Chapter One

The Cutting Family greatly

desires your company at their house party to

celebrate the coming of the

New Year on the evening of Monday the thirty-first

of December at nine o'clock

Evenings like this, he couldn't help but feel alone. There his tall silhouette stood by the large library window looking over the snowy streets of Manhattan. As large flakes danced down from the sky to settle upon the busy neighborhood, his dark eyes scanned the guests as they arrived to his friend's home, recognizing faces he had once wished to see. Now, he longed to see only one. In one swift move, he glided over to a side table and poured himself a glass of brandy. He hoped that somehow he could drink away his memories of her, just for the night. He took the crystal glass and put it up to his thin lips and in one swig, it was gone. He closed his eyes and listened to the music floating up through the dead floors where his dear friend and his wife greeted many as they entered the foyer. He knew he should be joining them soon. His eyes wondered back to the window where the sky was now almost black and the only light now came from the raising moon. He started back to the frosty window covered with spots of snow and looks up at the sky and wondered if she may be doing the same hundreds of miles away.

He knew she was the one for him and at one point, she knew it too. The last time he saw her; she was picking up her suitcase and walking out of his life. He remembered the way the wind tossed off her hat, making her dark brown curls rearrange themselves into a beautiful mess. Her dark loving eyes looking up at him right before she kissed him. That kiss. The kiss that was filled with shock and intensity making him believe that she would be his bride and stay with him forever. After he pulled away, he had to look into her hurt teary eyes, which was the saddest thing he ever had to do. With that, she took his hand and placed the careful chosen ring back inside. He still felt as he was there, standing on the pier and hearing her say you will fall in love again. Those six words felt like six knives stabbing deep inside his heart. The word goodbye didn't even escape his lips as she turned her back and walked into the sea of people. With the ring in his hand, all the words that she said burned in his mind. He still loved her, and she was the one that she wanted.

"Henry?" a male voice called behind him. Henry Schroonmaker's thoughts were subsided by the call of his name. He turned his attention away from the cold window to look back at the man. Teddy Cutting stood in the doorway leaning against the wooden frame looking at him with his caring grey eyes.

"What are you doing up here?" his friend asked him a hint of concern. He crossed his arms and waited for a reply but Henry had none to offer. Instead they stood in silence, both waiting for a good response to why he had stolen his attendance from the party below them.

"It's about her," Henry finally answered. Teddy nodded and walked over to the oak side table where the brandy sat. He picked up the bottle and started to pour two glasses. Henry gave a small grin as Teddy handed him a glass.

"You know, this girl has been in Europe for almost a year now and she still fines ways to make you miserable. " Teddy swirled the liquid in the bottom of his glass watching it coat the sides.

"Yes I know," says Henry, "I just can't fall out of love with her. She was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life." With that, he took the drink and swallowed it quickly.

"Henry, tonight we will be getting you back to your old self. There are many of New York's finest women that would die to be in your company. I will help you get back to the way you were before she came into your life." Teddy promised him. Henry smiled for he would do anything if it meant he could get over her. Both men had finished their first round of drinks and Teddy was already pouring another.

"What should we toast to?" Henry asked holding his glass in the air.

"To new beginnings, for the new year will be here in a matter of hours," explained Teddy. Henry then smiled.

"To new beginnings," he repeated. With that, they tipped glasses and vanished the brandy and hit them on the table.

"Come, let's go and enjoy the party while we can." Teddy started placing his hand on Henry back. Even though he didn't want to tell his friend, the girl on his mind would not leave as easy as both had wished for. The two friends started their way down the stairs to where many people spoke of the latest gossip society had given them. Thinking back on what just happened, Henry knew for a fact that he still loved her and no other girl on earth could even come close to taking her place in his heart. He glanced back at the window one last time to see the moon had taking its place among the many stars as snow still fell gracefully from the sky. He turned slowly away from this snowy picture, wondering where ever she was in the world; if Diana Holland still felt the same way about him, as he did her.

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