Chapter 45

Ah, here it is. We've reached the end of Putting it all Together and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that so many of you have enjoyed it. This last chapter is kinda long, and also all about the lovin' which is ofcouse the core of these LxLight stories anyway. They've had enough happen to them over the course of this story to end it in a kinda fluffy manner I think.

New story already started, will probably take place about a year or so after this one and I hope you will continue to read and enjoy like you did with this one. Thank you all again so much for reading and especially for reviewing!

Chapter 45

Light's alarm went off and he groaned as he reached across to the bed table to turn it off. He looked over to the side of the bed and was not surprised to find L was not there. His side of the bed was cold so obviously he'd been up for a while and most likely working.

He sat up and yawned and looked up as the door to the bedroom opened and L came in, carrying two cups of coffee and smiling. He came over to the bed, leaned over and kissed Light as he handed him one of the cups.

"Good morning. I was preparing your coffee to wake you up and then I heard your alarm." Light sipped the coffee gratefully and smiled up at him.

"To what do I owe this special good morning?" he asked taking another sip. L shrugged his shoulders and sat down on the bed next to him.

"Nothing in particular. I surmised you would want to wake early since the boys will be leaving today, so I determined 8:00 a.m. would be a good time and prepared to bring you coffee at this time. I did not realize you had set your alarm, but I did pick the correct time."

"How long have you been up?" Light asked him after another long sip of coffee.

"I believe from around 5:30. I watched the sun rise from my office so it must have been quite early." Light finished his coffee and stood up from the bed.

"What time is the boys' plane?"

"Their plane is scheduled to leave at one p.m., so we should leave here at least by 10:30 to get to the airport and through customs properly. They have boxes they're taking back so they need to be checked in."

"How about afterwards we go somewhere for lunch and decompress?" He then realized his entire conversation had been questions and he had to chuckle at himself.

"Light, I spent practically all day yesterday away from my desk, I don't think I should do that again today."

"The boys will be gone, I've got to work all week, you'll have the place to yourself all day long from now on. A couple of hours for lunch is not going to let all the bad guys get away. Besides, you have a couple of hours right now." L sighed and stared into his coffee cup.

"Why I constantly allow myself to be talked into things against my better judgment is beyond me." He said and Light lifted his head up with his fingers under L's chin.

"Because you know you can't deny me." He said grinning and leaned forward to kiss him. L backed away before he could with a sly grin.

"Yes, well I'm not entirely sure that is the reason but it's as good an excuse as any." He said smirking and left the bedroom. Light chuckled after him and headed for the shower.

Mello looked around the room one last time before closing his bag. He had filled it with the rest of the candy bars Watari had provided for him, several in his pockets. He took one now and unwrapped it as he watched Matt go through all the drawers to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

Once Matt finished he sat on one of the two chairs in the room by the window and lit a cigarette, giving the room one more cursory look.

"Man, I really don't want to go." He said finally after a long drag and Mello nodded, laying back on the bed.

"I know, me either it's been a blast hanging out with L again. Well maybe now that Light's out of school and everything he won't have to stay away for so long this time." Matt nodded.

"Well, he did say he'd come back and help us set up our office in his old place, so that shouldn't be too long a wait."

"Yea, we'll be officially out of school in six months." Mello added as there came a knock on their door, and Near peered in carefully.

"Come on in, Near there's no sex going on right now." Mello said laughing and Near rolled his eyes as he came in.

"Good, I was beginning to wonder if you two ever stopped." He said and Matt laughed.

"Have to stop once in a while or I'd never walk again!" he said and Mello joined him in his laughter as Near shook his head. He sat on the floor by their bed, one knee tucked under him as he toyed with his hair, quiet for a few moments before he spoke again.

"Are you feeling as badly about leaving as I am?" he asked them seriously and they looked at each other and nodded.

"Yea, we are, " Matt sighed, "L's still L, but in a lot of ways he's changed too, all good ways. He never would have ridden a roller coaster before this." They all laughed and agreed.

"Yea, I guess Light's been good for him in a lot of ways." Near said. Matt finished his cigarette and stood up.

"Come on, let's drag these things out front so we can get them in the car. We've still got time to have some breakfast with them and hang out for a little while." He said and they all nodded their agreement, grabbing their things and heading for the door.

L was just going into his office after talking with Light when he heard the boys coming out, and he smiled as he saw them all dragging their bags and various boxes into the living room. They stopped when they saw him and as if they had practiced it, all three dropped their bags and ran to him. He still had his coffee cup in his hand and was able to quickly place it on a table before he was covered in teenaged boys. He wrapped his arms around them all the best way he could.

"L can't we stay here with you? We don't really need to finish those ridiculous classes, we know what we're doing!" Near asked when they finally released him. L sighed and shook his head sadly.

"No, this isn't the place for you, and yes you do need to finish you classes. Also, I need to know that you are safely away at Whammy's, protected and out of harm's way. At least for a little while longer."

"Why doesn't Light join the police force in England? That way you can both…" Mello began and L stopped him with just a look.

"Our lives are here now Mello. I know it is difficult for you, but it is better this way for many reasons. You need to learn how to handle things on your own, and away from my constant scrutiny. I promise I will visit more often now that Light's schedule is normal, and I will definitely have you back here again soon…probably for the holidays. But you three will need to learn how to live on your own, especially now that school is almost over. You do understand?"

They looked at each other and then back at L. Of course he was right, as always. They knew their being there all the time would probably not be a good idea, Light and L were private and needed their space back and it did seem that being in Japan was working for them. There were three different affirmative answers as they relinquished their hold on him and backed away.

"Do not think for a moment that this is easy for me as well, but I have to do what is best for all of us. Now, breakfast is on the table and I must get a few things done before we leave." He picked up his coffee cup and watched them as they sat at the table and begin to fill plates.

"Mello can you pass the toast?" Matt asked and Mello grinned as he picked one up and tossed it at him, watching it bounce off of Matt's goggles.

"There you go," he said laughing and went back to his plate. Matt immediately picked it up and tossed it back at Mello.

"`Jerk!" he said and before Mello could toss it back, L cleared his throat behind them. They turned and looked at him startled, having thought he'd gone back into his office. Mello picked up the dish holding the toast and handed it to Matt, who took it with a ridiculously huge smile on his face. L nodded his approval and turned to finally go into his office, not letting them see the smile that was on his own face.

Light came out of the bedroom and saw the trio sitting at the table, finishing their breakfast. He walked over to the table and sat down with them, pouring another cup of coffee for himself as he did.

"All packed, guys?" he asked and they solemnly nodded their heads, "I know it's not easy to leave L right now," he added looking at their serious expressions.

"No, knowing how badly he's been hurt makes it really hard," Mello said, "We always had the idea he was kinda like Superman, nothing could hurt him. But now, we know he can and that makes it scary." Mello said and Light nodded.

"I know exactly how you feel, but you have to remember this was one of those things that no one ever thought would happen. I never expected L to do something like that, he never goes out into situations like that and I don't expect him to do it again. I promise you I will do everything I can to keep L safe, I don't want anything to happen to him either, you know that."

The boys looked at the seriousness of Light's expression, his eyes mirroring what he was saying in emotion and after a few moments they looked at each other and smiled.

"Yea, we know we can trust you to look out for him," Matt finally said, "But now that you're a big bad detective, make sure you look out for yourself, too. L wouldn't be too happy if something happened to you, and we know what an unhappy L can be like." They all laughed and Light nodded.

"Oh yea, I sure do so I definitely promise to look out for myself too." He said and stood up. He wanted to call Matsuda one last time before they left, to make sure everything was all set. As he walked past the couch he was suddenly attacked by three teenaged boys, pushing him onto the couch in one big mass of arms and legs.

"I know we give you a hard time Light, but we're gonna miss you too." Mello said as they hugged him and he smiled warmly at them.

"You give him a hard time Mello," Near corrected, "Don't include us into the things you do!" Light laughed and looked at the three of them.

"You guys mean a lot to me too, and I will definitely miss you." He said as he hugged them back.

The front door opened and Watari came in with his faithful trolley, rolling it over to the dining table after smiling at the pile on the couch. They untangled themselves and got off of Light so he could sit up.

"I imagined you'd be up by now," he said to Light smiling, "I've brought your usual breakfast. Boys, I'm assuming this is everything?" he then asked the trio, gesturing to the pile of bags and boxes.

"Yep, that's everything Watari. We'll bring those down as soon as you're ready." Matt said as Watari placed Light's breakfast on the table, and picked up the dirty dishes.

"I'll bring the car around about 9:30, that should give us enough time to pack and get to the airport in plenty of time." He told them and they nodded.

"Thank you, Watari." Light said looking over his breakfast with a big smile and Watari nodded at him before leaving the room with his trolley.

The boys joined him at the table again, eager to spend as much time with him as possible before they had to leave.

L checked the time and at 9:30 he decided it was time to stop and join the others in the main room. He walked out and was pleased to the see the boys around Light on the couch, talking and laughing over what he had no idea. It was important to him that the boys had a good relationship with Light. In case anything did happen to him he knew the boys would not be alone, and because he wanted his family to all get along. He smiled at the word family. For so long he had assumed it would always be just he and Watari, then the boys came into his life and then Light. Now he couldn't imagine his life without them.

"I assume all last minute double checks have been done." He said as he walked out and they all turned at the sound of his voice.

"Yea, all done L. Everything's packed and ready to go down." Matt answered and L nodded his approval.

"It's time to get started, I'm sure there will be long lines at the airport." He stated and they all stood up and went to the bags and boxes, picked them up and headed out of the door. Light stood up from the couch and walked over to L who was staring blankly at the closed door. He reached out and took the detective in his arms, pulling him against his chest.

"I know, it was great having them around again and we're both going to miss them. But it does also mean that when we come home, it will just be us and I think a little quiet right now will do us both good." He said as he ran his hands up and down the slightly bowed back. L sighed and hugged him back.

"There was something different being with them this time, Light. We have always been close, but something was better this time." Light pulled away from him and smiled at him.

"It was you, you're a little different now. They mentioned that, and they loved it, L. I love it." He said and kissed L gently, "Let's go." He said and L nodded, smiling and headed for the door.

"You go ahead, I'm going to grab my phone. I'll meet you downstairs." Light told him and L nodded again and went out of the door. Light went to the bedroom and grabbed his cell phone and quickly dialed Matsuda.

"Matsuda, we're leaving now. I'm going to take L to lunch afterwards so you can take your time. I'll call you when we're on our way back. Thank you again, partner."

"Glad to do it, but you have to tell me how everything went tomorrow!" his friend answered.

"I promise, I'll tell you how everything went." Light told him.

"Wait…maybe not everything.." Matsuda suddenly added and Light laughed.

"I'll leave out the gory details, I gotta go." He said and hung up, running towards the door.

L stood with his hands in his pockets as he watched his boys walk through the final security and head for the walkway to the plane. This was the second try as the first one was interrupted when they turned back and ran to he and Light, giving them each one last hug, and giving one to Watari, to his great surprise. He sighed deeply as they disappeared from sight, and felt Light gently squeeze his hand. He turned to see Light giving him a warm, understanding smile.

"Let's go get some lunch, we can call them later and see how their flight was." He said gently and L nodded, with one more look at the plane before turning around to walk away. Watari moved ahead of them, going to get the car for them, but also because he was quite moved by the final hug the boys gave him and didn't want to let on just how much it had affected him.

It didn't take long for him to get the car and pull up in front of L and Light. They climbed in and Light was finally able to hold L the way he wanted to from the moment the boys had left them. He knew how much L loved those boys, and this time he had done things with them he'd never done before, making a stronger bond and connection with them than he already had, and it was killing him to let them go. He told Watari where he wanted to go and Watari nodded his approval. It was one of the first places Light had taken L when they first moved back to Japan, and L had loved it.

After they arrived, L got out of the car and Light leaned forward to Watari, asking if he would please go back to their place and see how Matsuda was doing, just in case he needed any help. Watari smiled and agreed, as he already knew what Light had been planning and had offered his help in any way. He told Light to call when he was ready and he'd be back to pick them up.

L smiled at Light after they were seated as he looked around the restaurant.

"I remember this restaurant very well, Light." He said, "I'm glad you chose it for lunch."

"I knew you would. That first night after we arrived back here, it was really hectic and I thought bringing you here would calm you down. I knew it was a big adjustment for you and since you'd done it for me, I had to think of the best place possible to thank you.' L reached across the table and took Light's hand.

"Yes, I remember. I don't recall being in one of my better moods." He said and Light laughed.

"That's putting it mildly. But you loved everything about this place and it calmed you down and made you realize this wasn't going to be such a bad deal after all. You were so bad Watari was happy to drop us off and find someplace we weren't!"

"Light, I never thought this was going to be a bad thing, I was just tired, I had flown most of the way, and the boys had been upset I was leaving and…"

"I know all that. Still doesn't take away from the fact that you were incredibly bitchy until they fed you that wonderful chocolate mousse." Light said laughing and L had to laugh with him.

"I think that's what I will start with." He said and Light flagged down the waiter.

When Watari returned for them a couple of hours later, he was pleased to see that L's demeanor had relaxed and he appeared to be back to himself. He caught Light's eye and nodded with a big smile, letting him know all was well back home.

He let them out in front of the building put the car into the garage, knowing full well his services would not be needed that evening. He had plenty to keep him busy, there were several cases that had come up that he had to prepare to present to L for his perusal tomorrow, and perhaps a little brandy afterwards and a good book. He was looking forward to a relaxing evening after the craziness of the past couple of months, between their fight, L's injuries and the boys…he definitely needed one.

Light tried not to show how excited he was as the elevator seemed to creep up to their floor. When the door finally slid open he grabbed L's hand pulling him along and opened the door to the apartment. He was pleased with what he saw, the living room was bathed in subdued candlelight as all the curtains had been drawn, and there were glass globes with lit candles in them all around the room. The dining room table was adorned with L's favorite sweets in various bowls with a large bowl of strawberries in the center, with a bowl of sugar next to it. Next to that were two champagne glasses, and to the right of the table was a champagne bucket filled with ice and two bottles of champagne.

Light watched as L looked around, his thumb coming up to his mouth as his large eyes surveyed the whole room. He walked towards the table and looked at all of his favorite snacks as they were spread out all around it, and especially at the large bowl of strawberries. He turned and looked back at Light, a slightly confused expression on his face.

"I don't understand…" he began and Light chuckled walking over to him.

"This is the first normal evening we have had to ourselves in a very long time. I have survived two years of back breaking schooling, we have survived a very serious fight between us, you have survived a near fatal explosion and we both survived a week with the trio. Now that all of that is behind us, tonight marks the true beginning of our life together and I needed to make this special. I would have thrown rose petals around but I thought I was pushing it with the candles." L looked over the room again and smiled.

"Yes, even the candles are not something I would have expected, the rose petals would have been ridiculous." Light took L into his arms and kissed him softly before answering him.

"I knew you'd think that. I'm a ridiculous romantic at heart, I know, but I had to do something."

"Light, don't think I'm complaining at all, this is just a little overwhelming to me, I'm not sure I know how to react."

"Just tell me that you like it, and that you love me and that'll be fine." Light told him and L nodded.

"Yes, how could I not like the fact that you obviously planned this for me, and you have everything I love to eat on the table, and yes I do love you, Light." He answered and Light kissed him again, his tongue dancing around L's mouth and he opened it eagerly, allowing Light full access and allowing him complete control of the kiss. Light pulled away, afraid if the kiss went on much longer he'd completely lose control and he didn't want that to happen quite yet. He walked over to the table and opened the champagne, pouring them both a glass. He then took one of the strawberries and dipped it into L's glass, then rolling the champagne dampened fruit into the bowl of sugar. He laughed when he turned to L and saw how wide his eyes had become as he watched Light with the strawberry. Light then put it up to L's mouth, who bit it and then moaned at the taste.

"I've never had them like this, it's wonderful!" he said and watched as Light rolled it in sugar again and popped the rest into his waiting mouth. Light took a sip of his champagne and just delighted in watching his L enjoy the strawberry. He felt as if his chest would burst with the love he felt for the raven haired detective at that moment. It was never far from his mind how close he came to losing him merely weeks before.

"I wish I'd known this was waiting I wouldn't have eaten so much for lunch." L complained as he sipped his own champagne eyeing everything else on the table.

"L, we have nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to deal with for the rest of the day and evening. Right now we're going to sit on the couch, we're going to talk, lounge around, nibble and just enjoy each other. There is no rush to do anything." He leaned and kissed L again, the taste of the sugared strawberries and champagne on his lips wonderful.

They sat on the couch and did just as Light had described. They talked, they laughed, they even sparred a little on a couple of subjects; something they always enjoyed. They had even spent a few minutes in his office as they sat together at the two screens, L finally showing Light what he had found relating to his case. Light compared the information with what he had and nodded. It definitely gave him another avenue to look down, although he was fairly sure it wasn't going to single out which members had done the killing; it did give him a reason why it was done. He had a feeling this case was going to be open for a very long time, but he didn't allow it to frustrate him, not tonight. He had only agreed to deal with it tonight because it meant so much to L to share it, and tonight he wouldn't deny L anything.

By the time they had finished the champagne, most of the strawberries were eaten and L had at least tasted everything else on the table. The champagne had done it's job and both men were relaxed and happy, simply enjoying each other. L was lying in Light's lap munching on another sugar coated strawberry with Light running his fingers through L's hair as he drained his champagne glass. He leaned down and kissed L deeply, while L reached up and carded through Light's hair.

When Light finally released him, he noticed L's eyes were suddenly darker than normal, and full of need and desire. He knew that look well and had been waiting to see it. He reached down and pulled L to a sitting position and leaned towards his ear.

"Am I sensing the need to adjourn to the bedroom?" he asked, then gently flicked his tongue around the shell of L's ear causing L to shudder from the sensation.

"Yes, I think that would be most agreeable," L answered turning his face towards Light so he could capture his mouth. They stood up from the couch and headed for the bedroom where L stopped short when he walked thru the door. There were more candles, another bucket of champagne and yet more strawberries on the bedside table. There were also several bottles that he didn't recognize alongside Light's music player.

"Light, please don't tell me you're planning to sing again…" he started and Light laughed.

"Please, I'm hurt you didn't find my singing wonderful!" he said and L snorted at him making him laugh harder.

"I love you, Light but if you're planning to sing that hateful song again…"

"No, I'm not planning to sing that song again. But, I did find something that I wanted you to hear because as corny as it probably is, it's also true. Can I play it?" L looked at him skeptically.

"Yes, you may play it. But I need more champagne first." He said and Light opened the third bottle and poured him a glass. He then reached over and turned on the music. He walked over to L and wrapped his arms around his waist, and began to sway in time with the music as he stared deeply into L's eyes.

Stay with me, don't fall asleep too soon

The angels can wait for a moment

Come real close, forget the world outside

Tonight we're alone, it's finally you and I

It wasn't meant to be like this, not without you

Coz when I look at my life, how the pieces fall into place

It just wouldn't rhyme, without you

When I look how my path seemed to end up before your face

The state of my heart, the place where we are

Was written in the stars

Don't be afraid, I'll be right by your side

Through the laughter, the pain,

Together we're bound to fly

I wasn't meant to love like this, not without you

Coz when I look at my life, how the pieces fall into place

It just wouldn't rhyme, without you

When I look how my path seemed to end up before your face

The state of my heart, the place where we are

Was written in the stars

I made a few mistakes, yea, like sometimes we do

Been through lots of heartaches, but I made it back to you

Coz when I look at my life, how the pieces fall into place

It just wouldn't rhyme, without you

When I look how my path, seemed to end up before your face

The state of my heart, the place where we are

Was written in the stars*

Light couldn't help singing the last chorus to L, he'd had enough champagne where he was loose enough to do it, and he honestly felt those words were true.

"You are right, you are a ridiculous romantic." L said and leaned forward and kissed Light deeply, "But I am moved that you feel this way." He said choosing his words carefully, he always had difficulty when faced with Light's deep romantic side.

"Tell me you don't think the same thing." Light asked him when he was released.

"Light I don't believe in fate, you know that. I believe we get exactly what we work for and we have worked so hard to be together, that we are. But if you want to believe that we were somehow predetermined to be like this, please don't let me stop you. We end up with the same results anyway. Besides, the song is very nice, much better than that lollipop nonsense." Light laughed and took L's glass away from him and set it on the bed table, much to L's chagrin.

"Why don't you get undressed and lie on the bed, I have another surprise for you." He said and L chuckled.

"Really? Did you buy a whip or a gag or something?" he asked and Light stared at him.

"No, but are you telling me something about yourself I don't know?" he asked and L was quiet for a moment, his thumb coming up to his mouth.

"No, but I can't say I haven't thought about such things. Our first encounter involved handcuffs after all."

"Yea, well there was nothing romantic about those cuffs as I recall, but I never knew you had this kinky side to you. Something to explore in the future." Light said and reached for L's shirt and pulled it over his head, then leaned down and kissed him again. L reached for his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down as Light kissed him, shaking them off of his legs as he reached up and wrapped his arms around Light's neck, returning his kiss passionately.

"I hope I didn't say the wrong thing about the song, I didn't mean to make it sound like I didn't find it moving." He said and Light shook his head.

"I know you well enough to know how you meant it. It was more for me to let you know how I feel about us, it's fine. Now lie down on your stomach." L raised an eyebrow but complied, looking around to make sure he didn't miss something. Light then took off his clothes then picked up one of the bottles on the table. He climbed on the bed and straddled L, pouring some of the liquid in his hands and rubbing them together. He smiled as the liquid warmed at his touch and then he poured some of it on L's back.

L jumped at first as the cool liquid touched him, but then groaned as Light began to massage the liquid into his skin, feeling the warmth it generated radiate down into his muscles. Light noted the scars that were still on L's back, though most had faded there were still some that stood out and he leaned down and kissed them as he massaged around them.

He could feel the tenseness release out of L's muscles, he worked especially hard around his spine, and could feel vertebra snapping into place as he massaged, being misaligned from his stooping posture.

He poured more of the strawberry scented massage oil on L's shoulders and massaged them as he leaned down and kissed his neck, his tongue flicking around L's ear as he did. He was delighting in the groans of pleasure he was getting from L, making him more aroused with each sound.

He massaged back down L's back, being gentle with where the surgery scars were, in case there was still some soreness there. His hands continued down to L's ass and down his legs until he couldn't stand it any longer. He turned L over and lay on top of him, grinding against him as he attacked his mouth.

L wrapped his arms around him, thrusting his hips up as Light ground against him, the friction delicious and driving both groaning men mad with pleasure. Light began to kiss down L's neck and to his chest. He sat up and grabbed the lotion, dribbling it along L's chest and around his nipples. He massaged the oil into them, as L moaned with the new sensation. Light then blew on them before flicking his tongue around them, making L cry out.

"I think I've found something new to play with." He said chuckling and L caught his breath and looked at him.

"I couldn't be happier for you." He said and Light laughed and kissed him. He then sat up and poured more of the lotion in his hand and rubbed down L's body, down to his thighs and massaged it into his skin, setting his skin on fire with the warmth of the lotion. He then slowly stroked L's cock, and when it began to warm he flicked his tongue out and licked along the length.

"Light..." was all L could say coherently as Light's tongue added to the warmth and set all of L's nerve endings on fire. He clutched the sides of the bed as he thrusted upwards into Light's mouth, all the new sensations going through his body like lightening. Light felt L tremble beneath him which made him work harder with his mouth and tongue, finally swallowing him down his throat which was the final push L needed. With a strangled cry he spilled down Light's throat, the release so strong he forgot how to breathe. Light's own need had built up to an almost painful level as he reached for the lube. He quickly stroked his cock, applying the lube and then positioned himself at L's opening. He slowly slid in, the muscles tighter than usual as he had not prepared L as he and usually did, he so needed to be inside him. L groaned as he felt Light enter him, but welcomed it, pressing down against him to help him push in, his need to be joined with Light just as strong. Light groaned as he got deeper into L's tight heat, almost losing control as the waves of intense pleasure swept through him.

He steadied himself long enough to lean down and kiss L deeply, both of them moaning their passion into each other's mouth, their tongues battling each other for dominance, their minds completely hazed over with need and passion.

He made himself slow down the pace, they were making love tonight, it was more about sharing what they had together than just the physical need, being with each other in the most intimate way possible. He slowed to a stop, reaching down and holding L tightly to him. L returned the hold, reaching up and covering Light's chest and neck with kisses.

To Light's surprise, L wrapped his legs around him and rolled them over so that he was suddenly on top. He lifted himself and slowly brought himself down on Light's cock, throwing his head back and groaning in pleasure as he did.

Light closed his eyes, whispering L's name as new sensations assaulted him, he was buried deeper into L than he'd ever been before and was rapidly losing the control he had as the detective rode him, leaning down and licking his neck and nipples, then attacking his mouth, controlling the kiss, sucking and nipping at his tongue. He reached up and grabbed L's hips, beginning to thrust into him earnestly as he felt his climax beginning to rush through him.

He growled deeply in his throat, held on tightly to L and rolled them over, grabbing L's legs and putting them over his shoulders as the speed and depth of his thrust increased. He heard L cry out his name, felt his body begin to tremble almost violently beneath him. He reached up and stroked him quickly, knowing that was push he needed.

L grabbed the bed as his orgasm rushed through him bring wave after wave of pulsating pleasure. He felt for a moment he would lose consciousness, the light behind his eyes nearly blinding. He couldn't even cry out, he couldn't get enough air into his lungs.

Light hung on to L's hips tightly as L's body rode out his climax, just as his own ripped through him. His grip on L so strong he had a fleeting thought of leaving bruises but it was only fleeting as his orgasm ripped through him and he exploded into L's body.

Light's head flew back, tossing sweat dampened auburn hair aside as his body trembled with the intense pleasure coursing through it. He finally released L's legs as the blood roaring in his ears finally began to subside and he could hear L calling his name.

He opened his eyes just as the strength completely left his body and he fell forward into L's arms. L held his sweat covered body against his own, his hands carding through Light's damp hair, kissing his forehead.

It was then Light realized that L was still trembling and looked over at him as he caught his own breath. He could see tears in the oversized black eyes, and he reached up to wipe them away.

"L...what..?" he started and L shook his head, a smile forming on his face.

"I'm fine, nothing is wrong. I imagine the tears are a culmination of so many things over the past couple of months finally coming to a head and being able to push them behind me, along with the fact that I love you so much, and that has to have been the best sex we've ever had!" he said laughing, Light laughed with him.

"Yes, well that was pretty awesome. You really surprised me when you flipped me over." L laughed again and his eyes wandered to the bowl of strawberries by the bed. Light followed his vision and started laughing, falling off of L and over to his side.

"No matter how epic the sex is, the strawberries always win out," He said laughing and sat up as he watched L scramble to sit up and reach towards the strawberries.

"Wait!Let me get something to wash your hands with." He said and L sighed as he watched Light get up and head for the bathroom. Sometimes Light's fastidiousness annoyed him, but it was part of what made Light who he was. He came back almost immediately with a warm wash cloth and washed L's hands with it, as well as his own. He then handed L the bowl of strawberries and poured them more champagne.

"I believe Light I am content to remain in bed the rest of the evening, what are your thoughts?" Light leaned over and kissed him, the juice of the strawberry he had just eaten still on his lips.

" I don't have a problem with that at all, we've got more than enough to keep our energy up." He answered, and then noted one last tear as it slipped down L's face.

"Are you going to tell me why you were crying?" he asked and L stopped mid-chew and looked at him, then looked down at his hands.

"I am embarrassed to tell you that I have faced two of my greater fears in these past two months, and they have left me slightly weakened." He whispered and Light made him look at him.

"Tell me." He whispered although he was fairly sure he knew one.

"When we fought, and I have told you this before, my fear of losing you completely was almost debilitating, losing what we have. Then, my fear of death which I have never acknowledged, after the explosion. Not that I am afraid to die so much, before I never had anything in particular to live for other than being L, but now I am afraid of losing what I have with you more than anything else. I am not ever going to be ready to leave you behind, no matter what the form may be. Then there are the boys, my feelings for them have always been strong, but to witness what they feel for me, how they reacted to my accident, I find I do not wish to leave them behind either. I have also realized what Whammy truly means to me and what I mean to him. Light, this is all so overwhelming to me that I imagine it just came out in tears along with my physical release." Light smiled and gently kissed L's mouth again.

"I would have thought something was wrong with you if you didn't react this way after everything you've been through, there is nothing to be embarrassed about," he said adding, "Unless you think about the copious amounts of sweets you've ingested today."

L smiled and reached to touch Light's face.

"You have said that this evening marks the true beginning of our life together, do not begin it by casting aspersions on my eating habits." Light laughed and stuck another strawberry into L's mouth. He reached for his champagne and sipped it, thinking L wasn't the only one who was reeling from emotional backlash.

There was no way he would have thought he'd be in this place three years ago, when his entire being was caught up in the insanity of being a god, in a world he was creating. In a way he had done just that, he was living in a world he had created, but it was with L and it was better than anything he could have had by killing him off along with most of the real world.

He watched L get out of bed and pad naked into the dining area to retrieve the bowl of sugar so he could dip the strawberries and he could feel the pressure of warm tears behind his own eyes.

If he knew nothing else about his future, he knew he would do everything in his power to make sure his relationship with L remained strong. With everything they had been through, they had somehow managed to do the impossible and put it all together so that it worked, and whatever it took, he would make sure it would continue to do so. L crawled back into the bed beside him, sugar bowl and strawberries in hand. He leaned over and took L's face in his hands and kissed him deeply.

"I love you." He said simply, and L stared up at him, a huge smile on his face.

"And I you, unless you continue to keep me away from my strawberries." Light burst into laughter, released his hold on L, and lay on his side on the bed, content to watch L eat his strawberries until the right time arose again to attack him.

Yes, everything was definitely the way it should be finally, and he was determined to keep it that way.

The End.

*Written in the Stars, as performed by Westlife.