Hello everyone!! This is the beginning to the promised sequel to "Something to Think About". It isn't necessary you read it to get into this one, but it is a good segway. Now that they're back in Japan and Light is working on his future, the title kind of reflects that they are both trying to put it all together now, which requires work on both their parts..especially when cases get in the way. Please enjoy!! And yes my thanks to Ohba and Obata for their awesome characters.

Putting It All Together

Chapter One

L turned away from the computer when he heard the sound of the key in the lock. He glanced at the clock and frowned, it was almost three a.m. He knew Light had been celebrating, he'd been there with him earlier, but his current case needed him to get back to it and he left early, but he hadn't expected Light to stay this long. He had stopped doing anything worthwhile on the case after midnight as all he could think about was whether Light was all right. He had even tried calling his cell but Light had not picked up. He could only assume the music and partying was so loud he couldn't hear it; but it also led to him being very concerned. He let out a very relieved sigh.

He stood and left his office, his bare feet barely making a sound as he entered the main room and stared at the door as it opened. The door opened slowly, the keys hitting the ground and a muttered "Damn it" following the sound. He watched as Light tried to bend down to pick them up and succeeded only in pitching forward into the door, bursting it open and landing on the floor in front of it. L continued to stare at him, hands in pockets, no expression on his face, but his eyes showed his amusement at Light's drunkenness.

Light on the other hand went from being annoyed at his predicament, to laughing hysterically and lying on the floor. L sighed and walked over to and stooped down to Light's level.

"I trust you did not drive yourself in this condition." He said to the laughing man on the floor.

"Dad….dad drove m..me." Light said in between giggles and tried to get up, and failed miserably. L allowed himself to chuckle at the sight and then reached down and helped Light to his feet. Light weaved as he tried to make it from the hall to the living room while L closed the door behind them.

"I'm glad you had the good sense to allow yourself to be driven home." L commented as Light felt his way to the couch.

"I'm glad my dad stayed long enough to drive me home." He snorted and the jibe was not missed on L.

"You know this case is important, Light. I did go to your graduation party after all…." Light nodded.

"Yes and I'm grateful you could fit me into your busy schedule." L's face remained impassive but the hurt he felt registered in his eyes as he stood in front of Light.

"I did not realize you were upset with me, Light. I apologize if you feel I have been neglecting you but you know how I work, we've been together long enough for you to know that. And you yourself have been very busy with your studies over the past two years…" Light waved his hand at him.

"I'm not…upset with you, L not really. I was when you left early, but I'm not really anymore..I guess." L sat down next to Light and moved some hair out of his eyes with his fingers.

"I'm very proud of you, Light. You've had a very difficult time doing double duty finishing up your college credits and entering the NPA. Tonight celebrating your finishing the college part of it was definitely deserved. I am sorry I could not stay for the entire party." Light smiled at L, a crooked very drunk smile but one nonetheless.

"Is okay, L. I..I loves you any…anyway." He hiccupped and leaned back against the couch and closed his eyes. L waited a moment and then touched Light's face.

"Light? Are you awake? Light?" Light's answer was a halfhearted nod and he slid over onto L's shoulder.

"Light are you feeling queasy at all? I'd hate to get you into bed only to have to rush you into the bathroom." L asked him. Light shook his head.

"Feel fine. You want to get me into bed and have your…your way with me…hic.." L rolled his eyes and he half dragged Light towards the bedroom.

L smiled at the half passed out Light on his shoulder and decided to get him to bed. He stood up, bringing Light with him. Light giggled in his ear.

"Believe me that is the last thing on my mind at the moment, no matter how attractive you are at the moment." Light laughed again as L got him into the bedroom and over to the bed.

"Sure, you know you want to….to ravish me." L then dropped Light onto the bed.

"Ravish you? I'm surprised you can ever say it right now." He said starting to remove Light's jacket. He pulled Light up, removed the jacket and when he went for the shirt Light put his hands over the buttons.

"No no no…you have to ash..ask nicely!" he hiccupped again giggling.

"Put your hands down before I do something violent." L warned moving Lights hands from his shirt. This only caused Light to laugh more, waving his hands at him.

"Violent? Does that mean you wanna be on top tonight?" he asked and giggled some more. L rolled his eyes again and managed to get Lights shirt, shoes, sox and pants off without too much more trouble. As he pulled the blankets over Light he was suddenly grabbed and pulled down to the bed, and before he could move Light was kissing him, albeit a little sloppy but a kiss just the same. The detective gave up and kissed him back, not delighting in the alcohol he could taste.

Light leaned back and smiled at L, his arms around L's neck and then suddenly and without warning he fell back against the bed, completely out. L smiled down at his passed out lover and pulled the blankets up over him.

"Good night Light, prepare to go through hell tomorrow and I shall be driving." He leaned down and kissed Light before leaving him to sleep it off. He picked up Light's clothing and laid them over a chair, smirking at the annoyance this would cause the fastidious soon to be officer of the law.

He walked back into his office and sat back down in front of his computer screens and tried to gather his thoughts on his case. Now with Light safely in bed across the hall he could stop worrying and put all of his mind back on the case. He never thought that anything would interfere with his concentration on a case, and yet he was lying in the next room. Not that he would change it for the world, he had never been happier than he was with Light in his life, it was just disconcerting to realize just how much Light meant to him. The intercom on his desk buzzed and he answered it.


"I see Light has finally arrived. A bit under the weather is he?" came Watari's slightly amused voice.

"So it would seem. He will regret it in the morning and I shall make sure that he does." L said with a smirk.

"Why am I not surprised at that? But do try not to be so hard on the boy, it is his first time."

"Thank you for the advice Watari. Good night." L finished the conversation and clicked off the intercom. He couldn't help smiling though, he would have fun tomorrow at Light's expense, but he would only go so far.

He found as he stared at the screen again that his mind was only on Light. Before it had been because he was worried about him, now, because he had been so worried, all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around him and lie against him, glad he was fine and with him. That's all that was on his mind and he couldn't make it go away. He sighed at himself and got up from the desk, defeated by his own mind.

He shuffled to the bedroom and stood at the door for a moment and just watched Light sleep for a moment. He had curled up into a fetal position, and was breathing quietly. L walked into the room, removed his clothes and crawled into the bed next to the fledgling policeman. He reached out and pulled Light against him, Light's head on his chest. He heard Light moan L's name quietly in his sleep as he snuggled against his chest. L stroked the young man's hair and relaxed, letting himself fall asleep.