Septimus stated. "Despite the distance that my Ambassadorship requires, we talk nearly every day. I know everything, Harry Gaunt. Don't be alarmed. Your secrets are safe." He paused. "But these are dangerous times that we are living in. How much do you know of Grindelwald?"

Harry wished he had paid more attention to his History of Magic class, even if Professor Binns was dead boring. He remembered vaguely that Professor Binns had talked about the involvement of a Malfoy during the Global Wizarding War. He wasn't sure if it had been for Grindelwald or against him, though. But if he had to work against Septimus Malfoy, so be it.

"He's a powerful wizard," Harry said carefully, trying to gauge Septimus' reaction, but there was nothing there to guide him. "From what I've heard, he's gathering a force in Germany and he means to attack the French and Russian wizards soon."

Septimus inclined his head. "You're at least as well informed as the general populace. Grindelwald has at least 10,000 wizards and witches ready to fight for his so called Revolution."

The word revolution rang a bell in Harry's head. He didn't remember Professor Binns talking about it, but he did remember Hermione speaking of it in passing. "He wants to overturn the Statue of Secrecy."

"Precisely!" Septimus said. "This is more than a war for the sake of war. Grindelwald wants to completely change the world we know and the world the muggles know. He had initially meant to rule over them as a wise, benevolent overlord, but he has since changed his ideals."

Septimus then looked down, as he was a few inches taller than him, into Harry's eyes. "My son tells me he often sees you with Albus Dumbledore."

Harry nodded, not saying anything because he didn't know what to say.

"I may have need of your friendship with him in the future, but hopefully it won't come to that."

Harry hoped for that as well, but he knew all too well the crucial role Albus Dumbledore played in the downfall of Gellert Grindelwald.

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